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Chapter 122

The purple eyed mermaid said in surprise first, “oh, Andrew, it’s really you! I didn’t expect you to find your destined lover so quickly!”

This mermaid was a really good-looking one. When Su Yu saw his colors, he could only think of the “homo purple” that Ball had once mentioned.

The blue-eyed mermaid exclaimed, “but Andrew, what happened to your fish tail? Could it be that you’ve become a human being?”

After seeing these wonderful colors, Su Yu immediately thought of rainbow colors…and he felt that he was turning blind with these colors.

Andrew looked down at his brothers and replied, “yes, I’ve become a human being now, and I want to find myself some suitable clothes. They’re right down at the bottom of the sea.”

“So are you looking for our help?” The green-eyed mermaid blinked his eyes that looked like glass and smiled.

Andrew’s gaze swept through his six mermaid brothers, who were all staring at Su Yu, “Andrew, is this your destined person?”

“Yes, his name is Alan. We’ve already decided to be together forever.” Andrew gave a definite answer.

After the six mermaid brothers stared at Su Yu and whispered for a while, the red-eyed mermaid who hadn’t spoken previously finally opened his mouth, “if you want us to help, then you have to kiss each other first. ”

Upon hearing this, Andrew didn’t speak, but he turned and looked at Su Yu.

In this regard, Su Yu had never been someone who overthought. He instantly held Andrew’s neck and kissed him.

Andrew looked at Su Yu affectionately with his deep, golden eyes, and the tips of his ears were turning red.

After seeing this scene, the six mermaid brothers cheered and the one with orange eyes said, “I think once isn’t enough. You have to kiss each other a few more times.”

This time, Andrew turned from passive to active. He held Su Yu’s waist and kissed him a few times, making the six mermaid brothers giggle.

He had thought that this would be resolved. However, a dreamy mermaid with pink eyes laughed again, “no, I have to see you kissing each other for 5 minutes, otherwise I won’t help you.”

“…” You mermaids must be bored to death, that’s why you like to see people getting intimate. Su Yu wanted to roll his eyes.

However, Andrew started taking action. This time, the two kissed for 5 minutes, and Su Yu felt a bit short of breath when he let go.

The purple-eyed mermaid couldn’t help but said emotionally, “Andrew, you’re simply too lucky to have found such a pure partner.”

Pure? Su Yu faintly felt something wrong…as this term didn’t sound like a word of compliment.

Andrew just smiled proudly, “of course, my Alan is the best human on Earth.”

“Then you guys just carry on and love each other. We still need to play and we’ll let you be.” The blue-eyed mermaid jumped right back into the sea after saying so.

The others also followed him after saying goodbye to the couple.

“…wait, are they going to find pearls for us at the bottom of the sea?” Su Yu was a bit startled, and he wasn’t sure what expression to put on.

Andrew looked at Su Yu apologetically and slightly sighed, “I forgot to tell you that my six brothers never help the others although they look friendly.”

“So, in other words, we just met so many demands from them, but they just left us like that?” The corners of Su Yu’s eyes began twitching.

“Probably so.” Andrew lowered his head and said with guilt, but he didn’t feel guilty at all. In contrast, he looked very satisfied.

Su Yu understood it in an instant. It turned out that Andrew had planned all this himself. He had called upon his six brothers not to help them find any pearls at the bottom of the sea, but to take advantage of himself – even in front of the others!

Su Yu looked at his lover with complicated emotions – when did he become a person who doesn’t do what he said?

He had to admit that his lover had many evil ideas despite the fact that he looked innocent, and that actually suited the taste of Su Yu as well. All in all, he’s one of those kind as well.

Su Yu looked at Andrew, got close to him and kissed his lips. He said jokingly, “next time if you want to kiss me, you can tell me directly, and I’ll never spare it for you.”

“Got it, my prince.” Andrew looked at Su Yu deeply, hugged his waist for another deep kiss.

In the shimmering sea, on a huge reef, the mermaid prince with blond hair and golden eyes held the human prince with black hair and dark eyes in his arms. The faint moonlight shrouded them, looking ethereal and beautiful.

The setting is that they had to ignore the fact that someone was still naked.

After the two people finally separated reluctantly, they discussed the main business.

“If your brothers refuse to help, what are we going to do now?” Su Yu actually liked the way Andrew showed his figure without clothes in front of him, but it was very inconvenient after all.

Andrew paused for a while and told Su Yu his decision, which had been made up for a long time, “then we can only dive into the bottom of the sea together and find the pearls.”

“But we are all humans now, so there is no way to enter the depths of the seabed, right?” Su Yu said this deliberately. If necessary, he could also exchange some tools and dive into the sea, but he believed that Andrew had already known what to do long time ago.

Sure enough, Andrew immediately replied, “it’s ok, we can use the potion to change our legs into a fish tail, then we can dive into the sea.”

“But isn’t the effect of the medicine irreversible?” Su Yu frowned.

“I think when the witch mentioned that it’s irreversible, it’s only applicable when we don’t have another kind of potion.” Andrew told Su Yu his opinion seriously, “that’s to say that if we don’t have the medicine that can turn our legs into fish tails, then after I turn our fish tails into legs, it’ll be impossible to turn them back into fish tails. However, since we have these two potions now, we can naturally change our forms freely.”

After hearing this tongue twister, Su Yu also understood it more logically. Andrew seemed to have made his point also, and Su Yu nodded, “then let’s try, you take the potion first.”

Andrew nodded and did not hesitate to swallow a pill that can turn human legs into fish tails. His slender and powerful legs quickly changed into a golden, slender fish tail.

“Sure enough, take your medicine, dear.” Andrew jumped into the sea, put his arms on the reef, and looked at Su Yu with gleaming eyes.

Su Yu was holding a pill and he felt like there’s something wrong with Andrew’s look, but he swallowed it anyway.

After a while, Su Yu’s legs also changed into a fish tail, and it looked like a completely transparent cyan one. Under the moonlight, it looked extra bright.

“This is the first time I have seen a blue fishtail. It’s so beautiful.” Andrew looked at Su Yu’s fishtail with an obsessive look.

Su Yu shook his tail. After getting used to it, he also jumped into the sea.

After getting in the cold sea water, Su Yu did not feel cold, but felt extremely comfortable, and his slender, cyan fish tail also started moving.

Andrew leaned over and touched the tip of Su Yu’s fish tail. He said in fascination, “dear prince, you have such a gorgeous tail and it feels very comfortable as well.”

Su Yu looked a bit embarrassed. He also moved his tail and said seriously, “let’s go, let us find pearls for you at the bottom of the sea.”

The mermaid with the golden fish tail and the mermaid with the blue fish tail were holding their hands and dived into the bottom of the sea.

The two fish tails created many ripples on the surface of the sea. There was a bright light and it looked very dreamlike.

However, what happened next wasn’t so dreamlike anymore. It’s because right after they entered the coral area, they started doing that kind of thing.

“Andrew, shouldn’t we start doing the right business first?” Su Yu’s face got distorted, as it was a crazy idea to do it with the tail.

But Andrew just insisted. He took Su Yu’s hand and said, “Alan, look at how beautiful the scene here is. If we don’t seize the moment, wouldn’t it be a waste?”

When Su Yu still wanted to refute, Andrew had already swam over and gently covered his mouth, that golden fish tail also firmly wrapped around him…

So, after the bubble play, Su Yu was forced to try a fishtail play. The soft and cool sea water and Andrew’s slender and powerful fishtail were pressed on his body, and Su Yu didn’t even have a chance to breathe.

When Andrew was finally willing to let him go, Su Yu felt so weak that he couldn’t swim at all, and even the beautiful cyan fish tail was twitching and trembling uncontrollably.

Andrew hugged Su Yu and they came to a smooth and clean stone, he let Su Yu rest in his arms, while he was very carefully massaging Su Yu’s sore back. As a mermaid prince, he had no idea why he would be so familiar in this kind of things.

After Su Yu finally recovered, the two men began to search for the pearls deep in the sea. This matter took them three full days.

Three days later, Su Yu and Andrew finally collected twenty pearls, and they could call it a day.

In these three days, Su Yu was inevitably forced by Andrew to do several shameful things.

Obviously, even in the fairy tale world, some of the nature of lovers are still difficult to be changed. Fortunately, it’s still a comfortable thing to do it in the water, and it’s not too exhausting if they didn’t overdo it.

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