Chapter 72 Part 1


When Ling Tian returned to his own dwelling, Su Yu had already gotten dressed and was sitting in the yard. Only his long black hair was scattered about, giving him this lazy look. Glancing at his hips, Ling Tian had this odd itchy feeling in his heart. “Yu, why don’t you rest up a bit more?”


Hearing Ling Tian call him a different name, Su Yu raised his eyebrows but didn’t comment on the fact, only answering, “Wasn’t your master hurrying to see me? I don’t know what he’s found out over the past few days.”


Thinking that his master had been busy with investigations while he had been languishing in the lap of pleasure made Ling Tian’s ears turn red. He coughed drily, “Master did want to talk to you, but if you’re still feeling unwell, we can schedule for another time.”


If Bo Yunzi were here to hear him say this, he’d probably be blowing off his cap again.


“We just trained for a few days, why would I be unwell?” Su Yu glanced at Ling Tian, a half smile curving his lips, while he stood up and walked outside.


In this kind of world, what they had been doing did indeed count as a form of training.


Now that he was being teased by Su Yu, Ling Tian could feel the heat on the tips of his ears, to the point where his breathing was becoming disturbed. He hurriedly calmed himself, following Su Yu.


When he finally arrived at Bo Yunzi’s dwelling, Su Yu sat down with the same proud, cold disposition. “It’s the end of the ten day period. Have you found anything?”


“Before we discuss this, do you care to disclose what’s been happening between you and my eldest disciple?” Although he was already being forced to accept this whole situation, Bo Yunzi was still a little huffy when he actually met Su Yu.


His beloved disciple had run away with an old demon!


Su Yu’s expression didn’t even change as he continued to regard Bo Yunzi, only saying, “Ling Tian and I are together. I’m sure you already know this?”


“Hmph, I really wish I didn’t know this!” Bo Yunzi made another sassy sound. Within a single day he’d probably managed to use up five thousand years’ worth of his tsundere attitude.


Su Yu continued more directly, “If you already know about it, is there really anything for me to discuss?”


“You!” Bo Yunzi was defeated by Su Yu’s shameless expressionless act. “Ling Tian is my disciple!”


Su Yu raised his eyebrows as he continued without much intonation. “So what you’re saying is that as master, you’re allowed to comment on your disciple’s private matters? If that’s the case, we do come from different worlds. Although I accepted Ling Tian as disciple without knowing the situation, I never dreamt of interfering with his private affairs.”


Bo Yunzi was so infuriated by this that he couldn’t even speak. Was this really the legendary serious, forthright Demon Elder? Why did he feel like he was just a shameless snake, the kind with a really bad disposition?


Seeing Su Yu’s cold expression, Ling Tian was exasperated but also couldn’t help but laugh. “Master, Yu is just joking with you. Didn’t you already allow our relationship? Why are you bringing it up again?”


Seeing his own disciple lean toward the other side so happily, Bo Yunzi felt his heart shatter even more, but he also knew he shouldn’t say anything else. If he really caused his disciple’s romantic connection to just run off like that then he’d really have to hold himself responsible.


“Hmph, not like I really care about what you’re doing!” After that final effort, Bo Yunzi pulled the topic back to where it started. “I’ve investigated the recent movements within the Demon World. The Devilish Elder has been staying in the palace, not going anywhere else.”


Bo Yunzi paused, casting a suspicious look at Su Yu. Su Yu’s expression still didn’t change. “Are you still suspecting me to this day?”


“Of course not.” Bo Yunzi looked away and continued seriously, “That being said, there are still many Demonic Cultivators moving through the cultivator’s and demon world. More importantly, beforehand I cleared out the Qi Tian sect and found several possessed disciples. Although none of them were high level, it’s clear to see the demon world’s ambitions.”


“I’m glad you were able to find out this much,” Su Yu still didn’t react much, just nodding.


Bo Yunzi was about to sass him out again, but held back. “This is enough to prove that there’s movement in the demon world, but not to pin it on the Devilish Elder.”

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