Chapter 115


Before Su Yu could savor this sensation, Yu Feng was already moving. He melted into a shadow, leaping from the bed and zig-zagging between those invaders. Within moments, he’d stripped their consciousness away.


Looking at this scene, Su Yu said with disbelief, “I never knew you were so skilled.”


“I said I would protect you.” Yu Feng gazed at Su Yu coolly.


The gaze made him chuckle. “Thanks for the protection. Do you want a reward?”


Yu Feng thought about it for a moment, his eyes sweeping past the people knocked out on the floor. “You can give me my reward after all of this is over.”


“All right!” Su Yu responded heartily without asking exactly what the reward was.


“I’ll get them out.” Yu Feng grabbed the guys on the floor, tossing them out of the ward. Taking the opportunity, Su Yu uploaded the video he just recorded online to every major website and media outlet.


The video started when the hospital’s goons came into the room, ending at the moment when the leader issued his commands. Of course he remembered to pixellate him and Yu Feng’s faces. They didn’t want to get famous this way.


“Big news! XX hospital’s doctor invades patient privacy, charging in at midnight to attempt violence. Is this a slight against humanity or our morals?”


“Late at night, when the moon is high in the sky, a dark shadow entered the high-end ward at XX hospital. The twisted shadows danced against the snow white walls as a withered hand pushed open the door…what happens next? Click the link to find out.”


“How can a patient stay at such an awful place? XX hospital: is it here to save people or harm them?”


“Unable to defend against their own attacks, XX hospital confronts a dilemma. Will it die? Let us watch!”



Within hours, the whole internet was full of posts and titles like this, the type that couldn’t be deleted.


The media outlets were freaking out. They didn’t issue any statements like this, so where was the news coming from?


No matter where the news came from, more and more people online were seeing that video. Soon enough, countless people were piling on accusations and criticism of the hospital.


Reply thread:


1: Oh my god, did this really happen at XX Hospital? They’re drugging the patients and entering their rooms without consent. Too scary!


2: They must be looking to dig themselves into a hole. Who will want to get checked out there in the future? You might be missing your liver after a visit!


3: Scary! I suddenly remembered that one of my aunts is staying there right now. Did they do the same thing to her? I have to reach out, can’t let her keep staying there. This is awful.


4: I’ve memorized their name. No matter how sick I am I’m never going there in the future!


5: Question! I just got a check-up there and my doctor gave me a prescription. I’ve taken the medicine for two days, should I keep going? Waiting online for a response, this is urgent!



As the whole thing boiled over, fewer and fewer patients showed up at XX Hospital, with countless current patients trying to transfer out or file complaints.


Immediately, the hospital was a mess. It looked nothing like a quiet hospital, instead like a clamorous marketplace. Su Yu took the opportunity to depart with Yu Feng as well.


“Where are we going next?” Su Yu asked after getting into the car.


Yu Feng turned to him. “Your home.”


“Oh okay.” Su Yu nodded. He originally thought Yu Feng might say that they should go to his house, but considering that he was being supervised by the hospital and his former organization, that would probably be a bad decision.


Su Yu’s home was the Liu mansion. Over the past six months, Liu Hao and his mother had taken over the place.


It wouldn’t be hard for him to take the mansion back, but he had no desire to stay where those two had lived. So instead he went to another mansion that his father had prepared for him specifically.


Arriving at the location, Su Yu fell onto the couch, striking a lazy pose. “Feng, what should we do next?”


He’d made the arrangements for the Liu family and hospital at this point with a clear goal and methodology. They had clear evidence that he’d sent to Lawyer Zhang. Next it was Zhang’s turn to shine.


In terms of the organization, it seemed best to leave things to Yu Feng himself. He was the direct victim, after all. Of course Su Yu had still taken it upon himself to get rid of Black Widow.


“Next I’ll need a computer.” Yu Feng seemed prepared to launch a retaliation against his former organization.


Su Yu quickly produced a laptop. “Does this work?”


“That’s fine.” Yu Feng nodded, starting work at the laptop.


Sitting bored on the sidelines, Su Yu ordered the ball to upload evidence about illegal human experimentation at the hospital to the internet too.


The moment this news showed up, the whole incident with the hospital rose to a new level. Everyone was shocked and outraged.


“Evil hospital designs illegal human experiments, creating a new low for morality!”


“Shocking! Who could imagine that at the top level of a hospital, just a wall away from patients who were healing, there were people suffering to no good end? What an awful place!”


“Hand the people their justice, XX hospital!”



This exaggerated effect was exactly what Su Yu sought. Just publishing one of these two incidents would no doubt create negative press, but nothing compared to what was happening now.


Since both of them were published at the same time, the audience would automatically connect them, preferring to consider the most horrifying options without regarding the less logical parts of the story.


The hospital was carrying out illegal human experimentation. That must be why they acted against their patients. So what happened to the patients? Of course they must become subjects of this human experimentation.


Every patient in the hospital now fell under the umbrella of potential danger.


Patients who were originally hesitant after hearing about the first incident were now pushing to transfer out, all while scornfully denouncing the hospital’s wickedness.


At the top level of the hospital, the boss was watching the panic unfold within the hospital.


A middle-aged man stood behind him, the director of the hospital. Looking at the screen, he couldn’t help but speak in rage, “These people are so foolish. We are experimenting on people, but of course we would never pick subjects from the ranks of our patients! Are they brainless?”


The boss’s gaze grew darker. He didn’t respond to this, instead stating in a cold tone, “Have you found out who did it?”


“Not yet.” The director’s voice was low, obviously insecure and uncertain. “They are a high level hacker, or they’ve hired a high level hacker. Either way, their tracks are concealed well.”


“Hacker…” The boss’s eyes narrowed slightly with nothing but coldness. “Could it be them?”


“Them? Who are you talking about, sir?” The director didn’t understand. The boss said nothing more.


On the other end, learning that this had happened to the hospital was cause for the intel organization to rejoice with some schadenfreude, but also ramp up their investigation.


Just an hour ago, plenty of encrypted information was stolen by some unknown outsider.


This was unforgivable, and would bring tremendous losses for them. They needed to capture the person before they could leak anything to third parties!


Night fell, and they hadn’t yet found any leads in their investigation. It was like the other person materialized from nothing, and dematerialized just the same way, leaving nothing behind.


While the hospital and organization were both cloaked in an oppressive, stressful environment, Su Yu and Yu Feng were enjoying dinner together in a relaxed environment.


“Didn’t expect you to be so good at cooking. Your dishes are delicious.” Su Yu complimented Yu Feng, his mouth full.


Saying nothing, Yu Feng picked up a few pieces of braised pork and put them in his bowl.


At the end of the meal, Su Yu was so full he couldn’t stand up straight. Leaning on the couch, he rubbed his stomach with narrowed eyes. “So full, so happy.”


“Do you want to take a walk to feel less bloated?” Yu Feng asked, clearing up the table. He looked no different from before.


Not realizing anything wrong, Su Yu shook his head with a smile. “Nope, I’m too full to walk.”


“Then you can wait here, I’ll be off for a few. We can start when I get back.” With that, Yu Feng disappeared into the kitchen with the chopsticks and bowls.


Start what? Su Yu didn’t understand. He didn’t ask more, just continued to lie on the couch and digest his meal.


Within ten minutes, Yu Feng was back. Clapping his hands together, he sat down. “We can start now.”


“Start what?” Su Yu sat up.


Looking at Su Yu, Yu Feng’s voice was even. “Start to ask you for my reward.”


Oh, that’s what it was. He looked so serious Su Yu thought he was about to confess his asexuality.


“All right, then what reward do you want?” Su Yu asked Yu Feng with a smile on his face.


Yu Feng was looking at Su Yu too, their eyes meeting. He said slowly, “I want you.”

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