Chapter 123


After collecting enough pearls, the two of them faced a new problem. They already had pearls, but the clothes made of pearl silk still seemed to be far away.


“Do you know where I can find someone to help you make clothes?” Su Yu asked.


Andrew shook his head with a serious expression and he gave an answer that he’d given before, “I don’t know.”


In desperation, Su Yu could only continue to ask Ball for help. Ball, as a big fan of fairy tales, replied immediately, “I know! If you want to make a dress out of pearl silk, you must find a witch proficient in this art, she has a weaving machine with magic power. Only with that weaving machine can we weave high-quality clothes made of pearl silk. But this machine seems to be cursed, if you hurt yourself accidentally, then you’ll be in deep sleep.”


“…” Why does this line sound so familiar? But this is not the point, the point is, “so, where shall we look for this witch?”


Ball replied, “this witch lives in a very beautiful country, where beautiful flowers bloom all year round, and the air is always full of strong fragrance of flowers. Anyone who has been there would fall in love with this country.”


“…So can you tell me directly, what is the name of that kingdom?” Su Yu couldn’t stand the fairy tale of Ball anymore.


Ball could only answer honestly, “it’s the Kingdom of Sleeping Beauty.”

It was exactly the same as what he had expected, Su Yu couldn’t help but roll his eyes, then turned to Andrew and said, “I heard that in the Kingdom of Sleeping Beauty, there is a witch who can knit the clothes you need, so let’s just go there and look for her.”


“Okay.” Andrew replied with a smile.


On the way to the Kingdom of Sleeping Beauty, Su Yu was showing some unhappiness. Although Ball dared not show up, it still asked out of care, “master host, you look a bit unhappy.”


“Yes, ever since I came to this mission world, I have not been very happy.” Su Yu admitted frankly.


These words made Ball a little nervous, “does it mean that master host does not like the world of fairy tale? I…I am so sorry. It’s all because of me…it’s me who made you enter a mission world that you don’t like.”


Ball’s tone became very frustrated.


“The fairy tale world is pretty good, the scenery is dreamy, and the characters are beautiful, but…” Su Yu only wanted to complain a bit, and he had no intention to blame Ball, “you seem to have forgotten my attributes, in this dreamy world, how can I be happy?”


This fairy tale world is basically a world of pranks. It’s good to change the mood for a while, but it would be impossible to be genuinely happy out of it.


Ball felt that its master host was right, and it had nothing to oppose. Before being able to respond, its master host continued complaining, “of course, this isn’t the biggest issue. What’s the most horrifying is that the male protagonist is still naked now. You know how traumatized I am already?”

Whenever Su Yu’s gaze uncontrollably fell on somewhere of Andrew, he had an intention to poke his own eyes, he could also feel his bottom shrink, and it’s so torturing!


Ball didn’t know what expression to put on, and it also didn’t understand what its master host was thinking about. Logically speaking, this matter was still beneficial, so why would it become a torture when it’s about its master host?


The innocent Ball still didn’t know the big differences between “top” and “bottom”…some matters might be a benefit for “top”, but it might as well but a torture for “bottom”.


Su Yu still wanted to complain some more, but Andrew had already held him in his arms, “my dear prince, what are you thinking?”


At this time, Su Yu lowered his head, and with this posture, he was looking at somewhere he didn’t intend to see, yet he still needed to pretend that he’d seen nothing, « nothing…I am just a little bored.”


“Then, may I invite my prince to do something less boring.” While Andrew was saying so, he was gently pressing down Su Yu.


When Su Yu walked down from the carriage while massaging his wrist, he saw and smelled flowers everywhere, and he knew that they’d arrived the Kingdom of Sleeping Beauty.


“Master Host, the place in front of us is where the witch lives, but I was told that she has really bad temper. Master host, you must be careful.” Ball reminded its master host responsibly.


Su Yu nodded, walked to the door, raised his hand and knocked on the wooden door, “is anyone here?”


No one responded.


Su Yu knocked on the door again. After a while, the wooden door was finally pulled open with a “creak”. A wrinkled face appeared in front of Su Yu. The witch stared at Su with muddy eyes and asked, “who are you?”


“I am a prince from a kingdom very far away. I came here to ask you to do me a favor and make a suit of pearl silk woven clothes for my lover.” Su Yu smiled and politely explained his intentions. .


The witch’s muddy eyes flashed slightly. She looked Su Yu up and down, then looked at the carriage parked not far behind Su Yu, and asked, “why isn’t your lover here with you?”


“Because he is a mermaid living at the bottom of the sea, and because his skin is too delicate, he still has no clothes to wear, so it is inconvenient for him to see anyone.” Su Yu answered with a smile.


The wrinkled face of the witch blushed and it looked so suspicious. She blinked her muddy eyes twice and coughed lightly, “okay, I will help you then, but I have no pearls here.”

Su Yu directly handed over the twenty huge pearls to the witch. When the witch took them, she hesitated and asked, “wouldn’t you worry about giving me such a precious thing directly?”


“If I don’t trust you enough, I will never ask you for help. Now that I have chosen to trust you, why should I care about such a small thing?” Su Yu smiled slightly. He said it nicely, but it was only because the witch was the only one being able to make clothes out of pearls in the whole world of fairy tale. Instead of looking reluctant, he’d rather hand out the thing openly.


After hearing this, the witch was a little moved and she promised, “don’t’ worry, I will weave the most beautiful pearl gown in the world for your lover. It only takes three days to get the pearl gown.”


“Then, I can only trouble you for this.” Su Yu said goodbye with a smile.


Su Yu and Angel visited the Kingdom of Sleeping Beauty for three days. They walked almost all the streets with flowers in the kingdom. On the 3rd day, they finally returned to the witch’s wooden house.


“Wait for me in the carriage, I’ll help you get your clothes.” This time, Su Yu still had to support his waist when stepping down the carriage. He had already decided that he’d part with Andrew once he got suitable clothes, it’d be better to just be different species, as he didn’t feel like continuing to live like this anymore.

Su Yu knocked on the mottled wooden door again. This time, the witch quickly opened the door. She looked at Su Yu with a smile and said, “dear prince, I have made the pearl gown. You can take it now and go.”


Su Xu smiled and took a look at the clothes that the witch had handed over. The smile on his face instantly solidified, because the pearl gown he was holding was actually a…skirt sparkling with bright light.


“Wait, why did you make me a dress?” The expression on Su Yu’s face was extremely complicated, as if he was struck by lightning.


The witch was also very dumbfounded, “shouldn’t it be a dress? Isn’t your lover a lovely mermaid with delicate skin?”


“He is indeed a mermaid, and his skin is indeed very delicate, but,” Su Yu couldn’t help his mouth twitching a few times, never would he have thought that there would be such a misunderstanding, “he’s a guy.”


“…” The witch looked as if she wasn’t sure what expression to put on.


Su Yu also didn’t know what expression to put on, “sorry, I didn’t make it clear before and made this happen. It’s not your fault.”


“But this pearl dress…” The witch looked at the skirt in Su Yu’s hand embarrassedly. Pearl dresses are so precious that it’s nearly impossible to remake one.

Su Yu took a deep breath and barely managed to maintain the smile on his face, “I will give you this pearl gown. I think the queen or princess of this kingdom will like this dress very much. As for my love, I will search for pearls with him again, and we’ll ask you for help again.”


“But this pearl dress is too precious, I shouldn’t…” The witch wanted to refuse, but was quickly interrupted by Su Yu.


“Just treat it as our reward for asking you for help this time. I hope you can accept it, otherwise we will be upset,” Su Yu interrupted the witch with a smile, and waved goodbye to her, “then we will say goodbye for the time being, but I will be back soon.”


After bidding farewell to the witch, Su Yu walked heavily back to the carriage. Under this circumstance, he really didn’t want to get on the carriage.


Andrew soon realized that Su Yu had returned, and he spoke to Su Yu from the carriage, “my dear, are my clothes ready? Show me quickly.”


“No, because what I’d said wasn’t clear enough, the witch mistakenly thought my lover was a cute female mermaid, so she made a very beautiful dress.” Su Yu sounded quite heavy.


However, Andrew in the carriage did not seem to have much reaction. He just sighed plainly, “it’s a shame, well, then we just need to go back to the sea.”


“I guess so.” Su Yu sighed heavily, and finally mustered the courage to lift up his still sore feet and step onto the carriage. However, the next moment, he saw again something that could make him blind.


God, please just let me go blind!

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