Chapter 125


In a void of space, Ball approached Su Yu and tried to comfort him. It swayed a bit, “master host, please don’t be sad. You’ll see the male protagonist very soon. So, what kind of mission world are you going to choose next? ”


Su Yu blinked, opened the package and glanced at the shattering world fragments, then looked at the items he had brought from the last fairy tale world. He slightly raised the corners of his mouth and said, “Interstellar mermaid, tell me about the background of this world.”


“Hey, master host, did you choose this kind of world background because you haven’t enjoyed enough mermaids in the fairy tale world?” Ball looked at his host, feeling puzzled.


“Of course not. I just think that since I’ve already brought the things, I should be using them rather than keeping them idle.” Su Yu briefly explained and decided, “the next mission is Interstellar mermaid.”


“Okay!” Ball immediately searched for the mission world that would meet Su Yu’s requirements, then placed the optional side missions in front of him, “there are three roles to choose from, which one do you prefer, master host?”


The three roles were the handicapped fish without being adopted, the poor mermaid who was tortured to death by the adopter, and the fool mermaid with low IQ.

Su Yu stared at these three options for a while and replied helplessly, “I don’t seem to need to choose at all. Go for the second one.”


“Okay, then we shall immediately teleport into the next mission world.” Ball also felt a little embarrassed, but whenever it chose a side mission, all the roles seemed to have problems. It was already used to it.


A burst of white light flashed, and Su Yu closed his eyes subconsciously. When he opened his eyes again, the scene in front of him had completely changed.


There were some tall glass cabinets filled with water erected in the huge white space, appearing cold and orderly. There was a mermaid in each huge glass cabinet.


These mermaids varied in size, and the color and hair color of their tails were also different. Some of them were swinging their tails slowly, some were sleeping on the bottom of the glass tank with their eyes closed, and some were opening their glass-like eyes and looking timidly out of the glass cabinet.


After Su Yu observed the surrounding environment, he lowered his head and glanced at his body. He was also one of many mermaids, with a nearly transparent cyan fish tail, just like what appeared in the previous fairy tale world.

“Master host, do you want to accept the plot of the quest now?” It was Ball’s soft and cute voice.


Su Yu nodded, closed his eyes and began to check the main plot of the mission world and the memory of the original owner.


This world had a very clichéd background of interstellar mermaid. Mermaids were used as a special tool for reproduction and they lived together in the Mermaid Science and Technology Research Institute. They could only leave this emotionless and cold place after reaching a certain age.


However, the way they left was nothing more than being adopted by humans as tool for reproduction, moving from a large cage to a small cage.


If they met a benevolent owner, the mermaid might be able to live his life peacefully. However, if they met a cruel person, then they’d suffer a lot.


The original owner, Lyle, was a tragic mermaid who was adopted by a military major at the age of eighteen.


At the beginning, the major general had a good attitude towards him, but as time passed, his tyrannical nature slowly revealed. If things didn’t go well, Lyle would be beaten until he bled all over, and he even had a miscarriage before.

In such desperation, Lyle was tortured constantly .He lost a lot of weight and eventually died in the hands of the owner, ending his short and tragic life.


However, to this world, Lyle was just an insignificant mermaid. No one would care about his life and death. It would at most be a topic for daily conversation.


This was an unfair world, and humans dominated this entire world. Mermaids were just an accessory without any status. They could only live without dignity and freedom. Even if they wanted to run, there’s nowhere for them to escape.


However, in such an entirely unfair world, a part of human beings were working hard on the freedom of mermaids.


They advocated equal status and peaceful coexistence between humans and mermaid. They want to find the true meaning of the existence of mermaids. However, these people were just a very small part of the entire human race. Their efforts seemed very insignificant, and they could even get themselves killed.


The male protagonist called Ah Heng was one of these few people. He became a general of the military at the age of twenty-five. He was the youngest general in the military. He was supposed have an infinitely bright future, but he was ruthlessly suppressed after suggesting that mermaids should have freedom and dignity.


But even so, Ah Heng never gave up. What’s sad was that such persistence didn’t bring him any glory. He was afterwards tortured by his colleagues and died young.


After watching the original plot, Su Yu sighed lightly, “it’s also a terrible death this time.”


“Yes…right.” Ball sounded a bit guilty, and after seeing that Su Yu didn’t read any further, it reminded its master host, “master host, do you want to check out the main mission?”


Su Yu looked down, and he felt incredibly speechless. What’s written on the main mission, “let the male lead clean the fish tail for you 100 times, each time increases the male lead’s IQ value by 1%.”


The setting of this mission world was completely different from the previous fairy tale world. In the fairy tale world, it was entirely impossible for two species to do anything that wasn’t supposed to happen.

However, in this mission world, humans can directly get intimate with mermaids, so cleaning fish tails indicated in the main mission was obviously not an innocent matter.


Su Yu glanced at Ball calmly and said in a low voice, “Ball, you’re getting filthier.”


“This, this, this…it’s really nothing to do with me!” Ball felt being misunderstood. Although it actually checked for some information before, it was just the same old innocent and pure Ball.


Su Yu smiled, and when he was about to continue teasing Ball, there was suddenly a gap cracked in the white wall not far away. The gap grew bigger and bigger and finally turned into the shape of a door.


There was no sound in the whole process, but the mermaids in the glass cabinet seemed to be frightened collectively and began to move uneasily.


A middle-aged man in a white coat walked in first, and there was a young man in a military uniform behind him.

Major General, the mermaids here are the best quality in the entire institute. Not only do they look better, their tails are more beautiful, and they have the highest fertility rate.” The middle-aged man introduced with a smile.


The young man behind him took two steps forward, revealing a handsome face with a faint sense of sorrow. His gazed at the glass cabinet dimly, and the mermaids were startled again.


They hid to the bottom of the glass cabinet one after another, shrinking their bodies as much as possible, not wanting to be discovered by anyone.


Ivan retracted his gaze, and said with a little displeasure and contempt, “these mermaids are too timid, right? I only looked at them once and they’re shocked like this already.”


The middle-aged man could only laugh along, “after all, these mermaids have never seen the outside world. It is normal for them to be timid. Also, I am guessing that the major general doesn’t want to bring them out either, right? They’re only tools for reproduction. It matters only that they look good and are obedient.”


“You’re right, the most important thing is to be obedient.” Ivan grinned, and a bloodthirsty light flashed in his eyes.

Just a short sentence made the poor mermaids tremble all over. Every time someone came in, they responded like this, but no one ever understood or pitied them.


These humans only looked at them like picking a product, and each human would take away one of the mermaids every time. They had no idea where those mermaids had gone to, as they only knew that they never came back.


That’s why they were so scared, as they might be the next ones being taken away.


Ivan was of no exception. He was looking at the mermaids in the glass cabinets like products. He looked at them with obvious contempt and intimidation, and he was still muttering to himself, “which one is the cutest and the most obedient?”


When his black army boots stepped on the light-reflecting ground and made a cold sound, it seemed to be stepping on the hearts of the mermaids.

Su Yu looked at Ivan coldly, and Ball had just reminded him that this person was the major general who had adopted the original owner before, and he was also the culprit who tortured the original owner to death.


Su Yu would certainly not let this person go so easily. He was only thinking of how to punish this person.


When Ivan passed in front of him, Su Yu suddenly swam upstream, clasping the edge of the glass cabinet with his white and slender hands, “are you a human?”


Ivan’s icy cold eyes swept over, and after facing Su Yu’s dark and clear eyes and seeing that he didn’t even mean to avoid him, there’s a sense of interest flashing in his eyes, as if he had seen something interesting.


“Yes, I am a human being.” Ivan replied with a smile.


Su Yu blinked, looking very innocent, “then we should be of the same kind?”


“Of course not, you are just human slaves, or a kind of tool for reproduction.” Ivan replied maliciously.


Su Yu was not frightened by Ivan’s words at all, he blinked again, “so are you saying that mermaids are just humans’ slaves?”


“You understand it right, lovely mermaid.” Ivan couldn’t help but smile, but it’s an evil smile.


Su Yu also laughed, and it’s an extremely pure smile, “if all human beings all turn into mermaids, and all mermaids turn into humans, would human beings become the slaves of mermaids then?”

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