Chapter 124


Su Yu, who was blinded by the flash, was forced to go back to the deep sea with Andrew. They planned to collect once again 20 huge pearls, but when they returned to the sleeping beauty kingdom outside the wooden house where the witch lived, they were told that the witch had already been invited into the palace.


“Invited into the palace? When did it happen?” Su Yu frowned slightly. For this journey, in just less than a month, the witch who’d been disgusted by the Sleeping Beauty Kingdom got invited into the palace. Wasn’t this just a little too ridiculous?


The one who answered Su Yu’s question was a soldier sent from the palace, “the witch who lived here before presented a beautiful dress made of pearl silk to the queen in the palace. The queen liked it very much, and took the witch to the palace as her personal tailor. And now the whole kingdom knows that the queen has a gorgeous pearl gown. Those ladies like to run into the palace when they have nothing to do. They want to ask the witch to help them make such a unique pearl gown as well.”


“…” Su Yu didn’t know what expression to put on. It really is a fairy tale world, and things happen exactly like that in a fairy tale. Even a piece of clothing can completely reverse a person’s destiny. “This is really a good thing. ”

“But the witch did not forget you two either, she deliberately let me wait here, just to pick them up into the palace and look for her directly,” said the soldier, and she paused slightly, “by the way, we are not calling her witch anymore, her name is Maria.”


“…” Su Yu felt that he didn’t even know what expression to put on. The witch’s appearance and her name were indeed somewhat particular.


On the contrary, Andrew, who was staying in the carriage, spoke first, “if this is the case, then we’ll go to the palace directly.”


The two followed the soldiers in a carriage to the royal palace of the Sleeping Beauty Kingdom. It looked very magnificent. The palace was decorated with glamorous and elegant decoration. The garden was full of flowers of excellent colors, and the fragrant smell filled the tip of the nose.


In the pavilion in the middle of the flower bushes, the witch Maria, who had changed her gray clothes, was skillfully playing with that unique weaving machine.


The carriage stopped near the pavilion, and Su Yu walked down alone. When Maria saw him, she immediately got up to greet him, “dear Prince, you are finally back.”


“Yes, I have heard the soldiers talk about your deeds before. Congratulations.” Su Yu smiled and said, but still felt a little speechless in his heart, as the turning point of this fairy tale world was really so unreasonable.


There was a shy smile on Maria’s wrinkled face. She lowered her head slightly and said, “thank you too, dear prince, if you don’t have that beautiful long dress made of pearl silk, I would never be accepted to the palace later. And I would never be welcomed by the others either.”


Su Yu really didn’t want to continue to chatter about this issue, so he took out what he had brought and said, “you are simply too nice. These are the twenty pearls that I’ve prepared, so sorry to have to trouble you again this time.”


“Don’t worry, this time I will definitely make a pearl gown that suits your needs.” Maria promised with a firm expression, showing that she’d never make a mistake again.


“Okay, then in three days, I will come to pick up the clothes.” Su Yu smiled and wanted to say goodbye, but was stopped by Maria.

Maria tried to stop Andrew, “I was too careless before, so I made the two of them come here for nothing. In order to express my apology, I have asked the queen to let you stay here for a few days, so that you can admire the beauty of this place as well.”


By the way, they had been around in the Kingdom of Sleeping Beauty before, and now they really had nothing to do. After thinking about it, Su Yu agreed, “so, I am sorry that we’ll have to bother you again.”


During the three days that Su Yu lived in the palace, he actively found something to do. He left Andrew in the palace and went out to wander around when he was bored.

Initially, he only wanted to admire the flowers, the grass and the unique, dreamy scene in the world of fairy tale. Unexpectedly, he accidentally discovered a huge secret one day.


In the pavilion, there was a gentle and soothing voice, “good sister, please don’t cry anymore. The kids have come back safely, you are supposed to feel happy.”


Then, it was a crying voice, “they suffered quite a lot before and life was harsh. I was worried sick when they were trapped in the forest for about half a month.”


The gentle voice said, “okay, don’t cry anymore. They just came back. If they see you like this again, they’ll be sad too.”


The crying voice,” fortunately, they have all returned now, otherwise I really wouldn’t know what to do. I will never let them go to that forest again. The witches there can use potions to make the people trapped inside smaller, it’s really too horrifying.”


The gentle voice said, “right, you have to take care of the kids better from now on. Never let them get into the forest again.”


After hearing this, the corners of Su Yu’s mouth began to twitch. The forest, the seven people and the potion that can turn people smaller…it seemed that he’d discovered some stunning truth.


Therefore, if the princess with skin as pale as snow appeared in the forest according to the script in the memory, would the ending become miserable if he couldn’t find the seven kids that he was supposed to find?


Su Yu was thinking about this while feeling speechless. Then, there were seven young princes coming from a distance not far away, and they were wearing the same clothes.

The seven princes walked straight into the pavilion, and when they saw their mother who was weeping, they looked at each other and comforted her in a relaxed tone.


“Queen mother, aren’t we all right now? Don’t worry anymore.”


“Yes, queen mother, although the witch sounds terrible, didn’t she release all of us?”


“In the beginning, the witch was really scary, but then somehow, she seemed to be a different person suddenly. She’s suddenly full of compassion, and she even escorted us out of the forest.”


“Queen mother, not only will you make us worry, but our aunt will worry about you too. We will soon return to the Dwarves’ Kingdom, so queen mother, please cheer up.”



After the seven princes supported their mother and left with their aunt, Su Yu completely sorted out the causal relationship of this whole incident.

That is to say, the forest where he and Andrew went to get the potion was the same one where the seven princes fell into trouble, and because of a song by Andrew, the witch changed her nature and she became a righteous person. This made the seven princes avoid the tragic fate of becoming little children.


For this reason, if the princess with skin as pale as snow really set foot in this forest, even if she did not meet the seven dwarves, she would be rescued by the witch who had been converted. In that case, things should become much easier then.


When thinking of this, Su Yu couldn’t help but complain. The plot of this fairy tale world has simply become too unreasonable…right?


Su Yu, who was hit hard by this incident, went back to the palace where he stayed, but as soon as he walked in, Andrew dragged him to the bed.


This time, not only his spirit, but his body was also cruelly exploited and squeezed.


In the blink of an eye, Su Yu finally got the dress woven from pearl silk from Maria’s hands.


When Andrew put it on, Su Yu couldn’t help feeling stunned by this gorgeous, bright white suit that even had a faint light. Needless to say, Andrew became even more handsome after putting it on.

While admiring the beauty, Su Yu secretly breathed a sigh of relief. He finally didn’t have to get his eye blinded by someone’s glow.


“Dear Alan, do I look handsome?” Andrew stood there straight, with golden eyes staring at Su Yu firmly.


Su Yu nodded, “you look incredibly handsome, my dear mermaid prince. This suits you very much.”


“The same with you,” Andrew looked up and down at Su Yu. Although he was already wearing clothes, his nature stayed the same, “but I still like the way you look without clothes, as that makes you the most beautiful.”


Su Yu’s eyes instantly turned into dead fish eyes: “It’s a pity, then, you may not be able to see my most beautiful look recently.”


“Why?” Angel raised an eyebrow in surprise.


Su Yu twitched the corner of his mouth, “as I want to play a game with you, it’s called you chase and I run.”

“This game sounds interesting, but if it makes me lose the opportunity to see your most beautiful look, I would choose to refuse.” Although Andrew looked simplistic, he wasn’t a fool.

“I’m afraid you can’t refuse this matter, because from now on, the game has started,” Su Yu stretched out his finger and shook it, giving a hint, “the first stop of our game is in the Snow Kingdom. I will be waiting for you there, if you can’t find me within three days, I will go directly to the next stop, then you may never find me again.”


Su Yu intentionally tried to scare Andrew, as he just wanted to reduce the frequency of certain activities; he wasn’t really planning to give up on his lover.


After saying this, Su Yu’s figure disappeared in front of Andrew. After being stunned for a moment, Andrew soon became more stable and he smiled, “dear Alan, I’ll find you for sure.”


After that and for many years, Su Yu and Andrew kept running across different fairy tale kingdoms.

They helped the omniscient magic mirror escape from the insidious and cunning Snow Queen, avoiding its tragic fate of having to answer those brainless questions every day.


They helped the cursed prince transform from an ugly frog back to his original handsome self, saving him from the tragic fate of having to marry the superficial and unreasonable princess.


They helped the little swan to return to the arms of the mother swan before breaking its shell, avoiding its tragic fate of being bullied by other animals and rejected by the mother duck.



They did many, many different things, and they also occasionally went back to the sea, wobbled their slender fish tails, and swam happily at the bottom of the sea.


They chased each other and played with each other until their short life came to an end.

“You know what? This is the most unreasonable world I have ever experienced. Everything seems ridiculous.” Su Yu and Andrew were lying side by side on a huge reef, and Su Yu said softly and slowly.


Andrew’s golden eyes gleamed in the moonlight, “oh?”


“But it also is the most colorful world. Together, we have seen a lot of scenery that is not present in other places,” Su Yu looked down at his legs and said with a chuckle, “I even became a mermaid once.”


Andrew stroked Su Yu’s hands, and he didn’t want to say anything further.


Su Yu leaned forward with difficulty and kissed on the corner of Andrew’s mouth, “thank you, for letting me see such a beautiful scene.”

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