Chapter 71 Part 1


Seven days later, Bo Yunzi finally found some interesting points to discuss with Su Yu. When the time came, what he received was an odd look from the disciple he’d sent to supervise Su Yu, and this vague statement, “Sir, since he went to seek out Big Brother seven days ago, he never appeared again.”


Bo Yunzi hesitated, then his eyebrows shot up. “Not even once?”


“Indeed. I was going to report this, but since you’d been busy with investigations I was worried about disturbing you.” The problem was that when anything went wrong, even knowing it wouldn’t help change it.


Bo Yunzi’s expression darkened. He stood up to head toward where Lin Tian lived, but was blocked outside by a barrier. Su Yu had constructed it with his spiritual energy, and it would take quite a bit of energy to break down, plus it wouldn’t be subtle.


Just when Bo Yunzi was sulking about whether he should wait for a while or just use violence to solve his issues, the demon and human in the household had sensed his arrival.


Su Yu blinked, his eyes flushing red and misty, his lazy charm suffusing his voice, “Should we block your master outside?”


After seven days and nights of messing around, although Su Yu wasn’t physically uncomfortable (and had in fact seen a boost to his skills), he was on the verge of melting into a puddle because of his lover. Seemed like those from the fantasy world just lasted longer.


If it weren’t the last day of their ten day promise, Lin Tian might not have even stopped.


One hand serving as Su Yu’s pillow, Lin Tian’s other hand slowly massaged his waist, his expression satisfied like he was about to ascend to godhood.


Hearing Su Yu’s slightly hoarse voice, Lin Tian stole a kiss from him. “What does Master think?”


Su Yu glared at him. Beforehand Lin Tian had always called him Master with a tone much different from usual (i.e. super sexy). Now hearing these words made his buttocks clench.


“I’m not responsible for this. This is your problem, so you should be the one to take care of it.” Su Yu looked away, his neck with faint red marks visible to Lin Tian.


Lin Tian’s Adam’s Apple moved as he chuckled. “Master was the one who said he was going to practice with his disciples, and that’s why they said yes. How did this turn into the disciple’s fault?”


So Lin Tian had heard what he said back then. Su Yu felt an emptiness in his heart. The reason why he’d allowed Lin Tian to do anything he wanted with him was partially because of this too. If that weren’t the case, he would’ve come up with some kind of little trick to play things up.


But this time it was him digging his own grave. Thinking about how long Lin Tian had “tortured” him, Su Yu couldn’t help but start thinking naughty thoughts again. He turned his head, eyes narrowed. “You’re right. It was my own calculations that led me here. So shall we continue?”


A big white fluffy tail extended from behind him, curling around Lin Tian’s waist and rubbing against him.


Lin Tian’s gaze became complicated. His hand, which had been resting on Su Yu’s hips, moved toward the tail, petting the snow white fur. Seeing his lover so proactive made him want to express his own passions. Unfortunately with the sect leader at the door, they didn’t have time for another seven days and nights.


Unable to help himself, Lin Tian played with Su Yu’s big tail for a while before sighing, suppressing his urges and reaching out to scratch the root of the tail. “Master, you’re quite naughty.”


Su Yu shuddered at his sensitive spot being touched like this. His eyes seemed even more misty as his tail recoiled. He glared at Lin Tian, “You’re the real bad egg here!”


His sassy, sexy demeanor made Lin Tian want to go even less. If Bo Yunzi hadn’t already been messing around outside he might just have jumped on again.


The whole while when they were flirting, Bo Yunzi was prepared to lose his temper. Just the thought that his eldest disciple and the Demon Elder were staying inside for seven days and seven nights with a barrier in place, and the memory of the two holding hands that day made him so angry he was almost ready to blow up this yard.


His beloved disciple seduced by the Demon Elder, all this happening in the Qi Tian gate? This was just outright ridiculous!


In a fit of rage, Bo Yunzi was about to attack the barrier when he saw a white silhouette flash from the house, moving before him. Now he was even angrier, because his own disciple stood before him with a smug expression. Clearly the Demon Elder had already been using him for his own gain!


Before he could blow up, Lin Tian had knelt before him. “Greetings, Master.”


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