Chapter 71 Part 2

Hearing this was enough to choke Bo Yunzi’s angry shouts back. He hesitated, saying with a complicated expression, “Lin Tian, have you managed to recover your memories yet?”


“Yes. I’ve remembered things from the past now.” Lin Tian gazed up at him and said this with a serious expression.


Bo Yunzi sighed, guiding him to his feet. He was of course happy to see his eldest disciple back to normal again, although recalling that he’d been taken advantage of by an old demon made him quite outraged once again. But Lin Tian once again didn’t give him the chance to speak first.


“Master, I have something to say to you. Perhaps we should go to your dwellings to discuss?”


Bo Yunzi hummed. “What, can we not discuss right here?”


“Because Ma…the Demon Elder is resting, I don’t want to disturb him. ” Lin Tian almost called Su Yu Master, but decided to change the wording right when he was about to say it.


Compared to being master and student, Lin Tian wanted to be Su Yu’s companion. The title of “Master” was something he only wanted to use in bed. Most of the time he wanted to say his name directly, a name that only he knew. On the other hand, he didn’t want to further aggravate Bo Yunzi, who already looked like he was going to explode.


Bo Yunzi glanced into the yard. So the Demon Elder hadn’t taken advantage of his disciple, but had been taken advantage of by his disciple?


This made him feel a little better, but then he slapped himself back to consciousness. This was something both parties consented to anyways, so there was no talk of getting taken advantage of. Either way, that old demon was here preying on his young disciple!


Seeing Bo Yunzi’s emotional turmoil, Lin Tian hurriedly spoke. “Master, what I have to tell you is important.”


Only then did Bo Yunzi grunt and walk away, swishing his sleeves. Glancing back toward the yard, Lin Tian departed with him.


When the two of them sat down, Lin Tian related the story of how he was looped in by Mo Han, accidentally entered the Demon Realm, and was saved by Su Yu and made his disciple. “If the Demon Elder hadn’t saved me, I might have had a chance to see you again, Master, nor would I be able to achieve my current level of abilities.”


Bo Yunzi’s face was positively ashen. He only knew Mo Han wasn’t much of a good character, but had never expected him to actively harm his fellow disciples. What a monster!


His expression only started to lighten up by Lin Tian’s final line. “I understand your debt of gratitude to the Demon Elder. You should repay him, but you shouldn’t have…”


He didn’t finish his sentence, but the meaning behind it was clear. He honestly didn’t dislike Su Yu. It’s just that when his own disciple had lost his memories, it almost felt dishonest to have this kind of relation with him, almost like he was forcing him to express his gratitude.


Lin Tian pressed his lips together, kneeling before him again. “Master, I really do like him. It’s not just displaying my gratitude.”


“But you just recovered your memory…” Bo Yunzi frowned.


“I recovered my memories seven days ago. I only stayed with the Demon Elder after I regained my memories,” Lin Tian explained seriously.


Yet when he said this, Bo Yunzi’s forehead veins began to throb. So when his own disciple recovered his memories, the first thing he did wasn’t tell his Master, but start rolling around with the Demon Elder?


Bo Yunzi never thought that “forgetting your master for a lover” would happen, especially not to his most introverted, steadyfast disciple!


Obviously Lin Tian had thought of this too. His eyes flashing, he lowered his head. “I couldn’t control myself, that’s why…I must ask for your forgiveness.”


Seeing his respectful demeanor, Bo Yunzi only wanted to banish him. He glared at him with a weird look on his face for a while before finally speaking. “I can’t control you now. You should just go looking for your Demon Elder again!”


“Master, I really am sorry. What the Demon Elder and I have is due to our genuine feelings for each other. Please let us be partners.” Lin Tian lowered his head even more.


“Even if I say yes, we’ll have to see if he agrees. Perhaps he only wants a demon companion?” Bo Yunzi said coldly, expressing his own distaste clearly.


Hearing what he said, Lin Tian understood that although he was being mean, he was implicitly allowing it to happen. He smiled. “Thank you Master, for allowing this!”


Feeling embarrassed, Bo Yunzi decided not to respond to this. “You should go back to your Demon Elder and see if he can rest up. He’s an elder, after all, and shouldn’t be neglecting his duties just for pleasure.”


Lin Tian’s smile grew even wider when he heard this. After bidding his master farewell, he headed back to his own dwelling.


Seeing his own disciple walk away, Bo Yunzi said in a sour tone, “Hmph. He really did forget about his master for the sake of a lover.”

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