113 Part 2

Black Widow rose from the chair with difficulty, trying her best to leave. She only managed to take two steps before pitching over on the floor. This time, she didn’t get up again.


As Black Widow lost her life in the interrogation room, the organization connected with the head of the hospital.


Of course the organization inquired after the information leak, but the hospital’s head didn’t admit that it had anything to do with that ordeal.


Exasperated, they could only turn to the topic of Yu Feng, demanding for him to be handed over. The hospital’s head continued to deny everything, saying that he’d run off on his own.


After this unhappy communication, the two parties separated without resolving any issues.


The hospital’s director not only didn’t get anything, he let Yu Feng get away too. Now the organization was shouting him down for no reason, so naturally he was in a foul mood.


Because of Su Yu, he originally didn’t plan on recapturing Yu Feng. But given the situation, he was holding his grudge against Yu Feng. “Get Yu Feng for me,” he said through clenched teeth.


The moment he issued the order, Su Yu got the news. “I think the hospital might start moving against you soon. No worries though, I’ll protect you.”


Yu Feng looked up at Su Yu from where he was sitting. Since he met this person, he’d said the same line over and over. Although Yu Feng never considered he might need protection, he was being brainwashed by how often he was saying it.


Compared to being protected, Yu Feng was more concerned about another issue, “Am I causing you trouble?”


“Of course,” Su Yu nodded, “But since we’re partners who are out to save the world, we need to support each other. Right now I’m being schemed against by the Liu family, but you won’t abandon me because of that. Right?”


Looking into Su Yu’s shimmering, hopeful eyes, Yu Feng felt a little exasperated but still nodded. “Yep.”


“So now we need to think about how to handle our enemies.” Now that Black Widow was exterminated, Su Yu’s sadism was back. “If they’re going to scheme against us, we might as well return the favor. What do you think?”


“As far as I know, the top level of the hospital is a secret laboratory. Some of the experiments make use of live humans. I have some intel on them.” Yu Feng hadn’t been idle the past two days either, taking the opportunity to dig up information.


Of course Su Yu knew what Yu Feng was doing over the past few days. He said with a smile, “I know, and I have even more evidence. Do you want to see? Oh, and I found more intel on your organization. I can show you if you want.”


From the beginning Yu Feng knew that Su Yu was holding a secret of some kind from him, but he never thought to ask until now. Thinking for a moment, he asked tentatively, “How did you get that information?”


“With my special abilities, of course. Since we’re part of a group to save the world, I need to have skills other people don’t have.” Su Yu said with a mysterious wink. “Don’t you have special skills too?”


Yu Feng’s expression was calm. “Compared to you, my abilities are not so impressive.”


Raising his brow, Su Yu smiled innocently. “You misunderstood me. What I mean by special skills is that you were lucky enough to meet me and join my group.”


Not knowing how to respond, Yu Feng and the ball both made the same face: “…”


Seeing that Yu Feng’s expression froze up thanks to him, Su Yu changed the topic. “My guess is that they’ll try something at night. I’ll protect you then.”


“Well then…thanks.” Yu Feng adjusted his expression, responding without much tonal shift.


When Yu Feng headed out to buy dinner for Su Yu, he turned to the ball a little unhappily. “Ball, do you think this protagonist has issues?”


“What do you mean?” The ball stared back at Su Yu before guessing, “Do you mean his intelligence? I think he seems fine in this mission world, but that was the case in the last world too. I don’t think we’ve truly encountered a low IQ protagonist yet.”


“No, not that.” Su Yu’s expression was very serious, like he’d encountered a big issue. “I mean that kind of problem.”


“Which kind of problem?” The ball was even more confused.


Looking at the ball, Su Yu said seriously. “I think he might be asexual.”

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