76 Part 2



Chapter 76


“Please don’t misunderstand me, my brother. You and I are in the same boat in this scenario. If either of us has some kind of issue, the whole sect will be affected.” Bo Yunzi explained.


Seeing how far he was willing to go, the vice sect leader knew that if he didn’t agree he would seem far more suspicious. The only thing he could do was snort and say, “In that case, I can’t argue against you. Please do discipline your disciples when the results of this investigation emerge. He is rude, unbefitting of our sect.”


“What a funny thing for you to say. Compared to Ling Tian, you are far more rude and ill-intentioned. Are you really trying to sway us with only your position and age?” Su Yu piled on ruthlessly. He and Ling Tian’s established characters were supposed to be completely in favor of each other. If someone were to lash out against his lover right in front of him, he would naturally return the favor. “On that topic, since you’re going to talk after all: what then, if there is something wrong with you?”


“There won’t be!” The vice sect leader turned his nose up at the mere suggestion.


“You’re a little too confident, aren’t you?” Su Yu was looking forward to this guy getting what was coming to him. “If you don’t think you’re relying on your position to get by, then please apologize to Ling Tian if something goes wrong later on in the investigation. How about that?”


This time he only received a snort in response.


After that, Bo Yunzi ordered someone to bring the crystal which tested people for being possessed. Most people who were possessed would have a demonic aura.


The first to be examined was Bo Yunzi. Naturally there was nothing wrong with him. Afterwards, the vice sect leader gripped the crystal. Before he activated his abilities, he glared at Su Yu as if to incite him. The next moment, he was immediately proven wrong.


The moment he activated his power, black wisps began to emanate from the crystal. He immediately loosened his hand. Since the crystal resisted demonic energy, it had attempted to counterattack him.


“How is this possible?!” The vice sect leader was more shocked than anyone else. How could he have a demonic aura?


Everyone else around, including Luo Shang, was similarly shocked. Su Yu was the only one who remained completely calm. Since he had planned this from the beginning, there was nothing to be surprised about.


Bo Yunzi watched the whole thing unfold uneasily. He had a premonition that this whole thing was related to Su Yu somehow, that he’d somehow found out beforehand and taken the opportunity to expose it. What he hadn’t thought of was that Su Yu had planned for this conclusion from the beginning.


How had Su Yu done it? He’d used his memory editing tool and asked the ball to put a small portion of possession energy inside of the vice sect leader, creating the illusion that he’d been possessed.


With technology, everything supernatural was nothing more than an illusion.


“What did I just say?” Su Yu looked at the crystal lying on the floor, his brows arched. “If you really have demonic energies, then you owe Ling Tian a heartfelt apology. Do you still remember?”


The vice sect leader was about to go insane. Who’d remember something tiny like that in a time like this? If your life was threatened, would you still remember a coin you lost when you were five?


“How can this be possible? How can I have been possessed? It can’t be!” Other than meaninglessly denying the whole thing, the vice sect leader was in too much shock for any sort of real response.


Luo Shang was shocked too. How could his master have been possessed? Who had done this? Within the Qi Tian sect, was there another individual from the demonic cultivation realm?


Ling Tian didn’t know how his lover had created this scene, but now that it was happening he understood that his role was to play along perfectly. He chuckled coldly. “You just swore up and down that nothing was wrong with you. I can understand that. But now that the results are out in front of everyone, you’re still trying to deny it? Are you treating us like idiots? I don’t even need you to apologize to me now. What I care more about is when you were possessed and who did it. Although I’m guessing you’ll be hard-pressed to answer these questions right now.”


Ling Tian’s gaze drifted purposefully toward Luo Shang. “Beforehand when Luo Shang was slandering the Demon Elder, you mentioned something about the demonic cultivation world. At the time I thought you were spouting nonsense. Now I see this might have some truth.”


“I have no relation to the demonic cultivation realm!” Luo Shang denied it fervently even as his heart began to wander with confusion. What was going on? How did things get to this? Who was planning this?


His eyes landed on Su Yu. If he was the one planning everything, who could this man be? How would he know his identity? And how did he cause his master to be possessed?


Had he also calculated their encounter in the bamboo forest? How was it possible no one else saw him?


That was when the disciple who was investigating this matter walked in. Seeing the atmosphere in the room, he hesitated before speaking, “Sect leader, I have found out what you ordered me to look into.”


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