Chapter 72 Part 2


“If we can’t figure it out yet, then let’s wait. I’m not afraid that the demon world will bring disaster to the beast demon cultivation world. After all, beast demon cultivation has never been as united as the cultivation world. Unless I die, nothing much will happen.” Su Yu seemed completely nonchalant. “In terms of the cultivation world, there are many sects and it’s quite messy. I won’t speak too much on this.”


This reminded Bo Yunzi. Although right now in their sect only a few more outsider disciples had been possessed, what about other sects? Even if other sects couldn’t compete with them, if there was drama with other sects it was still going to be quite an impact to the cultivation world.


He thought about it seriously, then said in a low voice. “Thanks for your reminder. I will go and investigate this.”


“No need to thank me. I’m just telling the truth. With so many rules in the Taoist cultivation world, it’s hard to manage.” Su Yu stood up. “You shouldn’t have much more to say, right? Then I’ll be returning with Ling Tian.”


Ling Tian stood up too, preparing to bid farewell to Bo Yunzi.


Seeing how much his eldest disciple cared for the demon elder, Bo Yunzi was quite bothered. With a frown, he escorted the two out.


After returning to their dwelling, Ling Tian finally asked Su Yu, “If the Devilish Elder really intended to harm the Beast Demon World and the Taoist Cultivation World, what will you do?”


“I don’t really care about anyone scheming against the Beast Demon World, but if they dare scheme against you, I plan on repaying them in kind.” Su Yu laid down, his eyes narrowed.


Ling Tian felt his heart leap. Smiling, he approached Su Yu, inhaling the refreshing scent of his hair. “Yu, you are so good to me.”


The corners of Su Yu’s lips curved up. He was just about to ask Ling Tian to massage his waist, when Ling Tian spoke, “Yu, can you let me touch your tail? Your tail is nice and long, I like it a lot.”


Looking up, Su Yu noticed Ling Tian’s eyes were almost turning green in how hard they were looking at his back. He asked with a smile, “You really want to see my tail?”


“Of course.” Ling Tian’s hand caressed Su Yu’s hips, his gaze never leaving his back, waiting for the fluffy tail to emerge and tickle his hand.


“All right then,” Su Yu agreed to it a little hesitantly. Just when Ling Tian was preparing his hand to stroke his tail, a snow white fox suddenly appeared in his arms.


It was an extremely luxurious nine-tailed fox, dark eyes filled with a deep wicked humor. He flickered the tail behind his body. “I was afraid one tail wouldn’t be enough for you, so I decided to turn back into my original form so you can pick any tail. How about it? Am I good to you or not?”


With a weird look on his face, Ling Tian held him in his arms, exasperated. What could he do about his lover’s sense of humor? He stroked his lover’s soft hair, nodding. “Mm, you’re too kind to me.”


Perhaps because of how comfortable it was, Su Yu fell asleep in his embrace. When he’d confirmed his lover was asleep, Ling Tian set him down gently and turned around to go look for Bo Yunzi.


Beforehand when Su Yu was there, Ling Tian had something he couldn’t say to Bo Yunzi. “Master, if this is really related to the Devilish Elder, how do you plan to handle it?”


Sipping his tea, Bo Yunzi said with a serious expression, “If there’s trouble amidst the three worlds, countless innocent people will be affected.”


Implied in what he was saying was that they needed to avoid any situation where the three worlds would be at odds with each other, or the whole thing might blow up.


Ling Tian frowned. “But if he really intended to unite three worlds, even if you don’t do anything, the three worlds will erupt in violence. He should be punished for having this intent.”


“Ling Tian, I recall you as being steadfast. This doesn’t seem like something you would suggest.” Bo Yunzi put his cup down and looked at him.


Ling Tian met his gaze without fear. “After everything I’ve been through, I have indeed changed. Good and evil should be clear cut in cultivation, we can’t just indiscriminately love everyone. There’s good among the Taoists, demons, beast demons. All the same there is evil among the Taoists, demons, beast demons.”


Bo Yunzi went quiet at this. After a while, he sighed lightly. “You might be right there. I’ll think more closely on it.”


“If that’s the case, then I will retreat again.” Ling Tian lowered his gaze and departed. Only when he stepped out did he sigh.


If his lover were willing to confront the Devilish Elder for his sake, he wouldn’t back down either. But recalling how he was nearly possessed and might even fight his lover made him fearful.

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