Su Yu looked very comfortable on the side, but Bao Yunzi was boiling side, “all in all, before I know what had happened, you can’t stay with him!”


Ling Tian was still going to say something, but Su Yu patted his arm and comforted him, “don’t object him anymore, he’s just trying to arrange the best for you.”


Since Su Yu said so, Ling Tian could only let go of Su Yu’s hand, “then, if Master has the time again, you have to come see me.”


“No doubt about that.” Su Yu smiled at Ling Tian and said goodbye to Bao Yunzi who’s still furious.


When Bao Yunzi walked next to Su Yu, he felt even angrier. Also, he felt strongly insecure – how come he felt that something odd was going on between the Demon Elder and his eldest disciple?


After that, Su Yu successfully entered the gate of Qi Tian and there would be someone serving him everywhere. The only disadvantage was that whenever he wanted to look for his lover, someone would follow him. He couldn’t really be himself and he found that a big pity.


Three days had passed, and Su Yu brought someone with him to see Ling Tian again. This time, Ling Tian didn’t welcome him happily, he was staying in the house alone.


Su Yu raised his eyebrow. Without thinking too much, he stepped into the house and saw Ling Tian sitting on the side of the couch. Su Yu asked softly, “what is Ling Tian here thinking?”


Ling Tian looked at Su Yu and fixed his gaze at the disciple of Qi Tian standing behind Su Yu, “please wait outside. I have something to tell Master.”


The disciple hesitated for a while. Ling Tian slightly frowned, “I’ll explain to your Master, just wait outside.”


Even though he had lost his memory, the identity of Ling Tian’s eldest disciple was still very intimidating. The disciple who had followed no longer hesitated and he retreated with respect.


Su Yu listened to Ling Tian’s words, only to realize that something was wrong. He asked quietly, “has Ling Tian already recalled what happened?”


While he was saying so, Su Yu dragged Round Ball in, “what is it all about? It seems that Ling Tian has regained his memory, and I think he’s also regained the memory that he’d lost the first time.”


Round Ball searched for some information quickly but it could give a not-so-reliable assumption, “I guess that when the protagonist lost his memory, there was an interaction with the props. And that’s why we are seeing this result. Anyway, it’s also a good one, the host doesn’t have to think of alternatives to help him get back his memory.”


When it was about to finish, Round Ball’s voice had become so low. Actually, it also couldn’t convince itself. It really isn’t nice to people that the props have become invalid earlier than expected.


Su Yu helplessly glared at the unreliable Round Ball. Before he could even scold it, Ling Tian said, “why is Master standing so far away? Come over here and I’ll explain to you.”

Su Yu suddenly had an uncomfortable feeling, but he also believed that Ling Tian wouldn’t harm him even if he’d regained his memory. He walked over without worries and sat next to Ling Tian, “Ling Tian wants to tell Master…um!”


Just when Su Yu started talking, he was dragged by Ling Tian who pulled his Master into his arms. It was a flirtatious position.


Su Yu looked confused and he blinked, “Ling Tian, what are you doing?”


Although it was a nice position, wasn’t it too surprising?


Ling Tian lowered his head and looked at Su Yu, one of his hand was wrapping his waist and the other one was playing with the hair in front of Su Yu’s forehead, “isn’t Master quite sure of what disciple is going to do? Or Master has forgotten what he’s said?”


What Ling Tian was doing now really didn’t match his previous personality. This made Su Yu somewhat cautious. He wanted to sit in Ling Tian’s arms but Ling Tian was strongly pressing down his waist. Su Yu couldn’t help but start getting more serious, “Ling Tian, let Master get up first.”


“And what if disciple refuses?” Ling Tian looked at Su Yu in a serious manner, there was a hint of sorrow in his dark, deep eyes, “is Master going to push disciple away and leave straightly?”


Su Yu despised how Ling Tian changed his facial expression, but he was also reluctant to let go of his lover. He patted Ling Tian’s back of his hand and he tried to sound as soft as possible, “Ling Tian, since you’ve already regained your previous memory, you can tell Master what’s on your mind. I will not keep a distance from you or leave you for that.”


He was thinking that his lover had become so strange, and it might be because he now realized that he’d already had a master before, and he’s now worried that his master would leave him.


Ling Tian asked him suddenly, “no matter what happens, Master will not leave his disciple, right?”


“Of course, hasn’t Master already promised you that?” Su Yu nodded gently and tried to get up. This time, Ling Tian wasn’t grabbing his hand so firmly anymore, and Su Yu breathed a sigh of relief.


However, when he tried to get up from Ling Tian, he suddenly grabbed Su Yu’s waist and dragged him onto his bed.


Su Yu was completely dumbfounded. When he realized what had happened, he was already pressed against by Ling Tian. Su Yu avoided his gaze and asked, “Ling Tian, what are you going to do?”


“Didn’t Master previously suggest that you’d cultivate together with his disciple?” Ling Tian slowly pressed his body against Su Yu and he breathed out warm air on Su Yu’s face. Then, he twitched his mouth and his eyes flashed, “now, disciple is ready.”


Su Yu opened his eyes widely. When he was going to say something, Ling Tian already lowered his head and kissed Su Yu’s lips directly. He had stopped Su Yu from talking.


It was sunny outside, and it was full of intimacy in the room…



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