76 Part 1

Su Yu’s eyebrow shot up. “Where did you encounter me?”


“Fifteen minutes ago. I encountered the Demon Elder when I was returning to my dwellings. Have you forgotten?” The vice sect leader said without hesitation.


Hearing this, Luo Shang and the other disciples who he’d encountered near the bamboo forest wore a strange expression on their faces. But before they could express their feelings, Su Yu was forging forward with another question, “You’re sure it was fifteen minutes ago when you encountered me, not half an hour or an hour ago?”


“I would not misremember something like that,” The vice sect leader snorted, speaking with complete self-assurance, “If you’re asking me, are you trying to deny your involvement? Just admit that you were the one to wound my disciple.”


A rare smile emerged on Su Yu’s face, but there was an obvious sarcasm in his expression. “You’ve misjudged me. The reason why I wanted to ask again to make sure you were the one to say that you met me fifteen minutes ago around your dwelling.”


“So what?” The vice sect leader hadn’t realized where the problem was.


“Nothing. I was just asking.” Su Yu was in a good mood, so he didn’t bother to roast him. Soon enough someone else would help him do this.


The person who stood up to speak for him first was of course Ling Tian, who had always been on his side. “If I remember correctly, Luo Shang claims he was wounded fifteen minutes ago. In that case, did the Demon Elder somehow appear in two different locations at once?”


Lowering his head, Luo Shang felt his heart growing heavier. He really didn’t understand why his master would say something like this in the first place. Of course his master wouldn’t stand on the Demon Elder’s side, but he also wasn’t the type to lie blindly to help him. So what in the world was going on?


The vice sect leader hadn’t been expecting this either, but he clearly remembered having seen the Demon Elder fifteen minutes ago. Had Luo Shang been lying?


His heart sank, but it clearly wasn’t the time to ask about this. If Luo Shang was truly lying, he was still dedicated to helping him round out his lies.


“Hmph, is that anything noteworthy? Even with only a few moments of rest, the Demon Elder could most likely teleport between locations quickly with his skill.” He continued to say with a calm expression.


Ling Tian snorted, speaking with exasperation. “If you’re going to force the matter, I have nothing to say. Without any evidence, you’re pinning this whole ordeal on the Demon Elder. Even your disciple has nothing to say. If his master is just going to cover for him like this, perhaps he has no reason to speak.”


“Insolence! How dare you talk to me like this!” The vice sect leader glared, speaking in a scathing tone.


Ling Tian wasn’t intimidated at all. His expression was calm, while his tone was cold. “No need to use your position against me. This matter concerns the Demon Elder and our sect, meaning it also affects the relationship between the beast demon cultivation world and the Taoist cultivation world. If Luo Shang can’t produce evidence, I’m suspicious that he injured himself on purpose to frame the Demon Elder so he could damage the relationship between the two worlds.”


“Interesting indeed. I don’t recall encountering either of you, yet you both claim to have seen me at the same time. Perhaps one of your memories is faulty?” Su Yu raised his brow, delivering this reminder to Ling Tian.


Time was almost up. If they kept going on like this, the disciple they sent out to investigate might be returning soon. Su Yu intended to release his finishing move.


Ling Tian’s eyes flashed as he understood his meaning. “Beforehand, when Master was investigating our sect he didn’t interrogate you, did he? You are our vice sect leader, a man with a great deal of influence over Qi Tian sect, and this kind of investigation can be quite sensitive. What do you think of that? Of course, if there’s something you can’t discuss here because of its secretive nature, I have no place to force you to disclose.”


“Are you suspecting me of being possessed as well?!” The vice sect leader almost leapt up in anger. He had come here to defend his disciple, not expecting that he would become entangled in this affair as well.


Su Yu’s expression didn’t change, although in his heart he was chortling at how stupid this guy was to even speak the word “possessed”. Sure did save him the trouble of insinuating or implicating.


“I wouldn’t dare.” Although he said this, Ling Tian didn’t flinch from meeting the vice sect leader’s gaze, clearly not seeing any issue with confrontation.


Bo Yunzi had been quiet for a while, but after glancing at Su Yu he finally opened his mouth. “Ling Tian’s reminder isn’t wrong. I did indeed overlook you when investigating our sect.”


“Are even you suspecting me?” The vice sect leader’s eyes bulged as he looked at Bo Yunzi, completely shocked. Unfortunately his wrinkles made this look quite menacing on his face.


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