Chapter 116


Su Yu thought he was mishearing. Blinking, he said with uncertainty, “What did you say you wanted?”


“You. I want you.” Yu Feng said the words clearly, his gaze focusing on Su Yu seriously. His expression didn’t match his dialogue at all. Who could maintain a calm expression like that while saying these words?


“Are you being serious? You’re not teasing me?” Su Yu couldn’t help but chuckle. His lover in this world was so expressionless. Perhaps he lacked feelings too?


“Of course I can tell you like me. I like you too. We should be together.” Yu Feng nodded, but his tone and expression still didn’t match what he was saying.


Su Yu was about to burst open. “I do like you, but I genuinely can’t tell that you like me.”


“I will show you.” Standing up, Yu Feng reached out to grab Su Yu by the waist, lifting him up from the couch.


Eyes wide, Su Yu instinctively grabbed Yu Feng by the back of the neck. He didn’t fight back, instead letting Yu Feng carry him into the bedroom.


It wasn’t until Yu Feng put him on the bed that he said, “Yu Feng, do you really like me?”


Yu Feng leaned over, kneeling in front of him, raising his head. “I like you. I love you.”


Although Su Yu’s heart trembled at this, he maintained his calm on the surface. “We haven’t known each other for long. You treated me coldly before, so why say this now? It’s too sudden of a change.”


“We’ve known each other for a long time, haven’t we?” Yu Feng smiled, his deep eyes seeming to conceal something. “Five lifetimes, is that short?”


Now Su Yu was really shocked. He looked straight at his lover. “You remember that? Five lifetimes?”


“Do you think I’m misremembering?” Grabbing Su Yu’s hands, Yu Feng’s voice became gentle, his eyes swirling with deep emotion. “You’re right. We have known each other for lifetimes, but our relationship was not friends. We were lovers.”


Eyes flashing, Su Yu’s voice went soft. “You really remembered. Why?”


Why would he recall the worlds from before? When did he remember? How did he view them?


“I don’t know why. For the past twenty some odd years I lived in my current identity without thinking about previous lives.” Yu Feng’s eyes were filled with some kind of complicated emotion. He gazed at Su Yu intently, his voice soft like he was trying to hold himself back. “Until I was betrayed and trapped, forced into a fictional world. Then my memories awoke.”


Su Yu suddenly recalled his cold attitude from the past few days, his indifference in the face of flirting. Su Yu was concerned his charisma was failing. Now it looked like this was the true reason.


“Then why didn’t you tell me? You knew we were lovers from five lifetimes ago.” Su Yu pressed his lips together. He was surprised and curious about the affair, but the important point right now was comforting his emotions. Yu Feng was clearly less calm than he was acting.


“Because I don’t know what kind of identity I should use to face you. The me of this life, or myself from a previous world? They are all me, but they’re also independent. I can’t tell which one is real.” Confusion flashed through Yu Feng’s eyes, as did sadness. “Or perhaps because you always carried too many secrets with you. But I never knew what they were.”


Su Yu’s heart leapt. For the first time he felt at a loss for words. He did carry many secrets, almost too many to start talking about.


It seemed like Yu Feng wasn’t really trying to obtain answers. Instead he gazed at Su Yu and continued, “I saw it from the first time we met. You’re different, very different. It’s like the world is inside your eyes. Or perhaps an oasis. I’ve been walking in a desert my whole life, and I wanted to…eat you.”


“…” Hold on, weren’t they having a serious, friendly conversation? Why did it suddenly feel awkward?


“Then I realized that what I cared about wasn’t your secrets.” Yu Feng sighed like he was releasing some burden, the emotions in his eyes becoming calm and deep. “It was whether or not you really loved me. You can tell me now. Do you really love me?”


Su Yu tucked his hands around Yu Feng’s neck, lowering his head closer until the two of them were touching noses, their eyes fixed on each other and their breaths intermingling. “Of course. I love you more than anything.”


When his gentle voice entered Yu Feng’s ear, Yu Feng lit up. He embraced Su Yu’s waist tightly, his body starting to tremble. “I love you too, one lifetime to the next.”


All the secrets ceased to matter. The only important thing was your love for me was deep enough to cover those unknown secrets.


My love for you was enough to unravel tangled memories. That was enough.


Yu Feng’s hand rested snugly on Su Yu’s waist. He said softly, “Can I hug you?”


Smiling, Su Yu nodded his head. “Of course.”


“Can I kiss you?” he asked again.


Su Yu’s eyes seemed like they were lighting up with fireworks. “Yes. You can kiss me over and over again.”


Yu Feng’s Adam’s apple twitched. “Then, can I want you?”


Su Yu didn’t respond immediately. After a moment of gazing into his lover’s eyes, he leaned in for the kiss.


Yu Feng was gentle. No matter his hands around Su Yu’s waist or his lips. Each time that irrepressible heat surged inside, Su Yu rubbed against his strong waist with his feet…


Everything was so beautiful, so soaringly wonderful. But the second day when Su Yu woke up from his dreams in pain, he only wanted to commit murder.


Heh heh. No matter how gentle you are, six times in a row would kill anyone!


Saying something about six times for six lifetimes and kissing him so much he felt bad saying no: did he really think that would disguise his pervertedness?


So it seemed like his calmness beforehand was all fake! No matter whether or not he had memories, this guy was nothing but a pervert!


Now this pervert was lying on his side, allowing Su Yu to lie all over him while he massaged his sore waist and stomach.


The pressure was just right, and Su Yu was so comfortable he was practically humming. He decided not to recount his grievances right now. When he was no longer sore then he could kick him out of bed.


When Su Yu was thinking how he would do this, Yu Feng’s affectionate voice sounded near him, “Yang, I love you.”


Making a sound, Su Yu moved his leg. Seemed like kicking his lover off bed was a little too harsh, so he’d spare him this once.


Yu Feng had no idea that his love confession spared him the fate of being kicked out of bed. He just held onto Su Yu’s waist tighter, massaging him harder.


As the two were enjoying their time together, the hospital was blowing up.


It wasn’t just the people currently staying there who were asking for transfers. Even past patients were showing up to demand compensation for a suit of issues.


After this ordeal, the hospital was a completely corrupt institution in the people’s eyes. Unless someone was truly desperate, they would not go there for anything.


Other than that, they were also facing investigation for illegal human experimentation, a serious crime.


Basically, they were done for.


Similarly in a bad spot was the intel organization.


To them, information was their lifeline. Now someone was yanking at the lifeline, spreading their information all over the place, creating turbulence.


The people included in the intel were also affected. It served as a critical hit against them.


Although the organization lived in the shadows, with very few people knowing about its existence, it still faced accusations and blame from every side. Just that alone was enough to bring tremendous, potentially lethal losses.


Financially, but on the reputation side as well.


Consider this. An organization who couldn’t even protect its own intel from leaking outwards–who would want to ask them to search for information in the future?


After running smoothly for years, the organization was facing ruin within days. While its leaders were busy putting out fires, they were searching for the root cause of this incident as well.


Within a huge conference room, the three leaders were each seated at their own end of the table.


“Who’s responsible for this? Could it be our competitor?” The person wearing the leopard mask spoke first.


Gray Bear shook his head. “This happened after Yu Feng was captured by that person. Could it be related to that person?”


The third person, wearing a wolf mask, shook their head. “That makes less sense than saying it’s related to Yu Feng himself. You’ve seen that person’s recent luck, after all.”


Gray Bear looked at the wolf. “Do you mean Yu Feng is responsible for this?”

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