Chapter 126


After hearing this, there were finally some subtle changes in Ivan’s expression. His gloomy eyes were fixed at Su Yu. After a long while, he sneered and said, “this is not a bad thought for mermaids, yet it can never be true.”


Su Yu smiled and he looked confident, “people think that a lot of things aren’t possible before they are.”


Ivan finally couldn’t help but glare at Su Yu fiercely. He raised his foot to continue walking forward. Obviously, he didn’t plan to pick this mermaid and take it back like the original plot.


Su Yu was not upset and he seemed to be in a good mood. Although this person was really annoying, Su Yu didn’t care about it for the time being because he was about to be out of luck.


Ivan turned around in front of the rows of glass cabinets, and finally stopped in front of a mermaid with a light green fish tail. He leaned slightly towards the glass cabinet.


The poor little mermaid was trembling with fright and was desperately trying to retract. Unfortunately, there’s limited space inside the glass cabinet, and he couldn’t get away from Ivan’s bloody and brutal gaze.

“Little cutie, what’s your name?” Ivan asked with appreciation while looking at the little mermaid’s scared eyes, curling up the corners of his mouth.


The little mermaid was so scared that he couldn’t even speak, it’s the middle-aged man behind Ivan who opened his mouth finally, “his name is Jones. He is nineteen years old and he is a very obedient and cute mermaid with a fertility rate of 31.5%.”


Ivan chuckled, still facing the little mermaid’s direction, “since you are so obedient today, then I will…”


Before Ivan finished speaking, the entire space suddenly plunged into darkness. What Ivan was going to say also became an unpleasant order, “what happened? Could a stupid mistake like this occur in a mermaid’s institute?”


The middle-aged man didn’t expect to have such a sudden power failure. He wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and said, “I’m really sorry, Major General. This has never happened before. I’ll check immediately what’s going on.”


“Get lost!” From Ivan’s voice, one could tell that he’s really furious. The power’s suddenly off in the institute and it looked as if somebody deliberately made him look like a fool.


The middle-aged man responded and ran away. However, just before he got where he needed to be, the power supply resumed and everything’s clear again.

The middle-aged man murmured to himself, thinking about whether to go over and ask more about the situation, when he suddenly heard a scream from behind him.


That’s the voice of the major general, Ivan!


The middle-aged man’s eyes jumped and he ran back quickly. When he returned to the room of selection of mermaids and checked carefully how Ivan was doing, he couldn’t help but widen his eyes.


He saw that on the white and flawless floor, Ivan was rolling in pain. The most frightening thing was that even though that face was indeed Ivan’s, he actually had a grey fishtail on his body!


The middle-aged man’s forehead was jumping uncontrollably. He wanted to let out a scream to relieve the shock and fear, but his throat seemed to be blocked by something, stopping him completely to make any sound.


At this moment, there’s suddenly a lively voice, “ah, this is so much fun! A human being has turned into a mermaid! It’s only that he’s too ugly and I really don’t want him joining us.”


The middle-aged man looked at Ivan naturally, and saw that the cyan-tailed mermaid, who had spoken before, was looking at him with a smile, and his eyes full of playfulness.

Under such gaze, the middle-aged man finally screamed uncontrollably and fell to the ground while he’s trembling.


By the time other people in the Mermaid Institute came through the monitoring system, the middle-aged man and Ivan had fallen into a coma. One of them was frightened, and the other was tormented by the pain all over the body and thus lost consciousness.


Although the situation in the mermaid selection room was already learned through monitoring, when the staff actually saw the fish tail on Ivan, they were all shocked.


“Dean, this…what should I do?” The staff looked at the dean of the research institute who came with them, looking completely confused.


The dean’s facial expression also said it all, but he couldn’t show his panic at this moment, and he could only scolded the others, “how come you aren’t sending Ivan to the hospital yet? Also, you must keep everything happened today confidential!”


When the staff hurriedly sent Ivan away, the dean then glanced around in the selection room and saw the seemingly smiling eyes of Su Yu.

“Dean, Major General Ivan turned out to be a mermaid. You must be very happy, right?” Su Yu slowly smiled at the dean gently but weirdly, “and because of this, you’ve got a new target for your experiment.”


The dean’s facial expression changed drastically in an instant. He stared at Su Yu for a few seconds, then turned and left in a panic.


The dean of the research institute was not a good person. Not only did he make a big effort to the restriction of the freedom of mermaids, he also opened a research base of mermaids underground in the laboratory. Many of the experiments were aimed at mermaids.


Ivan was tortured to death in the original plot, and he turned out to be the first human becoming a mermaid. The dean would be the second lucky one, as he’s supposed to be a common enemy of all the mermaids.


And this happened late at night on the same day. When Ivan received a comprehensive examination in the hospital and was finally confirmed that his body had completely transformed into a mermaid, lying on his bed tossing and turning, the dean, who couldn’t fall asleep, also let out a miserable cry.


He felt as if his body was being torn by something mercilessly, and endless pain came from all over the body, as if it was completely shattered and reorganized.


And when he finally got rid of this merciless and endless pain, he discovered that his legs had turned into a grey mermaid tail!

The dean of the academy wailed and passed out again.


In the next morning, the nanny at the dean’s house prepared breakfast. After waiting for half an hour and seeing that the dean still hadn’t come down, she took the courage to knock on his door, and she saw the horrible fact of the dean having turned into a mermaid.

In just two days, two people had already turned into mermaids from  human beings. This incident immediately attracted a lot of attention, and someone even announced this online, making it more dramatic.


Some people were shocked and afraid of this, worrying that the same would happen to them, but more people were actually happy to see it happening. After all, there were too few mermaids comparing to the number of human beings, and they were usually military officials with outstanding achievements who could adopt a mermaid. Most ordinary people never had a chance.

Now there were cases of human beings turning into mermaids. Did it mean that this situation would gradually become the norm, and the proportion of mermaids would gradually increase? Wouldn’t more and more people be able to adopt mermaids then?


However, no matter what the public opinion would be, the two affected persons were on the verge of a nervous breakdown.


“It’s impossible! This must be fake! How could I become a mermaid!” After becoming a mermaid and needing a lot of water, Ivan had been put into a big pool. He was roaring furiously while tapping his mermaid, and his eyes were very red.


The medical staff standing by the swimming pool did not know what to say, and they could only tell the results of the physical examination again, “Major General Ivan, according to the results of your physical examination, you are indeed a mermaid now.”


“Impossible! You must be mistaken!” Ivan slapped the pool water again. The splashing pool water wetted the clothes of the people on the shore, but they dared not say anything.


After making a lot of noise, Ivan finally got tired. He lay on his back in the swimming pool and slowly sank into the water. Unexpectedly, a pure and smiling face suddenly appeared in front of his eyes, and that horrifying sentence appeared in his head.


“Then, if all humans become mermaids and all mermaids become humans, will humans also become slaves of mermaids?”

Ivan’s eyes widened in an instant and he floated to the surface of the water. He furiously shouted to the person next to the swimming pool, “it must be the research institute! It must be the research institute who has done something to me. Go and find the dean for me. Go, I want to see him!”


Of course, he would not assume that it’s the unpopular mermaid who’d done this to him, but obviously, he must have heard something from another person to say such a weird thing.


Furthermore, with the level of technology, how could there be a sudden power failure? The situation was so strange that he couldn’t stop from thinking about it.


However, the next moment, the people standing by the pool showed an awkward look at the same time.


“Didn’t you hear what I said? Hurry up and find him. This must be his conspiracy!” Ivan roared again.


The few people by the swimming pool looked at each other, one of them spoke with difficulty, “Major General Ivan, we may not be able to invite the dean, as like you, he also turned into a mermaid last night.”


Ivan’s expression just froze for a few seconds and said with a weird look, “what…what are you talking about?”

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