Chapter 73 Part 1


As a matter of fact, ever since he began to suspect this was the Devilish Elder’s plot, Su Yu had ordered the ball to supervise his actions. Surprisingly enough, this whole period of time the Devilish Elder merely remained in the palace, training and cultivating, without paying any heed to earthly matters.


Did he already know his plan was exposed and didn’t dare make a move, or was there some other plot within this action?


Su Yu had no understanding toward this Devilish Elder, who originally never showed up in the script, so he couldn’t even make the judgement call on what kind of style this person operated from. But with no movement after so long, it was abnormal.


Because of how odd this was, Su Yu ordered the ball to also supervise the Qi Tian sect, especially whether or not strangers were entering or leaving the Qi Tian gate.


Originally this was just a cautionary tactic, but within a few days he managed to find something.


“Master, I’ve found that the vice sect leader has been acting oddly.” The ball reported its findings with Su Yu, “This person’s original characterization is as a quiet, rule-abiding cultivator, but recently he made an exception and took in a disciple without much potential who accompanies him for learning purposes. It’s quite abnormal.”


“Didn’t Bo Yunzi already clear the whole Qi Tian sect? What did he find?” Su Yu asked, his brow arched. There was a cup of tea in his hands made from the tea leaves Ling Tian had given him, and it was quite fragrant.


The ball shook. “Nothing. I investigated too. Neither of them seem to be possessed. Other than being at odds with their characterization these few days, nothing else is happening.”


“Did his new disciple appear in the original plot?” Su Yu asked slowly, sipping on his tea.


“I didn’t find any results, which means he probably didn’t appear.” The ball kept swaying from side to side.


“If there’s really something wrong with them, it will show up. Just keep watching.” Saying this, Su Yu saw Ling Tian approaching with a little box in his hands. He glanced at the ball. “Okay, you can leave now.”


“…” Originally the ball was planning to ask for credit, but its master was forcing it to leave heartlessly. Buzzing in a melancholy tone, it flew away.


Ling Tian entered, passing the box to Su Yu with a smile. “This is for you, Yu. Take a look and see if you like it.”


Su Yu raised his eyebrow, accepting the box so he could take a look. When he opened it up there was a red fruit inside. Pinching it between his fingers, he studied it but didn’t find much of note. “What is this?”


“It’s something good. Yu, once you taste it you’ll understand.” Ling Tian was still all smiles, but there was a flash of green light in his eyes.


Su Yu glanced at Ling Tian. Was his lover scheming against him? According to their original characterizations, he should be the one who was doing that.


Seeing Su Yu hesitate, Ling Tian made a sad face. “Yu, are you suspicious of me? It took me a lot of work to find this thing, it’s definitely good for you.”


Thinking about it, Su Yu decided that even if his lover was trying some trick, he wouldn’t truly hurt him. He put the fruit in his mouth.


It was as large as a grape, sweet and sour with an unfamiliar taste. When he put it into his mouth it melted on his tongue immediately. A warmth opened up within his body, flowing throughout his veins.


Only then did Su Yu open his eyes wider, looking at Ling Tian. “This is a fruit that increases cultivation skills?”


Among medicines there were some that could boost cultivation, but this fruit felt different. Not only did it seem to increase cultivation levels far beyond any normal medicine, the warmth didn’t vanish, instead swimming through his body, boosting his cultivation for more than a little while.


“Indeed. I know your cultivation skills were already beyond my level, but I still wanted to gift you this item.” Ling Tian grinned. “How do you feel?”


“It feels nice. Thank you for…” Su Yu smiled back. He hadn’t finished his sentence when he felt the warmth congregate in an unspeakable part of his body. Even the color of his face changed then. “Why do I feel a bit odd?”


That’s why Ling Tian’s expression looked odd. Su Yu looked at Ling Tian with a weird look on his face, not really knowing what to do.


“Oh, I forgot to tell you, Yu. This fruit is amazing, but it also has some inappropriate uses. When consumed, it triggers your…” Ling Tian embraced him, his hand moving underneath his clothes. “I thought it was a good opportunity to try if this fruit had the rumored effect on cultivation. What do you think, Yu?”


Su Yu glared at Ling Tian mistily. What could he do? The arrow was perched on the bow, and he couldn’t hold back.

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