Chapter 73 Part 2


“Well then, you’ll have to take care of me.” Su Yu leapt on top of Ling Tian, his foxy eyes filled with a seductive look.


Although that was the look on his face, what he was thinking was: after this double cultivation, I’ll let you experience what it feels like to have to withhold your urges.


Of course Ling Tian didn’t know what Su Yu was thinking. Eyes lighting up, he embraced him, stripping away his robes…


This double cultivation took them another few days and nights. When Su Yu finally recovered from the intense feeling, he couldn’t help but kick at Ling Tian.


Taking the opportunity, Ling Tian grabbed him by the foot, kissing him on the ankle. “What, are you unhappy with my services? Please tell me what you don’t like. I’ll do my best to change.”


Su Yu’s eyes were red, his voice hoarse. “If you could disappear before me, I would be a bit happier.”


Knowing he had gone overboard this time, Ling Tian helped him massage his waist with a gentle smile, throwing a soft blanket over him and leaving.


Ling Tian had just left when the ball emerged again. “Sir, I have important discoveries!”


Yawning, Su Yu gazed at it from his narrowed eyes. “What is it?”


“The vice sect leader I was telling you about from before and his new disciple.” Finally being able to bring actual investigative results made the ball happy enough to leap off the ground. “The new disciple is from the demon cultivation world, and he’s cultivated the skills of possession!”


“If he really is someone from the demon cultivation world, how is it possible that he wasn’t discovered?” Su Yu’s attitude became serious. This person had popped up before Bo Yunzi investigated the Qi Tian sect. If there were really something wrong with him, how would Bo Yunzi not find out?


But another thought leapt into his mind just as quickly. It would be easy enough for a vice sect leader to protect his own disciples.


“We can’t really blame Bo Yunzi for not finding out. This person doesn’t have any aura of demon cultivation, and looks completely normal. Perhaps he used some method of disguising his identity?” The ball ventured a guess.


Su Yu nodded. “Keep watching them, then. I’ll report this to Ling Tian and Bo Yunzi.”


“Master, you have to be careful too. There are too many plots in the cultivation world.” The ball was spitting out words cautioning its master, even as it shone with the greediness of wanting its master to reward it.


Su Yu didn’t know how he could tell from just the flashing of its colors, but he could. “Good job, keep up the good work.”


“Don’t worry, Master, I will work even harder!” Spinning around, the ball turned pink.


Su Yu’s thoughts had returned to the topic at hand. Devilish Elder, who was shutting himself up indoors and just cultivating in an uncharacteristic way, a disciple who appeared in the Taoist cultivation realm but knew the art of possession. How could he process this situation for it to make more sense?


Right now Su Yu actually had a bold idea, but he had no evidence to back things up quite yet. In this world, thousands of years were only the flick of a finger, so he didn’t mind waiting. Plus, he had more responsibilities to attend to.


Speaking of which, he’d let Ling Tian “torture” him for so long, and Ling Tian’s intelligence had only increased 0.2%. The stupid numbers were simply exasperating.


Sleeping for a while, he managed to recover his strength so he could go and find Bo Yunzi. Conveniently enough, Ling Tian was already with him as well. Opening his mouth, Su Yu got straight to the point. “As the sect leader of Qi Tian Sect, I think you should be more careful. If someone schemes against you then you might not be able to keep your position.”


Bo Yunzi frowned, already accustomed to Su Yu’s sarcasm. “What do you mean by that?”


“Has your vice sect leader taken in a new disciple recently? Are you aware of this man’s background, or his reasons for appearing here?” While he was speaking, Ling Tian moved closer and started to help massage his back and shoulders.


Just watching this made Bo Yunzi a little miffed, so he had to look away. “I will get to the bottom of this as soon as possible, thank you for letting me know. What happened for you to suspect this person?”


“Nothing really. I’m a little smarter, so I think more about these things.” Su Yu leaned against Ling Tian. Although he’d made up his mind that he wouldn’t be working on tasks in the main storyline, he still intended to enjoy himself.


“Understood!” Bo Yunzi stood up angrily, unable to stand being poked fun at again. He didn’t want to see these two ever again!


After a few steps, he realized an issue. Why was he the one walking out in anger when this was his dwelling?

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