75 Part 2

More accurately, Su Yu used his tools for “short term human memory editing” to fill him in on what happened. But that clearly wasn’t the only thing he had changed in his memory.


With no idea that his memories had been edited, the vice sect leader walked into the hall with a cold expression right to Luo Shang. Seeing his master, Luo Shang was about to stand when his master put a hand on his shoulder. “Your health is more important, don’t bother with salutations.”


Only then did Luo Shang settle down, his expression apologetic. “I was careless and got injured. It’s my fault for making Master worry.”


“If there’s anyone to blame, it’s the one who wounded you. How could I blame you for this?” The vice sect leader’s displeased gaze drifted toward Su Yu, almost like he had already made up his mind that this was the person who had injured Luo Shang.


Meeting his cold gaze, Su Yu rose slowly, putting his chess piece. Putting his unprofessional thoughts aside, Ling Tian stood by Su Yu and spoke up. “Sir, why do you gaze at the Demon Elder like this? Your disciple chose to slander the Demon Elder, who’s the innocent party in this whole affair.”


“We haven’t yet uncovered the truth, yet here you are defending an outsider. Did your master instruct you to handle affairs like this?” The vice sect leader’s expression was very authoritative.


Ling Tian didn’t flinch. “Good that you recall this matter is not settled yet. Seeing the way you looked at the Demon Elder, I was certain you were about to give him a sentencing right here. As for how my master might instruct me, perhaps you should spend more time thinking on how you taught Luo Shang to become a man who would taint others’ reputations even if it meant wounding himself.”


“Disrespect!” The vice sect leader was always a rule abider, and he couldn’t help but rage at this. “In my opinion you’ve been ruined by the Demon Elder to disrespect your elders like this!”


Ling Tian was just about to retort when Bo Yunzi walked out. He waved his hand, “Let’s stop fighting. The truth hasn’t surfaced yet, so let’s wait for the results of the investigations before saying anything.”


“What do you mean by this? Would Luo Shang really hurt himself just to accuse an outsider?” The vice sect leader said in a cold voice.


Ling Tian couldn’t tolerate anyone speaking against Su Yu. “You really are a joker, sir. Luo Shang was injured by his own sword, with no sign of the Demon Elder’s work on his body. How did you come to the conclusion that this had anything to do with the Demon Elder? The Demon Elder is my companion, the person who will accompany me for the rest of my life. I don’t want to hear you describe him as an outsider!”


His eyes wide with anger, the vice sect leader hadn’t managed to open his mouth when Su Yu spoke up. “Ling Tian, you’re wrong about one thing.”


Ling Tian felt a thump in his chest. The two of them hadn’t confirmed their relationship officially yet, but Ling Tian had been thinking this for a long time now. Did Yu not recognize him yet?


He glanced at Su Yu, almost panicking. Holding his gaze with a smile, Su Yu responded syllable by syllable. “Our companionship isn’t for the rest of this life. It’s for every life we live.”


Hearing the first half of the sentence was enough to bring Ling Tian’s heart up in panic and fear. But when he finally finished his sentence, his heart came to a rest, crashing into a honey pot of sweetness.


So sweet he almost winced, so happy he could barely hold it in.


“Yu, you’re right. We’ll be companions for this life and the next.” Getting excited, Ling Tian even called him by the pet name they used in private. Thankfully, Su Yu didn’t bother to respond strongly to this.


The vice sect leader seemed wounded by this, his expression turning ugly. “What are you doing in public?”


“Are there rules that companions can’t speak of love in public?” Su Yu glanced at the man. Since he could conclude this man wouldn’t have a great outcome in this whole situation, he would hold back on saying truly nasty things to him. “If you aren’t participating, please stop saying meaningless things right now.”


The vice sect leader was almost choking to the point of rage when Bo Yunzi interrupted him. “We’re still investigating, so please stay patient. I’m sure the truth will emerge soon.”


With a snort, the vice sect leader glared at Su Yu again. “So what are you investigating right now? Any progress?”


“Beforehand Luo Shang claims he saw the Demon Elder in the bamboo forest, while the Demon Elder says he stayed in Ling Tian’s yard. Right now we’re looking into this. If anyone has seen the Demon Elder outside, then…” Bo Yunzi was explaining patiently, but he was only halfway through his sentence when the vice sect leader interrupted him.


“So as long as someone has seen the Demon Elder outside, that proves he’s lying?” He glared at Su Yu, speaking sarcastically, “I’ve seen him outside. I can prove he’s the one lying, and that he’s the one who wounded Luo Shang.”



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