Chapter 77 Part 2

He seemed embarrassed by the cliche plotlines that had happened to him, so he could only summarize it with a complicated expression. “He found me some days ago, bringing a present I’d given his mother years ago and telling me he had changed for the better, breaking off the demonic source in his body in favor of Taoist cultivation. Recalling my own connection with his mother and seeing he had no demonic energies left in his body, I took him as disciple, but who knew…he’s just scamming me so he could betray me!”


“Master, I really haven’t!” His identity revealed and with everyone around looking at him with disgust and caution, Luo Shang could only shake his head with a pale, frantic continence. “Master…Father! You have to believe me! I’ve really changed. I didn’t use possession at all!”


Beforehand the vice sect leader had indeed trusted Luo Shang above anyone else in the room, but that was with the condition that he stay obedient and good. Now he was more willing to trust his own memories. Although he had no idea why he’d suddenly remember it, now that the memories were so vivid in his mind he had no reason to distrust them.


“Shut up! You think that I’ll still trust you, after everything that you’ve done?” The vice sect leader had always been a rule-abiding man. The only times he’d even broken rules were for his son and his lover. They were stains in his otherwise completely spotless life.


His disgust only became more intense. “From today onwards, you’re no longer my son. You have nothing to do with me. As for what I’ve taught you, I’ll take it all back!”


With that, he acted to destroy Luo Shang’s cultivation. If he didn’t fight back now, he would really be an idiot. Seeing that the vice sect leader was determined, not even giving him a chance to argue, Luo Shang understood there was no grounds for turning back on this.


No longer feigning injury, he dodged the attacks with agility, clenching his jaw. “Father, you abandoned my mother first. Now do you intend to destroy even your own son?”


“Shut up! If it weren’t for you and your mother getting involved with my affairs, my reputation wouldn’t have suffered this damage in the first place!” The vice sect leader saw himself as the true victim here. What he did in the past was in the past: after all, who hadn’t been young and foolish before?


But this time he had let his son stay by his side with hopes to heal the ills of the past. Yet his son only did so to betray him. Just thinking about him made him dizzy with anger.


The conversation exhausted, the father and son began to clash in public. Luo Shang was still holding back at first, trying to make things up with conciliatory words. But seeing that the vice sect leader had no intention of slowing down and was striving to kill, he had to release the cultivation he’d been suppressing for so long.


Seeing the intense demonic energy filling up the hall, everyone watching finally believed he was a demonic cultivator. Just the thought that they’d interacted with him was frightening. If he had chosen to possess any of them, their lives would be over!


Su Yu was watching, still amused. The father and son didn’t let him down, even after trading for tools to use in this situation.


“Yu, stand back. I don’t want you to be injured by them.” Hands around Su Yu’s shoulders, Ling Tian stepped back. He could already tell the vice sect leader couldn’t compete with Luo Shang, and was cautious Luo Shang would make an attempt on Su Yu’s life.


Su Yu tilted his head and laughed. “Don’t worry. He’s still far from matching up to me.”


Even if Luo Shang was the true Devilish Elder he still wasn’t powerful enough. After all, he’d already reached heavenly cultivation.


Most likely in the original plot, if Luo Shang hadn’t used Ling Tian to confront the original protagonist, he would still be no match for him. After all, now in the three worlds, the original protagonist was the only one who had successfully migrated.


The vice sect leader had originally started combat with Luo Shang in an attempt to erase his past failures. What he didn’t expect was how powerful Luo Shang was, to the point where even he couldn’t match him!


Although he was embarrassed, his life was most important. After sensing this, he backed down, standing behind Bo Yunzi and saying in a low voice, “Brother, I don’t think I can compete with him.”


Bo Yunzi’s expression was serious too. Although the vice sect leader had many personal problems, in terms of skill he was just a notch lower than himself. If even he couldn’t hold his own against Luo Shang, it wasn’t hard to tell who exactly Luo Shang might be.


Judging from what had just happened, Bo Yunzi couldn’t say that even he would be able to fight Luo Shang. But this was the Qi Tian sect, and the Devilish Elder was already here. If he backed down now, it wasn’t just his own reputation he was risking.


Just when Bo Yunzi took a deep breath and prepared to step up and fight, he saw a white silhouette approach from the corner of his eye. Turning his head, he found the Demon Elder there.


Su Yu stepped up, looking at Luo Shang, who now wore a wicked expression. “Let me handle him.”


Any degenerate who was trying to mess with his lover had to go down. Plus, it was a rare chance for him to flex on everyone. How could he miss the opportunity?

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