Chapter 117


Hearing this, Leopard chuckled, clearly unimpressed. “Yu Feng is a great hacker with 100% completion rate of his missions. But even he couldn’t be this impossibly competent.”


No matter how good a single hacker was, he couldn’t be responsible for tearing up the organization’s roots.


“Perhaps he’s not. But we have to admit that the reason we let go of him in the first place was because his abilities were strong enough for us to become concerned about him.” Wolf’s fingertips drummed against the table, his voice lower. “If this is really that person’s doing, why would he cause himself so much trouble?”


Leopard didn’t have much to say about that either. Right now the hospital was only in worse shape than the organization. They had triggered public rage, after all.


During this time, the hospital and organization encountered a crisis simultaneously. So this whole incident must be connected to Yu Feng. It’s just that Leopard had trouble believing Yu Feng’s abilities had reached such a formidable level.


“If he’s responsible for this, he won’t be alive for much longer.” Cold light flashed through Gray Bear’s right eye.


“Who do you think will take him out? Us, or that person?” Wolf chuckled, almost self-deprecating.


Gray Bear went silent. Both sides were now in a position where it was difficult to maintain themselves. More importantly, since Yu Feng had the wits to scheme against them, he must have measures in place to protect himself.


“Our investigations have found that Yu Feng is close to the Liu family’s son. Could this have something to do with him?” Leopard proposed the question.


Probably because their opponent had prepared for this possibility, they found very little through their investigations aside from the publicly known fact that he had gotten into a car accident six months prior and was in a coma ever since. Now he woke up with a drastically different personality, and was very close with Yu Feng for some reason.


“I don’t think Yu Feng is going to be easy to take down, but we still need to do what we need to do.” Wolf knocked against the table again. “We can’t just let a traitor like that do whatever he wants.”


“Since he dares betray the organization, he should know what’s coming for him.” Leopard was enraged as well.


Right now they seemed to completely forget that Yu Feng was retaliating against the organization because they were the ones who sold him out in the first place.


Just as they were finishing up their meeting, Su Yu learned the news of what they were up to in the meantime. They were in so much hot water and had time to scheme against his lover, looks like they weren’t being ruined hard enough yet.


Beforehand Su Yu didn’t plan on following up with the organization, but since they were picking up the pace then he couldn’t be blamed for what he was going to do next.


“In that case, let’s leak everything that there is to leak about them.” Su Yu narrowed his eyes, deciding to drive them to the end of their means.


Wobbling, the ball said rather dirtily, “Hearing you say that, Master, it feels so inappropriate.”


“You’re the one who’s inappropriate. I’ve been pure this whole time. Have you been glimpsing at impure things recently?” Su Yu scoffed, glancing at the ball.


Trembling around, the ball’s lights turned a suspicious pink. “N-no, I was just a little curious. Just a little bit.”


Each time its owner did you know what with the protagonist, the ball would always hide. So the only thing it saw was his satisfied face afterwards, which was completely different from how he was usually. The ball couldn’t help but think: did it really feel so good to do that?


Its curiosity led it to look up some related documents, learning interesting facts about the matter.


Seeing the ball flash with light, Su Yu suddenly smiled. “If you’re really so curious, you should try it out yourself. It’ll be more immersive than looking up information.”


Of course the ball had thought about this possibility. “But I’m just an intelligence system. My hardware isn’t equipped for any of this.”


The blinking pink lights on its body became more populated. It never thought that one day it would be having a serious discussion with its owner about something like this. How embarrassing!


“Perhaps you can consider data exchange.” Su Yu knocked on the back of his chair, giving this suggestion.


“What is that?” The ball thought Su Yu was suggesting something legitimate, so it responded seriously as well.


Su Yu was acting serious as well, even as he was feeling devilish inside. “Data exchange of course refers to data intercourse.”


He couldn’t help but start laughing at himself.


“…” The ball was silent for a moment, then it realized its owner was playing with it again. So it immediately spat out red lights of anger, sobbing, “Master, how could you…? You’re so bad!”


Rubbing his nose, Su Yu tried to put on a remorseful face, but was unable to wipe the smile from his lips. “I was picking on you, but it’s honestly a possibility, right? You need to find another high level intelligence system like you to test it though.”


The ball no longer wanted to pay any attention to its mean owner. Crying, it drifted to the corner to be sad alone.


After every last bit of information was leaked from the organization, they of course were at their wit’s end. Su Yu didn’t let it go. It wasn’t until he sent each head of the organization to jail forever that he finally decided to put it away for now.


At the same time, the head of the hospital was brought to trial for human experimentation as well and sent to jail for a life sentence.


Following his usual sense of humor, Su Yu put these four away in the same jailroom for an entertaining experience.


Resolving these two issues, Su Yu was prepared to rest and nurture his emotions with his lover when Lawyer Zhang showed up again.


Beforehand Lawyer Zhang had gotten paid a decent amount thanks to the lawsuit with the hospital. Su Yu could guess why he was here again.


Within expectations, the moment Lawyer Zhang walked into the door he got straight to the point, “Sir Liu, I’m preparing your case with Mr. Liu Hao. Your evidence is strong, so there’s a 99% chance of success.”


Raising his brow with some confusion, Su Yu said, “Yes, I understand that. But what business are you on here today?”


Although they had been in touch, most of the time Su Yu was sending him the evidence. Other than that they didn’t talk much, let alone seeing each other in person.


“Mr. Liu Hao found me and wanted to resolve your issues in private. What do you think?” Lawyer Zhang explained plainly.


After a moment of silence, Su Yu responded with a few questions. “If I stayed comatose and never woke up, how do you think Liu Hao and the rest would have treated me? If I woke up with no ability to retaliate, what then? Would they give back what belongs to me? Would they truly regret that I was in a car accident that put me in a coma?”


Thinking about it with a serious expression, Lawyer Zhang understood what he was driving at. “Unfortunately, I don’t think they would.”


“If they wouldn’t spare me when I was powerless, why would I spare them?” Su Yu picked up the cup of tea and sipped from it, speaking coolly, “True kindness isn’t just accepting everything. It’s rewarding the kind and punishing the cruel.”


Su Yu’s words were righteous and fair. His actual rules were, if someone gave him a moment of kindness he would repay them with ten moments, but if someone harmed him once, he would make them suffer a hundred times, no matter how much they really deserved.


Lawyer Zhang sighed, looking at Su Yu with some reluctance. “Sir, you’re right. I was thinking incorrectly beforehand.”


“You’re my father’s friend, so it’s no doubt you would consider these issues. But between Liu Hao and I there’s no possibility of reconciliation.” Su Yu knew he was here because he still kept in mind their father’s wish for them to live in harmony. However, this was no longer possible. “I don’t want to make your situation more difficult. If you don’t want to get involved, I can hire another lawyer.”


Oddly enough, hearing this was enough to stop Lawyer Zhang from hesitating. “You’re too courteous. I’ll do my best on this case.”


“Thank you for your hard work then.” Su Yu put down his tea cup, seeing his guest off with a smile.


The answer Liu Hao received from Lawyer Zhang was not what he wanted to hear.


“Mr. Liu, I’ll see you in court.” Thinking back to what Liu Hao did to Liu Yang and what Liu Yang said earlier, Lawyer Zhang’s sympathy for him had disappeared.


Liu Hao, who was already looking feeble and tired, looked even more ugly after he said this. “Lawyer Zhang, you can’t just let me go on my father’s behalf? I did a lot wrong, but I was forced. If my father didn’t leave everything to Liu Yang, my mother and I wouldn’t do anything like this!”


Lawyer Zhang looked at Liu Hao with disappointment. The reason why his friend left such a will was because he knew Liu Hao’s personality. If he got everything in the will, he’d force Liu Yang to leave, perhaps even ending his life.


On the flip side, Liu Yang didn’t understand anything. Even if he disliked Liu Hao, he wouldn’t eliminate all paths of survival for him.


Although Liu Yang had changed a lot since he woke up from his coma, Lawyer Zhang believed that nobody could live the same way after experiencing everything he’d been through.


He couldn’t help but sigh. Even so, he let his tone go cold. “Mr. Liu, I’m just a lawyer hired by Sir Liu. I have no duty to discuss private affairs. If you have nothing else to say to me, please leave now. I have more work to do.”


“My father always preferred Liu Yang, or you wouldn’t be willing to help him at my expense! You’re just looking down at me because I’m illegitimate!” Liu Hao glared at Lawyer Zhang, accusing him loudly.


Rubbing his brow, Lawyer Zhang said, “Please see yourself out, Mr. Liu.”


Ready to explode, Liu Hao clenched his jaw, leaving behind only an empty threat, “You watch out. I’ll make you regret all of this!”

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