114 Part 1


Chapter 114


“…” Hold on! What was it hearing? Was there something wrong with its audio receiver? Why would it hear something so scary? The ball felt like it was about to collapse out of form.


“I’m trying to discuss a serious topic right now, so please stop flashing your rainbow colors.” Su Yu glanced at it threateningly, his voice even more serious. “According to my past experience, he should have no resistance to my seduction. But this time we spent a week together in the virtual world and a few days in the real world and his attitude is still distant. Don’t you find that incredible?”


Now the ball really didn’t know what face to make. Thinking about it for a moment, it gave a cautious response. “Master, please forgive me for being straightforward. Don’t you think this is more normal, rational behavior?” Plus, can you stop being narcissistic for a moment? I’m about to burst into laughter!


Of course, it would never say the last sentence there. It would be dead then.


Su Yu glared over once again. “What you’re saying is that my charisma is so low I can’t even attract my own lover, right?”


“No no no, that’s not what I meant, but…” The ball didn’t want to offend its sadistic owner. Thinking hard, it finally came up with a response that was diplomatic enough. “Master, didn’t you always complain about how the protagonist was so you-know-what? Isn’t it good now that he’s different?”


This not only didn’t succeed in comforting Su Yu, but it made him sigh deeply. “Whether or not is good is completely different from whether we’re doing it or not.”


Now the ball really didn’t know what to say. It couldn’t get a read on its owner’s thoughts. Beforehand he wanted to use tools and now he was concerned about something like this. Was it really so good? The ball couldn’t know.


“I can give him a physical check up. I’m very capable.” After two seconds of silence for itself, the ball gave an actionable recommendation.


That was exactly what Su Yu was waiting for. His expression turning calm, he lay down on the bed and waved his hand. “All right, then go.”


“…” Why did the ball feel like it had been played?


Although he could leave the hospital whenever he wanted, Su Yu chose to stay for a few extra days just to weigh on their minds.


In that case, life became boring. His lover was too mild to seduce, so Su Yu decided to toy with the ball instead.


But he genuinely felt his lover in this world was very different. If it were one of the previous worlds, with his current flirtation levels his lover would be jumping all over him already.


The ball scanned the protagonist with a gray beam. When it reached a conclusion, it didn’t directly inform Su Yu as a way to get back at him for picking on it.


After waiting five minutes, it finally moved close to Su Yu unwillingly, “Master, there’s nothing wrong with his body, you can relax.”


“Oh, I know.” Su Yu’s reaction was calm, but if he knew that the ball was intentionally delaying the results for five minutes as retaliation against him, he would laugh out loud, mocking the ball relentlessly for being so innocent and sweet.


While eating dinner, Su Yu mimicked his behavior from the past two days: glancing at Yu Feng, picking up food for him. But his reaction was just as cold as before, like he hadn’t noticed Su Yu was paying too much attention to him, or wondering if he was interested.


After they finished dinner, he was about to get up and wash the dishes when Su Yu grabbed his arm in a way more intimate than normal.


Su Yu’s fingertips and palm slid from his arm all the way to the back of his hand, then to his fingertips, tickling him. As if he hadn’t felt anything, Yu Feng withdrew his hand.


Nonchalantly, Su Yu withdrew his hand as well, not acting awkward at all. “My body has fully recovered now, so let me do the dishes.”


Yu Feng said nothing, picking up his dishes to go to the bathroom. Watching Yu Feng leave, Su Yu sank into thought. Had his charisma really suffered such a deep blow?


Even though he knew the hospital would act that night, Su Yu couldn’t resist flirting with his lover again, “Feng, how about you stay in my bed. The carer bed is too small, you’re probably not comfortable, right?”


If they exchanged beds, Yu Feng would be inhaling his scent while he slept, perhaps even dreaming about him. What a romantic thought.


But Yu Feng rejected him mercilessly. “No need, I’m still comfortable.”


“All right, good night.” Su Yu shrugged, lying down in bed. He turned his face back toward Yu Feng, “You’ll have a good dream, because I won’t let anyone disturb you. I’m going to protect you.”


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