Chapter 121


What’s more terrifying is that after this weird turn, the witch suddenly became nice and took the initiative to take out the potion that the two needed, and gave an extra bottle of things in a loving manner, “this potion works exactly the opposite way – it turns a pair of human legs into a fish tail, and you might need it in the future.”


“…” Hehe, so such weird things do exist, Su Yu suddenly felt his legs shaking.

Andrew stretched out the bubble, took the two bottles of potion, then withdrew again. He said in a serious manner, “Alan, do you want to change your legs into a fish tail or my fish tail into a pair of legs?”


“Let’s not talk about this now. How exactly did you make the witch give you the potion proactively? Her attitude was so different before.” Su Yu didn’t know that Andrew had such an impressive ability.


Andrew replied without hesitation, “as the prince of the mermaid clan, my singing voice has always been nice. Once I meet my destined person, it will become even more charismatic.”


The so-called destined person should be Su Yu himself, right? However, Su Yu felt so embarrassed for this setting.


After answering this question, Andrew asked again, “so are we going to turn your legs into fish tails, or my fish tails into human legs?”


“We are on land now, so let’s turn your fishtails into legs first.” Su Yu replied without hesitation with a serious tone.


While the two were talking, the witch had already left very smartly and she’s gone.


Andrew looked at the sea water that took up most of the space in the bubbles and said, “then we don’t need this sea water anymore.”


“I can release this seawater.” Su Yu nodded immediately, because he really didn’t want to turn his legs into fish tails anyway.


Andrew’s golden eyes flashed slightly, but as his eyes were too deep, no one could really tell what he’s thinking.


“Do you have any other questions?” Su Yu was worried that the mermaid prince would suddenly perceive him as one of his kind.


The most important thing is that – according to the witch, the potion’s effect is irreversible once it starts working. Therefore, if he turned his legs into a fish tail, he’d never have his legs back!


Andrew stared at Su Yu for a while, suddenly showing a touch of clarity, and he said with a smile, “you’re a human being after all, no wonder you like this way more.”


“Which way?” Su Yu couldn’t understand.


Andrew didn’t say much, he took a pill from the bottle and stuffed it into his mouth. At the same time, Su Yu was slowly releasing the sea water in the bubble.


There’s a sound of “wa la la”, and the sea water inside the bubble was completely gone.


At this time, Andrew’s golden fish tail slowly turned into a pair of human legs. These legs were slender and powerful, which looked perfect.


Su Yu looked at Andrew’s legs admiringly – from his feet, then his powerful calves, then his tight thighs, and then…


Su Yu felt that his eyes were almost blind!


Andrew, who had just changed from a mermaid to a human, was not wearing any clothes. Su Yu’s gaze was also fixed on some indescribable part…


“I… didn’t see anything.” While Su Yu said this, he actually glanced at that part again.


Andrew seemed to be very open-minded, and he had no intention to cover it. Instead, he looked at Su Yu seriously, “you can freely admire my body.”


Although they were a couple, was it really a good idea to act so passionately?


Andrew looked as if he knew what Su Yu meant in his gaze, and he said in confusion, “given our relationship, do we still need to hide from each other?”


Given their relationship? He hadn’t known Andrew for a long time, could they be considered as friends? Or else…

Su Yu’s eyes flickered slightly. Could it be that lovers in this world, just like Yu Feng, possessed their previous memory?


“Are you…we have a good relationship?” Su Yu asked, but he couldn’t ask the question very directly. All in all, it was just his speculation, and he could only alter the way he asked a little.


“Haven’t we secured an agreement for a lifetime?” Andrew said naturally.

“What are you talking about? Has anything like this happened between us?” Su Yu was almost scared to death. Since when did they have such an agreement?


Andrew’s golden eyes gradually became deeper. He said in affirmation, “have you forgotten that I once asked for your name? In the world of mermaids, we only ask for each other’s names if we’re in love. And if the other person replies, it means that they have decided to be together forever.”


Su Yu only felt a thousand horses running in his mind. Although he was in a fairy tale, things couldn’t get so ridiculous, could they? And just by asking his name?


Are you sure that you’re not kidding?


Su Yu wanted to take Ball over and play with it immediately, but he looked around, only to realize that Ball had already consciously become dormant since Andrew’s fish tail turned into human legs.


Wait, why did Su Yu suddenly have an ominous premonition in his heart?


“And after we have decided to be together with each other for life, we should immediately perform our duties as partners. It’s just that our species were different and we couldn’t carry this out before. That’s why I never mentioned it.” Andrew “cooperated” and immediately turned Su Yu’s ominous premonition into a cruel reality. He still said in a very calm and plain tone, “now that I have a pair of human legs, we no longer need to wait.”


“Wait, there seems to be something wrong with my comprehension. I can’t understand what you mean at all right now.” Su Yu’s heart was frantically complaining – what kind of weird creature was Andrew? How could he have such ridiculous rules?


Andrew gently said, “it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it now, I will teach you slowly and it’s an amazing experience.”


“Wait first, I think…Um!” Su Yu just wanted to say something eagerly, yet Andrew immediately covered his mouth, and all his words disappeared.


Therefore, poor Su Yu was forced to be “eaten” by the seemingly innocent Andrew in the giant bubble hanging in the air.

The whole process was extremely bloody and brutal, making people not wanting to look at them directly. Su Yu was forced to cry several times, but he had to admit that it’s quite an experience doing it in mid-air.


After this extremely tragic experience, Su Yu fell asleep with tears. The handsome and affectionate mermaid prince patiently cleaned Su Yu from head to toe with his tongue, then hugged him to sleep.


When Su Yu woke up again, it was already at night. Little fluorescent light flickered in the forest, but it could not dispel the strange and gloomy atmosphere.


Su Yu opened his eyes almost at the same time. And Andrew woke up as well. He looked at Su Yu lovingly, “dear Alan, where are we going next?”


Su Yu struggled a bit in Andrew’s arms, but it was in vain. In turn, Andrew held him even more tightly, and Su Yu suggested, “the most urgent thing now is to find you a set of clothes, as you can’t be like this…forever?”


The mermaid prince slightly frowned after hearing this, “perhaps I never told you before, but as a prince of mermaids, I can only wear the softest thing in the world, or my delicate skin will get hurt.”

“…” This rich fairy tale was going to drive Su Yu nuts. Couldn’t Andrew talk nicely? Then, he said something fairy tale-like too, “okay, then my handsome prince, may I know where can I find the most comfortable clothes for you?”


The mermaid prince answered very simply, “I don’t know.”


“…” Come, please take this mentally retarded mermaid prince away!


Su Yu had no other choice but to beg Ball while frowning, “Ball, come out here.”


The sound of Ball soon came, but it’d still not appeared, “master, I still cannot come out, as the handsome prince still hasn’t worn the most comfortable clothes in the world.”


“…” It suddenly felt as if everyone was suffering from the fairy tale syndrome.

Su Yu was speechless, “so where should I go to find the softest and most comfortable clothes in the world for this handsome mermaid prince?”


“I heard that in the deepest part of the seabed, there is a beautiful coral colony, where there are the largest and brightest pearls. Only the clothes made of precious pearl silk are the softest and most comfortable. Maybe you can go there and have a look.” Ball answered with a familiar fairy tale tone.


Su Yu simply wanted to laugh, “why didn’t you just tell me directly to go to the deepest part of the sea?”


Ball didn’t agree, “master host, this is a very amazing and lovely world of fairy tale, how can you act so unromantically?”


Su Yu was too lazy to say anything to Ball. He just turned his head directly to Andrew, “we are going to the deepest part of the sea to help you find suitable clothes, but you have changed from a mermaid to a human being, and I have been a human from the beginning to the end. So, it seems that neither of us can get there, right?”


“Don’t worry, I have a way.” Andrew said quietly, seemingly confident in this matter.

The two rushed from the forest to the beach in a carriage again. After arriving there, the two finally showed up until it’s late at night, and when there’s no one else near the sea.


The moonlight was like jade. On the shimmering seashore, Andrew slowly sang a quiet little tune. His voice was so dreamy, drifting into Su Yu’s ears slowly, making him feel intrigued.

But then, there was a sound of “clap”, breaking the tranquility.


Six mermaid princes emerged from the sea. They had different hair colors, colors of the eyes and fish tails of different colors as well. However, they were equally handsome and dreamlike.

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