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When Liu Hao said that he wanted Su Yu to regret, he meant to hire an assassination organization to take their lives away. Obviously, anyone knew what the result would be. Not only did he fail to achieve what he wanted, but he also agitated Su Yu even more.

However, the word “agitated” may not be the most accurate one. When Su Yu knew about this, he was actually very calm.

He was holding a cup of hot cocoa and drinking it slowly. After hearing Ball reporting to him, he only raised his eyebrow, “if he likes death so much, then I might as well let him die some more.”

Therefore, in addition to the lawsuit with Su Yu, Liu Hao would face many other disputes from all sides.

For example, four months ago, Liu Hao had a car accident after drinking too much. Also, three months ago, there was a rumor about him getting a small celebrity pregnant and causing her to go for abortion…and two months ago, it was said that he accepted a huge bribe from a colleague…

“What the hell is going on?! Haven’t these things been resolved long ago? How come they suddenly come out again?” Liu Hao was about to vomit blood. They were obviously matters of the past, yet they all surfaced at once. Someone must have set him up behind his back!

Who could that be? Who would set him up like that?!

Just when Liu Hao was bothered being this and got angry, Xu Li found him with anger as well and threw a document in front of Liu Hao directly, “Ah Hao, can you explain to me what this is about?”

Liu Hao picked up the document impatiently and glanced at it. The expression on his face suddenly became weird, as what was recorded in this document was what he did when he was nine years old.

When Liu Hao was nine years old, Xu Li really didn’t want to be the one interfering a family anymore. She wanted Liu Hao to regard her man as his father.

But Liu’s father didn’t agree, but he worried that if he refused directly, Xu Li would cause trouble regardless, so he gave Liu Hao some benefits and asked him to persuade Xu Li.

Although Xu Li protected herself from Liu’s father, she had always trusted her own son. She felt that they belonged to the same camp, and she trusted Liu Hao’s words without thinking twice. However, she finally found out that she had been set up by her own son!

How come this thing got unveiled? At this moment, Liu Hao didn’t know how he’s supposed to feel, and he’s also incredibly annoyed. However, he had to suppress his anger, “mom, where did you get this stuff? And you believe in this?”

“If I still don’t believe it, then wouldn’t I become a fool?” Xu Li was trying to control her anger. Never would she expect that her son would calculate her this way, and he even did it more than once, “Ah Hao, I’m your mother, and you were just nine at that time. How would you think of calculating me like that? Have I been just a tool for benefits in your mind?”

As she continued talking, her eyes turned red. She was indeed furious, but she’s actually disappointed and hurt.

As a mother, she’d never expect that her son, whom she loved dearly and cared so much, would treat her like this.

At the beginning, she failed to join the Liu family as early as she could, and that’s partly because of her son. Later, she failed to kick Liu Yang out and become the real Mrs. Liu, and that’s because of her son as well!

Although Liu Hao looked angry, he actually felt a bit guilty. He sighed lightly and felt hopeless. He was also confused, “mom, these people are obviously trying to ruin our relationship. How can you believe them?”

“Ah Hao, are you still thinking to lie to me now?” Xu Li looked even more hurt. If she had never seen the evidence, how would she suspect her son so easily?

She had never thought that her son would continue lying when things had already reached this point.

Facing the disappointment and bitterness in Xu Li’s eyes, Liu Hao deliberately looked away. For a while, he didn’t know what to say anymore.

After a while, Liu Hao took a deep breath, he said his eyes and said with exhaustion, “mom, no matter what I have done before, this is not the time to discuss these issues. I am being calculated by others. It is someone who is deliberately provoking the relationship between us, please don’t be fooled.”

Xu Li took a deep look at Liu Hao, she saw that even in this situation, he was still able to look at herself without any guilt, and he could even say these words with confidence. Her anger and disappointment was suddenly replaced by guilt and regret.

Her son had become like this, and she had something to do with it too.

In the past, Xu Li only wanted to fight for fame and profit for herself. She felt that as long as she could enter the Liu family and become the righteous Mrs. Liu, all the previous conspiracies and nasty tricks could be hidden, as if she had never done them before.

Now she discovered that everything was not like that at all. Even if everything was over, there were some things that could never be erased.

It was her who made her own son what he was now – unscrupulous, selfish, and he even set his own mother up while feeling completely okay with it.

At this time, Xu Li didn’t know how she’s supposed to feel. Did she regret it? If she was given another chance, would she still do the things she did in the past? She destroyed other people’s families, took away their money and even wanted to take away their lives.

However, no matter if she regretted or not, there’s no way to turn things around. She was about to pay the price of what she’d done, just like her son.

The issue of Liu Hao was raging, which directly led to the downward trend in the Liu Group’s stock, but Su Yu was not worried at all. With his ability, it was just a piece of cake to save a small Liu Group. It also happened to be his opportunity to remove some of the people he didn’t like in the Liu Group.

And although Su Yu looked very relaxed, there were many troubles in the Liu Group. Before Liu Hao could solve these issues, he was sent to jail immediately.

As a result, the internal disputes within the Liu Group intensified, and when all the forces were in the battle and when everyone wanted to take the opportunity to share a piece of the cake, Su Yu appeared in a high profile manner.

He acted vigorously and resolutely, suppressing all the forces. When everyone had to unite and want to resist, he discovered that the young Master Liu, who appeared suddenly, had become the absolute controlling shareholder of the Liu Group.

Everything happened in just half a month. When everyone came back to their senses, the turmoil of the Liu Group had already passed, as if nothing had happened before. The only change was probably the change of owner of Liu Group.

And just after the Liu Group stabilized, it immediately started three very attractive new projects, which attracted the attention of many bidders.

Those who had sold the stocks during the turmoil of the Liu Group regretted. Also, those who acted against Su Yu all ended up in a pathetic situation.

After solving these key problems, Su Yu handed over the Liu Group to some reliable people, and he’d opened an “escape route” for himself.

Although Yu Feng usually looked very calm, he could almost kill people on bed. If it’s just for one or two times, Su Yu might just deal with it, but Yu Feng was just too energetic on bed!

In order to let himself live for a few more years, Su Yu resolutely opened his “route of escape”. Since then, he’d started a fun contest between two hackers.

Why is it called a fun contest? It’s because when Su Yu was escaping, he hadn’t activated the assistance mode of Ball. He competed with Yu Feng himself.

Therefore, in the following years, the following scenes occurred from time to time.

Scene 1:

Su Yu, “Surely you can’t find me this time? ()”

Yu Feng: “Room 619 on the sixth floor of Jinjiang Hotel, there is a luxury suite, couple configuration, glamourous swimming pool, transparent bathroom…dear, have you been waiting for me to check in together? (*/w\*)”

Su Yu, “Wait, wait! How did you find me this time? Σ( ° △°|||) ”

Yu Feng, “Open the door, I will tell you in person.~(▔▔~)~”

Su Yu, “You found the wrong place, I am not here at all! _(:3」∠)_”

When Yu Feng carried him and took him on bed, they did it six times. Still, Su Yu said with determination that he’s not Liu Yang, and Yu Feng had got the wrong person.

Yu Feng just replied calmly, “well, it’s possible that you aren’t Liu Yang, you’re Ah Zheng, Ah Song, Little Shun, and my Ah Yu…”

Scene 2:

Su Yu looked hopeless, “I admit that you caught me this time, but I have a small request.”

Yu Feng grabbed his clothes and asked calmly, “what do you want?”

Su Yu blinked pitifully, “can it not be 6 times? My body can’t take it…”

Yu Feng smiled softly, “If you promise not to leave me anymore, I can accept your request, but you have to tell me –  which lover of your life do you choose to abandon? Is it me or other people?”

Su Yu struggled for a while, gritted his teeth and said, “forget it, I’ll continue to run.”

They were all his beloved people. How could he give any of them up?

Scene 3:

Su Yu sighed slightly, “My dear, I am too old to run, so don’t chase me anymore.”

Yu Feng insisted, “How can I not chase? I have used all my life to chase you, and I can finally catch you now.”

Su Yu smiled, “have you forgotten that we still have next life, the life after next life, and the one after…”

Yu Feng nodded, “well, then I’ll chase you again next life, but…”

Su Yu was puzzled, “but what?”

Yu Feng smirked, “is 7 times a bit too much?”

Su Yu was angry, “don’t even think about it next life!”

Yu Feng refused, “That won’t work, I won’t talk about the others, but you have to at least save once for me.”

Su Yu rolled his eyes and stopped talking, but grasped Yu Feng’s dry palm harder.

Under the setting sun, two old men lay side by side on the green grass, with a little afterglow on their bodies…


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