75 Part 1

Scattering IQ Chapter 75


When he heard this, Luo Shang knew what Su Yu was planning. He was going to pretend he’d never met him before, so what he had said was completely impossible. How could he expect that Su Yu would do this?


Hearing what Su Yu said, everyone looked at Luo Shang more suspiciously. Could he really be lying?



“Are you joking, Demon Elder?” Luo Shang’s heart sunk, but on the surface he frowned in confusion. “Earlier we met in the bamboo forest, and you injured me. It’s only been a while since then. Could you have forgotten me? Or are you planning on denying the whole thing?”


Su Yu still looked at him with a blank face, only his brows furrowing slightly. “I’ve been in Ling Tian’s dwelling the whole day, when have I gone to the bamboo forest? What do you mean, denying? As for your wound…”


He let his eyes drift over his wound. “If I’m not wrong, your wound came from a sword. I’m a beast demon cultivator. I’ve never used a sword before.”


Now Luo Shang understood why he didn’t dodge or attack when he attacked earlier, instead using his sword against him. Could he have sensed his plan even then?


Thinking of this, Luo Shang’s eyes flashed. If he knew this man was so difficult to deal with, he wouldn’t have acted so rashly!


Now that it had already happened, regretting would do no good, and changing his tune would only make things worse. The only way to stay in the clear was to persist.


Fixing his gaze, Luo Shang clenched his jaw. “Have you forgotten that you took my sword from me and turned it against me?”


“I really don’t remember that at all,” Su Yu responded openly. “Although I don’t understand why you intend to slander me like this, but if you’re intent on doing so you should at least bring some convincing proof. Spouting off like this is meaningless. Although I’m a guest to the Qi Tian sect, I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to be wasting my time with a nameless disciple.”


“If you’re not willing to admit to it, I won’t be able to force you to speak,” Luo Shang said, turning his head toward Bo Yunzi while he knelt on the floor with a determined expression. “If that’s the case, I can only plead our sect leader to investigate this incident and defend me.”


Not many people usually took the path between Ling Tian’s dwelling into the bamboo forest, but since the distance was significant at least one person was bound to have seen him walk through. This was Luo Shang’s final hope now.


Su Yu’s expression didn’t change. “Then I’ll also have to burden you to prove my innocence, although it means nothing to me.”


In other words, Su Yu was Demon Elder and had no reason to take this people seriously. Even if they thought worse of him, what could they do?


Bo Yunzi was annoyed at Su Yu’s obnoxious attitude, but could only keep his disapproval bottled up. “I’ll investigate the matter. Please wait here, Demon Elder. As for you, Luo Shang, take care of your wounds first.”


“Thank you, Sect Leader. I’ll go for healing now.” Luo Shang responded respectfully, moving off to the side.


Su Yu was dragged to the side by Ling Tian to play chess and chat. Because they were still in public, Ling Tian didn’t ask him what had happened, only entertaining him while teaching him how to play.


No matter what had happened, he would stand by Yu’s side.


Seeing his own eldest disciple transform from his impatient, ruthless stance to teaching someone else with gentle patience, Bo Yunzi felt quite insulted. Not interested in seeing more, he decided to just leave and depart for his own chamber.


As a matter of fact, Su Yu had been seen by several people while heading to the bamboo forest, but he wasn’t worried about it.


For one, these people were only passing through by chance, and would be more time-consuming to track down for investigative purposes; second, Su Yu had already prepared for this situation, so he wasn’t worried.


As for his preparation…with a black chess piece in his hand, Su Yu glanced casually outside, the corners of his mouth rising. Seemed like it was here.


Right now, Ling Tian was completely engrossed in observing Su Yu. His hands were already flawless, and now contrasted against the black chess piece they were like white jade. He was tempted to taste them and see if they were really warm as jade, or perhaps like snow that would melt against his tongue.


Just when his Adam’s apple moved and he reached out for that lovely hand, a serious voice came from outside. “I heard my disciple was wounded by someone. Has there been investigation into this matter yet?”


The person arriving was Qi Tian sect’s vice sect leader. Clearly he’d heard about what happened in the bamboo forest and showed up accordingly. The one who had informed him was none other than Su Yu.


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