Chapter 120


Just when a certain thought in Su Yu’s mind broke into pieces, Andrew already looked at him in a deep gaze and said in a deep and pleasant voice, “thanks for saving me, lovely human.” ,


Well, it’s fine if he didn’t counterattack, as his attributes were already determined. Even if he wanted to, he wouldn’t succeed.


With this thought in mind, Su Yu smiled at Andrew, politely showing a sense of closeness, “no worries. I just happened to be passing by and helping you. There’s no need to pay me back.”


“Then, can I at least know your name? Lovely human.” Andrew had such a nice voice. It’s so deep and “magnetic”. No wonder the witch locked him up in the tower and made him sing for her.


Su Yu’s ears couldn’t help but shake. Then, he smiled and answered, “my name is Alan and I am a prince. It’s my first time leaving my kingdom for a trip outside. It’s nice to meet you here.”


“My name is Andrew, and I am a mermaid prince. I have lived in a palace deep under the sea since I was a child. This is also the first time I have left the deep sea to see the outside world.” Andrew stared deeply at Su Yu, and his mouth slowly showed an interesting arc, “since it’s our destiny to meet each other, I wonder if we can travel together?”


Su Yu glanced at Andrew’s slender golden fish tail. Although this tail was gorgeous, it’s only a temporary tail. Aside from looking good, it didn’t really have any use, “I really want to go with you too, but given your current situation, it seems that you can’t leave the sea yet, and I can’t stay in the sea forever either.”


“It’s a pity, I am not sure if there is any way to turn human legs into fishtails? In this way, things will become much easier.” Andrew’s deep eyes were filled with regret and he looked at Su Yu’s legs.


This gaze made Su Yu shrink his toes subconsciously. Although it didn’t sound like a reasonable arrangement of the plot, it seemed alright to think like this from Andrew’s point of view. All in all, he thought exactly like a mermaid.


So, the question would be – how come the little mermaid in the novel had no intentions to turn this prince into her kind?
Su Yu suddenly didn’t understand this logic. However, he understood that there’s no logic in a fairy tale. When he thought like that, he understood things better.


Su Yu smiled slightly and said, “I don’t know if there is a way to turn human legs into mermaid fish tails, but I know a witch who can turn mermaid fish tails into human legs.”


Andrew lowered his head and glanced at his golden fishtail. After a moment of contemplation, the corners of his lips curled, and he said, “this might be a good choice, but where can I find the witch that you’ve mentioned?”


Su Yu didn’t know where to find the witch either. He threw this question directly to Ball, and quickly told him the answer given by Ball, “it’s said that the witch lives in the depths of a forest. We need to find her to get the potion that can be used to turn fish tail into legs.”


“Deep in the forest? It should be on land, right?” Andrew frowned again and looked at his fishtail. “But how do I get there?”


Su Yu rolled his eyes and showed a sly smile, “I thought of a way, perhaps that would work.”

“What is the method?” Andrew looked at Su Yu with confusion.


Su Yu just blinked, and took Andrew’s hand directly to the surface of the sea. The items he exchanged were only available for one hour, so he had to go back to the boat first.


For the next two days, Su Yu would either swim hand in hand with Andrew in the clear water, or put Andrew would put sea water in a large wooden bucket and take it to the boat to play. In short, the two had almost never separated.


Two days later, the ship finally docked.


After the ship docked, Su Yu didn’t bother to play. He directly ordered someone to order a huge carriage with a completely sealed bottom, and filled it with sea water.


“As long as we ride this carriage, we can go to the forest to find the witch together.” Su Yu smiled and looked at Andrew in the water.


Although Andrew didn’t like it this way, in order to look for the witch as soon as possible and get the potion, he could only endure it, “okay.”
So, the two set off so happily.


It took them very long to head to the forest, and the carriage wasn’t moving quickly enough. To avoid boredom, Su Yu had prepared many interesting gadgets so that they could kill some time on their way.


In addition, he also took the opportunity to touch Andrew, such as touching his eight-pack abs, his extremely beautiful and cool golden fish tail and the tip of his tail that kept swaying in the water.


Unexpectedly, Andrew didn’t object this at all. He even just Su Yu do whatever he wanted. Whenever his golden eyes looked at Su Yu, they looked extraordinarily deep.


Even once, when Su Yu started to “study” Andrew’s fish tail again, who suddenly said, “did you know that there’s another interesting use of fish tail?”


“What’s the use?” Su Yu’s fingertips slowly moved downstream along the cold scales. The next moment, the slender fish tail suddenly bounced twice, and directly wrapped his lower body. The upper half of Andrew’s body also tightly hugged Su Yu’s.

After feeling the pressure on his waist and legs, Su Yu was stunned for a moment. Afterwards, his mouth twitched a bit, “this effect is indeed…very interesting…how did you think of it?”


“I don’t know. It’s just that I wanted to hold you tightly just now, that’s why I did.” Andrew answered honestly.


Su Yu moved his legs. Just when he wanted to let Andrew release the fish tail, the carriage suddenly bumped, and he threw himself directly into Andrew’s arms. The two looked tangled together.


Immediately, there was a low-pitched voice from outside the carriage, “who…who dared to break in my forest?”


“Master, the witch living in the deep forest has already discovered your existence, she may act against you!” Ball hurriedly reminded him, but judging from its voice, it’s certainly very excited.


Su Yu raised his eyebrows speechlessly and looked at Andrew who was under his weight, “I think the witch noticed us.”


“Then I can finally get the potion that can turn my fishtail into legs, right?” Andrew’s eyes flashed. He didn’t know much about the outside world, and he didn’t know that some witches could be extremely horrifying.


“Yes.” Su Yu didn’t know either. All in all, fairy tales are too illusory for people, and the risks are often understated.


However, this person and this fish soon knew the cruelty of the reality. After a strong gust of wind, the carriage full of sea water was swung into the air. Su Yu and Andrew felt a bit dizzy.


Fortunately, Ball reacted in time and used a big bubble to wrap the two together. It also trapped the sea water in the carriage inside, then took the big bubble out of the carriage.


This directly caused Andrew’s fishtail to be entangled on Su Yu’s body when the two of them flew up from the carriage. As soon as the two felt relieved, they heard an explosive roar, “you…you shameless gay couple! How dare you display public affection in front of me?! I am going to burn you alive!”


This wave of anger was so powerful that the bubble wrapping Su Yu and Andrew almost burst. Su Yu twitched his mouth and rolled his eyes. Why did he feel that the plot seemed to be wrong?


“Witch, we are here to find you as we want a potion that can turn fish tails into legs.” Andrew ignored her anger and directly stated the purpose of this trip.

As a cloud of purple mist slowly floated toward them, the figure of the witch finally appeared in front of Su Yu. Su Yu couldn’t help but roll his eyes. Could it be that in the fairy tale world, all people with magic use purple mist?


Ball acted rarely smartly this time. It just laughed, “master host, have you forgotten that people call it the ‘gay purple’ too?”


“…” Su Yu rolled his eyes again, pretending that he hadn’t heard anything.


“How dare you show your affection in front of me. I will never give you the potion you want!” The witch was probably irritated by the two, and her voice was terrifyingly loud. “I want to separate you because of the difference of your species! And you’ll stay separated forever! Hahaha!”


“…” These words made Su Yu even more speechless. It seemed for him that there’s something wrong with the witch’s style.


On the contrary, Andrew, whose face was sticking to Su Yu’s, said righteously, “I won’t let this happen!”


“…” Su Yu had no idea what expression to put on, maybe he’s the one with the wrong style after all. But, dear prince, have you forgotten that we’ve gone so far to look for the potion, just because we want to have fun together more easily?

Although we have indeed become husbands in several worlds, in this world of mission, we haven’t been together yet!


However, the mermaid prince, who had the wrong style, had no plans to consider this at all. He just said more seriously, “I will definitely get the potion and turn my fish tail into legs!”


“Then you guys should go to hell!” The witch was completely pissed off by Andrew’s words. There’s again a surge of purple mist around her, rushing towards the big bubble.


Su Yu was about to find Ball to exchange for props to cope with this incident, but Andrew cleared his throat suddenly and began to sing softly.


Su Yu looked at Andrew speechlessly, wondering why he suddenly changed his style at this moment, but before he could express his collapsed emotions, he saw the witch suddenly stop.


Then, the witch, who had wanted to kill the two for pleasure, suddenly had her facial expression changed and said with pleasure, “this singing voice…is too amazing!”




The expression on Su Yu’s face was almost distorted. What kind of sickening plot was that?!

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