Chapter 127


When Ah Heng learnt about it, a whole day had already passed. He was reading important documents and his gaze suddenly condensed, and he looked at his subordinate in surprise, “Ivan and the dean of the Mermaid Research Institute turned into mermaids?”


“Yes, Admiral, this happened one day ago. It was Major General Ivan who became a mermaid first. He was selecting an adopted mermaid in the Mermaid Research Institute at that time, and there was suddenly an accident,” his subordinate nodded in detail, “I have figured out a way to retrieve the surveillance video of the Mermaid Research Institute. At that time, the entire Mermaid Research Institute was suddenly out of power. Less than two minutes later, the power supply resumed, but major general Ivan had already become a mermaid.”


Ah Heng put his hands on the table and asked, “then what happened to the dean of the Mermaid Research Institute?”


“He became a mermaid in his home that night. As it is a private residence, we cannot retrieve the surveillance video in the residence for the time being, so we still don’t know exactly how it happened.” The subordinate replied earnestly.


Ah Heng nodded thoughtfully and said in a deep voice, “please follow up on this matter and report to me if there is any progress.”


“Okay,” the subordinate responded. After hesitating for a while, he spoke again, “Admiral, there might be something related to this, yet no one had mentioned it yet.”

“What’s it about?” Ah Heng refocused his attention on the important document in front of him.


The subordinate paused for another two seconds before he spoke again, “before Major General Ivan became a mermaid, and before the power of the Mermaid Research Institute was completely off, a mermaid once said something very strange to him.”


“What did he say?” Ah Heng raised his eyebrows, since mermaids had lived in the institute since young, they were usually timid and they rarely talked to humans.


“His original words are,” his subordinate said word by word, “then if all humans become mermaids and all mermaids become humans, will humans also become slaves of mermaids then?”


After he said so, Ah Heng’s gaze froze. He was silent for a while before he stood up suddenly, “I need to go to the institute.”


When Ah Heng was ready to go, Ball had already reported to its host directly, “master host, the male protagonist is now going to the mermaid research institute. I think he’s going there for you.”

“I see,” Su Yu answered indifferently, then turned to continue to educate other mermaids, “do you think your life is good now? Every day, you can only move around in a small glass container. Even after leaving the institute, you can only live in your feeder’s house. There is absolutely no freedom nor dignity in this life.”


Their gazes were fixed on Su Yu, yet they all looked confused. Never had they heard of anyone saying this before, and they’d never had this thought either.


Weren’t mermaids supposed to reproduce for humans?


Weren’t mermaids supposed to listen to their feeder and be obedient?


Since they were young, it’s the concept being taught. This kind of brainwashing kind of education had already killed their real thoughts long time ago.


Therefore, when they heard Su Yu’s words, they really didn’t know how else to react.


At this time, Su Yu had an indisputable sad feeling, but after realizing that the mermaids had become like this because of humans’ intentional guidance, he felt pitiful for them.


“You should have seen it before. Humans can indeed become mermaids. So, we can speculate that the reverse can also occur.” Su Yu thought for a while before saying so. He didn’t care whether he was making sense, and he just said so with determination, “if you think that humans should be controlling mermaids, then if all humans become mermaids and all mermaids become humans, shouldn’t their roles switch as well?”

The mermaids looked at each other and they thought Su Yu was making sense.


Su Yu continued, “so, as long as we are willing, mermaids can also become leaders and this is reasonable.”


The mermaids looked at each other again and they nodded in agreement.


When Ah Heng came to the Mermaid Research Institute and walked into the selection room, he saw a funny scene of the cyan-tailed mermaid brainwashing the other mermaids.


Therefore, even without watching the surveillance video, Ah Heng knew who’s his target at once.


He walked slowly towards the cute little mermaid with a clear voice. The sound of the army boots was very clear on the ground, but it didn’t seem to attract the little mermaid’s attention.


When he was less than one meter away from the glass cabinet, the cyan-tailed mermaid stopped and looked at him.

“Sir, are you here to pick a mermaid?” Su Yu curled his eyes and smiled happily, “what do you think of me? Although I’m not obedient, I think I’m suitable for you.”


Ah Heng’s deep gaze was fixed on Su Yu, and after a while, he said in a low voice, “since you are neither good-looking nor obedient, how can you be the best for me? Isn’t the Mermaid Research Institute always recommending well-behaved mermaids?”


“What does it have to do with us?” Su Yu blinked innocently and said confidently, “anyway, I think I am the best for you, and of course you must also be the best for me. Don’t you think so?”


“I didn’t think so before,” Ah Heng’s eyes seemed to be a little deeper, “but now, maybe what you said is indeed true.”


Su Yu smiled and corrected him, “it’s certain.”


After hearing these words, there’s a light smile on Ah Heng’s face, “what you’ve said is right.”


“So have you decided to take me home?” Su Yu blinked and looked at Ah Heng.


After a moment of silence, Ah Heng nodded solemnly, “yes, that’s what I’m planning to do.”

In fact, given Ah Heng’s current position in the military department and the credits he had made, he had long been qualified to adopt a mermaid, yet he had never done so.


Ah Heng had always advocated the freedom and equality of mermaids, so even though he knew that he’d treat the mermaid very well after adopting one, he wouldn’t do so.


But at this moment, after seeing this cyan-tailed mermaid, he suddenly felt that if he could adopt a cute mermaid back home, so that the mermaid would feel happy every day when seeing him. It would be a nice feeling.


However, the cute little mermaid quickly gave him a blow, “I’ll be really happy if you can adopt me, yet I fear that I cannot leave with you yet.”


“Why not?” Ah Heng’s smile vanished.


“It’s because I cannot leave the other mermaids behind. They know nothing now and can’t take care of themselves.” Su Yu glanced at other glass cabinets and all those pair of dark eyes looked sorrowful, “they don’t even have an idea of what they can do next.”


Ah Heng had been working hard for the freedom of mermaids, and he’d naturally thought of this problem. There was a very difficult spot on the journey of freedom and dignity of mermaids, and that would be the mermaids themselves.


The saddest thing in this matter was that the mermaids might not fight as hard as expected for freedom, and they might not cherish it either.


He knew that he couldn’t blame the mermaids for this, but this point really made him speechless.


“So what are your plans?” Ah Heng looked at Su Yu deeply.


“I want them to understand their situation and know what their life will be. ” When Su Yu mentioned this, he smiled and patted on his pale chest, “Admiral, please leave these to me.”


Upon hearing this, Ah Heng squinted his eyes, “you know who I am?”


Su Yu blinked, Ah Heng tilted his face and pressed his ears against the wall.


Through a thick glass wall, Su Yu’s thin lips pressed against the ears of Ah Heng, “not only I know about your identity, but I also know what you want and I can help you with it.”


Ah Heng left the glass wall and looked at Su Yu with a confused look. Although he really liked this mermaid, it didn’t mean that he’d automatically trust him without conditions, “how did you know about all these?”


“It’s because of my special identity. In ancient times, the mermaid prince sent me here to rescue the whole mermaid race.” Su Yu lied without changing his facial expression and he even took the settings of the previous mission world as his shield, “that’s why I know a lot of stuff, I even know about two human beings that have turned into mermaids.”


These words sounded like a joke, yet they made Ah Heng’s pupils shrink again. He had countless questions in his mind but he wasn’t sure how to ask.


“Let me tell Admiral the truth. My initial plan here was to turn all humans into mermaids and turn all mermaids into humans. Then, I can torture and punish these humans to the highest extent and I can free the mermaids too.” Speaking of which, Su Yu kept looking at Ah Heng and smiled, “yet I’ve changed my mind.”

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