114 Part 2

Yu Feng lay down in his bed, his back facing Su Yu, making the latter flutter his eyes helplessly.


The ball flashed a few lights. For the first time its owner was in a position of powerlessness, what a comforting feeling for the ball.


It didn’t have enough time to enjoy that feeling when Su Yu came back to pick on it again.


“Prepare all tools we might need to ensure our safety and record evidence.” Su Yu already had a sense of what his opponents might try and gave the ball clear instructions on escape paths. The only reason he didn’t equip the weapons ahead of time was due to fear of wasting.


“Understood.” The ball cleared up its thoughts like it was afraid Su Yu could see through it.


Hearing this response, Su Yu went to bed lightheartedly, not thinking about what might happen at all.


It wasn’t until the wee hours of midnight when the silence of the room was interrupted. A tiny sound rang out in the dark as the door was opened from the outside.


Before that point, the personnel had already pumped a gas that would induce unconsciousness into the room, which is why they dared to just walk in.


Their goal was clear this time: take Yu Feng away without any noise. At the beginning everything seemed to be going well. But as they approached the bed, preparing to move in, the lights suddenly went on.


Su Yu sat up from the bed, yawning. “What’s this? You guys aren’t sleeping, are you here to check on me? Physical exams should happen during the day. It’s the middle of the night now and you came in without saying anything. I might misunderstand your intent.”


These unexpected guests didn’t anticipate this situation, so they could only stare dumbfounded.


Yu Feng sat up too, saying in a cold voice, “They’re probably worried you won’t have enough evidence to sue the hospital, so they hand-delivered it to you.”


“I see. Then I did misunderstand them,” Su Yu grinned, looking at the people standing in his room with satisfaction.


“How could…How could you…” One of them finally opened their mouth, but couldn’t finish the sentence.


“You’re asking why we’d wake up now?” Su Yu finished his sentence in a friendly manner, “We anticipated you would try this, so we prepared ahead of time. We may look unassuming, but we took medicine to counter your drugs. Aren’t we smart?”


He winked at them.


The leader finally got ahold of himself. “Sir Liu, you’ve misunderstood us. We’re just here to inspect the rooms. We chose this time in consideration of your unhappiness with the hospital, since we didn’t wish to disturb you.”


“You guys are so interesting. I’ve already revealed your true intentions and you aren’t willing to admit it?” Su Yu grabbed a small air quality probe. “No worries. I’m the most helpful person you’ll find. If you’re unwilling to say anything, I’ll help you.”


He tapped the probe. “See this? This is manufactured by your hospital, claiming to detect any abnormality in the atmosphere. We can use this opportunity to test your advertising. You can see as well as I can that it’s unopened and untouched. Do you want to inspect it yourself?”


The group of people glanced at each other, nobody saying anything.


Su Yu opened the packaging quickly. A calm digital voice rang out from the probe. “Air quality detection activated. Please wait.”


Five seconds later, the voice was no longer so calm. “Alert! Alert! Large quantities of coma-inducing particles exist in the air. Please escape now. Please escape now…”


He shut it off before waiting to hear the last words, looking up at the invaders. “Attacking your defense with your own offense. Who should I believe?”


The hospital’s own probe proved something that would discredit the hospital. How could they choose?


“If you have nothing more to say, then I think it’s time for you to leave now. I’ll add this to the list of reasons I’m suing your hospital.” Su Yu said with a smile.


Of course the invaders weren’t happy to leave under these circumstances. They had alerted the target to their presence and were beaten into a defensive position. If they just ended things now, it wouldn’t just be fruitless but also detrimental to the hospital.


The leader clenched his jaw, waving his hand. “Capture Yu Feng and get that probe too!”


Su Yu was satisfied with this reaction. If they really just left like that, it wouldn’t be interesting at all.


“Sheesh. You guys are cornered so you’re finally taking a hardline stance?” Su Yu chuckled, looking toward Yu Feng and speaking in a pitiful tone, “Feng, now that we’re trapped in this evil hospital without help, what should we do?”


He was only saying this to tease. Yu Feng, however, looked at Su Yu seriously, thinking for a moment. “Don’t be afraid. I’ll protect you.”


What a simple sentence that was completely unnecessary. Yet Su Yu felt like his heart had been hit by something. Was he feeling moved?

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