I’m Scattering IQ to the Protagonist

Chapter 70


Bao Yunzi’s eyes flashed slightly, and he said like a sect leader, “oh? I’m not sure how come the Demon Elder would have this conclusion?”


“My guess is simple. If the clams fight with each other, it’s the fisherman who will be benefited.” Su Yu’s voice was quite plain, without any ups and downs.


Bao Yunzi’s gaze was dim. The three realms co-existed for many years but there had always been issues. As the leader of the Qi Tian sect, he’d foreseen this happening, and he knew that he couldn’t make a conclusion easily for these important matters.


“As I was hearing the story from the Demon Elder, I’m having another guess.” Bao Yunzi stroked his bear and half-squinted his eye, “the clams fight with each other and it’s the fisherman who will be benefited. What if it’s the Demon Elder, yourself, who will be benefited?”


What if it has been the Demon Elder’s plan since the beginning? What if he has first formed an alliance with the cultivators, then with the demon cultivators, before destroying the cultivators? Although it sounded like a crazy idea, it wasn’t  entirely impossible.

After Su Yu heard it, he looked at Bao Yunzi coldly like he was looking at a mentally disabled, “did you really assume that I would be stupid enough to use my demon core as a bargain to plan all this?”


Although the demon core would not endanger his life, for demon cultivators, this is just as important as their lives. Even though they were in the world of demon cultivators, they had to be spiritually connected and they had to be trusting enough to exchange the demon core with each other. Aside from proving how devoted they were, they could also become better in cultivation.


Right now, the demon core of Su Yu was inside the body of Ling Tian. For Su Yu, this already meant a huge risk.


Previously, Bao Yunzi eased his doubt toward Su Yu quickly, and it’s for this reason as well. Someone who would take his demon core to save another person’s life wouldn’t be too evil at all.


Indeed, there were quite a lot of risks. Even for someone who’s good at calculating, he might not take his cultivation level into consideration.


But even if he understood this truth, after Su Yu looked at him disdainfully, Bao Yunzi still felt furious. Obviously, the other person was using a serious tone, then why would he feel stuffed in the chest?


“In spite of this, before we all know what’s happened, what the Demon Elder said was just an empty guess without any basis.” Bao Yunzi heavily snorted.


Su Yu looked at him disdainfully again, “I can see how careful you are, but aren’t you a bit too unattractive acting this way? If you aren’t brave enough and you aren’t willing to eliminate the risks for Ling Tian, then please let me take Ling Tian back to the world of demon cultivators, and no one will have any more ideas on him or make decisions for him.”


After Su Yu finished, Ling Tian pulled him, “master, take me back to the world of demon cultivators!”


Bao Yunzi was so angry that his eyes became wide open, he said roughly, “who told you that I’ve stopped caring about Ling Tian? I am only planning to investigate more thoroughly before making any decisions!”


“However, I don’t know how long it’ll take you to investigate?” Su Yu hadn’t realized that he’s been too bullying, and he continued asking without any facial expression.


Ling Tian also looked at Bao Yunzi very distrustfully, and Bao Yunzi lost his temper for a moment, he directly replied, “in ten days, I must finish this investigation!”


Actually, the equipment’s validity would have expired after ten days. And Ling Tian would then be able to prove what he’d said. Su Yu thought for a while and agreed, “then I will give you ten days’ time.”


Bao Yunzi felt stuffed again. He was only going to investigate for his disciple, how come it turned out that he’s given 10 days’ time by the world of demon cultivators?


“Before finding out the truth, I’d recommend the Demon Elder to be more careful. You’d better not disturb Ling Tian again.” Bao Yunzi was so furious and he sent Su Yu away.


Although Su Yu looked cold and arrogant, he was pretty thick-skinned, “then please arrange proper accommodation for me. However, Ling Tian and I have very close master-and-disciple relationship. I will still have to visit him from time to time, so thank you for your understanding.”


The implication was that –  I was planning to stay with Ling Tian, but since you said that, then I had to give in, but this is the only condition that I’ll accept. If you stop me from seeing Ling Tian altogether, that’s not possible.


Ling Tian refused, he grabbed Su Yu’s hand and frowned, “why can’t Master stay with me? He’s not going to hurt me!”


His disciple never gave him face, it almost made Bao Yunzi incredibly explode, “you’ve lost your memory and you can’t tell whether a person is good or bad to you, so how can you be sure that he’s not planning something else?”


“Master is very nice to me, he will never hurt me!” Ling Tian was defending Su Yu with determination.


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