Chapter 77 Part 1


Before Bo Yunzi could react, Su Yu spoke up first. “You’re too slow. We’ve already reached the bottom of things and don’t need your report.”


He couldn’t let this guy finish or the whole thing would be revealed.


“But…” The disciple was hesitant. After all, he’d found proof that the Demon Elder was lying.


Bo Yunzi glanced at Su Yu, then waved his sleeve. “I’ve already reached a conclusion. You can leave now.”


The disciple, who’d showed up for nothing, could only swallow his words and depart silently. He had the feeling that not reporting his findings would have a drastic effect on the whole ordeal, but since his sect leader had issued him an order he had no choice but to obey.


After driving out the only potential threat to him, Su Yu’s brows relaxed. Now he could use his finishing move. As someone who loved to toy with his prey, how could he not find some amusement in the whole thing?


Watching the vice sect leader continue to deny everything, he smiled. “To think that the Qi Tian sect’s vice sect leader could have been possessed without even realizing is quite a miracle. But who knows who might have done this?”


In that moment, the vice sect leader’s expression froze, soon to be replaced by shock and disbelief. He remembered! He knew how he was possessed. But why…why did he do it?!


Su Yu watched his expression change with a cheery disposition. Recalling the effects of his memory editing drug, his mood was brightening up even more.


A tool that could edit its target’s memories in the short term, only costing him 100 IQ points. It was positively a bargain. Thanks to the whole IQ system, and thanks to the adorable little ball.


When Su Yu used this tool, he’d designed the whole drama of master vs. disciple, but the timing was important. If the vice sect leader immediately realized he was being used by Luo Shang, the rest of it would be more difficult to set up.


That’s why Su Yu added a reminder element. Only certain words would trigger certain memories, and he had just spoken the keyword to trigger those memories.



Sneaky as it was, this was the truth.


His memories triggered, the vice sect leader looked toward Luo Shang, in disbelief that he would do something like this but also clear with the knowledge it had to have been him. Seeing his expression was confusing to Luo Shang too. Why was he looking at him like this? Had he uncovered his true purpose already? But nothing had happened just now!


The vice sect leader took a few breaths, his face red with anger until he erupted, “You bastard! I trained you with all my heart, and you play me like this, you’re just…”


He pointed at Luo Shang with a trembling finger, too angry to even come up with words to describe the situation.


These words pointed directly at Luo Shang. Under everyone’s gaze, Luo Shang’s expression was quite ugly. “Master, what are you talking about? I would never betray you. Could it be…?”


“Shut up!” In anger and disappointment, the vice sect leader struck Luo Shang in the chest, sending him flying into a pillar nearby. “I really did believe you beforehand, that you’d ended your demonic ways and were willing to change for the better. And you…you’d even betray your own father!”


What? Weren’t these two just master and disciple? How come they were father and sun? He hadn’t edited these memories. What a cheesy twist.


Su Yu was basically spectating right now, gossiping to himself. If Luo Shang was really his son, it would explain why exactly he’d take him as disciple against all odds and instruct him so thoroughly.


Judging from what the vice sect leader had just said, Su Yu could basically imagine what kind of cheesy plot had led up to this point.


When the vice sect leader was young, he was a charming, romantic young man. In those years he managed to connect with a young woman from the demonic cultivation world, their love eventually producing a child. But at that point he must have realized he could no longer maintain ties with the demonic cultivation world, therefore abandoning his lover and returning to the Taoist cultivation world.


Although this woman was hurt by such a heartless abandonment, she still had the child and worked her hardest to raise him as the Devilish Elder of the demonic world.


Years later, this child finally grew up. Full of hatred for the man who abandoned him and his mother, he trained hard at cultivation, coming up with a plot that could destroy the Taoist cultivation and beast demon cultivation realm alike. Under the guise of abandoning evil, he approached his father and used him to unite the three realms.


What a stupid cheesy story. Why did the drama within a single family have to involve the whole cultivation world? At least leave the beast demon cultivation realm out of it.


Finishing his thoughts, Su Yu clapped his hands. “So you’re father and son as well as master and disciple. How amusing.”


Bo Yunzi wore a serious expression too. “Brother, what has happened here?”


The vice sect leader had come back to himself, realizing he’d been fooled thoroughly by his son. With that in mind, he no longer had any intent to conceal things.


“Forgive me, sect leader. This is the result of my own mistake many years ago. Only a fool would court a demonic woman…”


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