Chapter 119


A long, long time ago, there was a beautiful and wide sea. In the depths of the sea, there was a magnificent deep-sea palace. In this palace, there were a group of handsome mermaids.


The youngest mermaid was called Andrew. Although he was the youngest, he was the most handsome of all fish. He had short blonde hair, deep golden pupils, and a slender fish tail with golden light spots.


Andrew was a mermaid prince. He had lived in the deep sea since he was a child. He had never seen the scenery above the sea since he was a child. His wish was to look at the outside world and appreciate the scenery that was completely different from the bottom of the sea. However, his father, who’s the king, refused to let him leave the deep sea.


When Andrew reached twenty years old. His father, the King of Mermaid, called him to his side. stroked his blond hair and smiled, “my child, you are now twenty years old. You can go out and take a look outside.”


“Father, thank you.” Andrew’s golden eyes flashed brightly, as his wish was finally coming true.


He bid farewell to his father and the lovely mermaid brothers, then swam from the deep sea to the surface alone.


This should have been a very beautiful beginning, as Andrew was about to see the colorful world outside, but as he approached the surface, a wicked witch suddenly stopped him.


The handsome mermaid prince frowned, and his low, hoarse voice filled the sea, “Who are you? Why are you stopping me?”

The insidious witch let out a dull, terrifying and weird laugh, “Your voice is so nice, I will shut you up on the tower, let you sing for me every day, and you will never be able to escape.”


“No, I won’t let you succeed. I have to take a look at the outside world!” Andrew angrily refused, but he was not the opponent of the wicked witch at all. In the end, he was taken away by the witch and locked up in a tall tower.


Although there were stairs inside the tower, only a huge pool was built on the top floor to introduce sea water. If Andrew left the sea, he would become a fish, and he would never escape from the tower.


The wicked witch would come to the tower every day and ask Andrew to sing for her.


At first, Andrew didn’t want to agree, but if he didn’t sing, the witch would pump the water out of the pond and turn him into a fish. In desperation, Andrew was forced to sing for the wicked witch every day.


This kind of life tortured the poor Andrew every day, causing his blonde hair to lose its shine, and his golden fishtail to become dull and lifeless. Even his shiny golden eyes have lost their original brightness.


In the end, poor Andrew was tortured by the wicked witch. He was turned into a fish and died in the tower.

After reading this, Su Yu had no idea what expression to put on. He stretched out his hand and rubbed his eyebrows. He regretted it very much. He shouldn’t have accepted Ball’s request to enter into the world of a fairy tale.


As Ball was too excited, it hadn’t noticed Su Yu’s emotions. It just said casually aside, “master, is this plot cool? And do you find the settings of the male lead amazing?”


Su Yu lightly sighed, and his eyes looked like a dead fish, “I just think that the original plot of this world of mission might be fake, as even the style of illustration has changed.”


Previously, the original plot of the world of mission was narrative and straightforward, but this time, the original plot has become a fairy tale, which looked a bit…fake.


Upon hearing this, Ball coughed a few times with guilt, and said with a flashing pink light, “the original plot is indeed not like this, but I think the original style doesn’t match with the dreaminess of the world of fairy tale. That’s why I changed it. Do you think it looks better now?”


Su Yu glanced at Ball coldly and answered directly, “no.”


After being discouraged, Ball shook itself and whispered, “Obviously the original plot now looks better…”


Su Yu ignored the muttering of Ball and looked down at the main mission.


Main mission: Help the poor male lead escape the prison of the vicious witch, and obtain the medicine from the witch which can turn the male lead’s fishtail into his legs. Complete the task to restore the male lead’s IQ value to 100%.


“…” Such a main mission was indeed very fairy tale-like, and Su Yu was almost speechless. “I can understand the first half of the main mission, but what does the second part mean? Why should I help him find the medicine that can turn his fishtail into his legs? Perhaps the male lead doesn’t want to turn his fishtail into legs at all?”


“Of course this is for your wellbeing in this life, master. Think about it, the male lead is a top, if he’s still a mermaid, then he can’t do you, right? And you…” Before Ball finished talking, it saw that Su Yu’s face turned dark, and it immediately reconciled, “of course, this is not the main reason. The main reason is…out of the need of the plot…yup! That’s it! If he doesn’t have a pair of legs, then he can only live under the sea, then how can you both still live happily ever after?”


After saying this, Ball took a careful look at Su Yu again. Seeing that his expression remained dark, it said again, “see, this is all about happiness, not the one that you thought…”

As soon as Ball said so, Su Yu grabbed it at once and started playing with it.


Ball burst into tears. It felt that things were too unfair. It’s obviously considering for its master, but it turned out to be hurt like that!


After a while, Su Yu let go of Ball, whose body had turned soft from too much crying. It started to look for the original memory of its master and checked its mission.


Its original owner was also a handsome prince. However, unlike the male lead, he’s a prince of some kingdom on land.


He was called Allen, a very smart person since he was a kid, and he’s the favored one of the King and the Queen.


When he was eighteen years old, he finally had the opportunity to leave his kingdom and followed a caravan into the sea, but he encountered bad weather and died on the sea.


Coincidentally, the day when Allen encountered the bad weather, it was also the day when the male lead left the deep sea. In other words, if the male lead had never seen the witch and taken away, then the original master would not die either.


The content of this mission was very simply. He just needed to avoid the troubles and survive.

As soon as Su Yu finished reading this content, he suddenly felt the surrounding environment bumping and shaking. When he looked up, he found himself in a guest room of a ship. Su Yu couldn’t help but frown, “which point of the plot am I in?”


“Today is the day when the original master goes out to sea, and also the day when the male lead prepares to leave the deep sea. In two hours, the storm will come and the male lead will be taken away by the witch,” Ball replied seriously, and said pitifully, “master, you have to save the pathetic male lead and stop him from being taken away by the witch!”


Su Yu glanced at Ball helplessly and said, “let’s change a tool and increase the defensiveness of the ship.”


“Okay, but what about the male lead?” Compared to the situation there, Ball was more worried about the situation of the mermaid prince.


That’s his lover. Although the form of a lover in this world was a bit strange, Su Yu couldn’t just leave him behind. He sighed, “change another tool for me and make me move freely under the sea.”

“Okay, I’m going to search!” Ball’s tone suddenly became cheerful.


An hour later, while using the props, Su Yu entered the sea and slowly swam towards his lover following the guidance of Ball.


At this time, Andrew had left the palace on the bottom of the sea and slowly headed the surface?. Unexpectedly, he was suddenly stopped by a witch.


“Who are you? Why are you stopping me?” Andrew frowned and asked.


The terrifying witch smiled sinisterly, “Your voice is so nice. I will lock you up in the tower and make you sing for me every day, and you will never be able to escape.”


“No, I won’t let you succeed, I still have to look at the outside world!” Andrew refused with anger.


“It’s not up to you!” The insidious and cunning attacked Andrew directly. When he wanted to dodge, there’s another figure in front of him.


“Stop! You hateful witch, I will never allow you to hurt the handsome mermaid prince!” The figure in front of him spoke righteously. When Andrew looked at the strange figure that suddenly appeared in front of him, he heart began pounding.

The witch let out a sinister laugh again, and at the same time, she opened a small bottle in her hand. Under the immersion of the sea water, the purple substance in the bottle quickly overflowed and spread in the sea water.


Su Yu, who stood in front of Angel, reached out and pushed a huge bubble towards the witch. Before the witch had time to react, she had been wrapped in this huge bubble, along with the purple substance that had just escaped.


“You…you…” Before the witch could finish a sentence, she suddenly lost consciousness.


Su Yu gently pushed again, and the huge bubble floated to the surface of the sea, as if it was pushed by some kind of force.


Su Yu finally turned back to look at Andrew and smiled, “Dear mermaid prince, are you okay?”


However, in the next moment, Su Yu couldn’t laugh at all. According to the description in the original plot, the lover that Su Yu had imagined should be a cute mermaid with a lovely voice, but it turned out that…


It was a tall man with a deep gaze, profound facial features, eight-pack abs and a perfect mermaid line!


At this moment, Su Yu felt that his counterattack plan, which had just started for less than two hours, seemed to have terminated already.

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