78 Part 1


Chapter 78


When Luo Shang’s gaze landed on Su Yu, it became even more dark. “Are you determined to keep poking into my family matters, Demon Elder?”

At this point, Luo Shang had no plans to continue concealing his true identity. There was no point in doing so.


“I really have no interest in doing so. But if I’m not misremembering, you seem to have schemed against Ling Tian.” Although most antagonists died from monologuing too much, Su Yu was the main character now. Talking too much was just his way of flexing. “I’m quite petty, so I have to repay you when I get the opportunity.”


Just recalling that everything that went down before was because of this person, Luo Shang almost wanted to rend him apart. He gnashed his teeth together. “We’ll see if the Demon Elder has that power!”


He didn’t believe that a Demon Elder without his demonic medicine could do anything against him!


Luo Shang’s body transformed into a dark mist, attacking Su Yu. Su Yu’s wide sleeves twitched, his fingers weaving an invisible barrier around him. When the black mist bumped into it, it rippled apart around him.


In that moment, Su Yu’s body shone with a gentle, distant light, glimmering with pinpoints of bright gold.


Everyone watching was dumbfounded. Were they hallucinating? How could they have seen the aura of someone rising to the level of heavenly cultivation?


Even Bo Yunzi couldn’t conceal his shock. Had the Demon Elder turned into a heavenly spirit?


Failing his first attack, Luo Shang took a few steps, turning back into a human. He was shocked to see the scene before him as well. Had he underestimated the Demon Elder?


Immediately he realized that with his current abilities, he was no match for Su Yu. He’d always been flexible, never too attached to the fight. Before he could find the chance to flee, his body was immobilized, almost like thousands of tiny ropes were restraining him.



How was this possible?


With his cultivation, no one could restrain him so easily! Luo Shang’s eyes went wide with disbelief.


No matter how much he wanted to deny it, his current situation told him everything he needed to know. He couldn’t move at all, and was completely vulnerable!


“Shocked?” Su Yu’s gaze was cold and proud. “Your cultivation is nothing to me. Your little tricks are nothing more than a clown’s entertainment.”


Trying his best, Luo Shang couldn’t budge a step. Clenching his jaw, he said, “Let go of me!”


“Let go? I don’t think so.” Su Yu stroked his spotless sleeves. His blank face only accentuated his lack of mercy. “Before I even bring up the matter of you disrespecting me, you dared involve Ling Tian in your plots. I can’t spare you now.”


Luo Shang was used to pretending he was a man of average abilities, but it was the first time he was really being tied up like this without being able to fight back. His shock and anger was far more uncomfortable than the actual bindings themselves.


But he was still a man above men. Although his heart was snarling with anger, on the surface he feigned anger in being misunderstood. “I’m sure the Demon Elder understands everything else. But I have to say I never had ill thoughts about Ling Tian. Perhaps you’re misunderstanding?”


“I speak only so you know why you’re being tortured right now. I have no intentions of listening to you.” Su Yu’s gaze swept over Luo Shang. His fingertips twitched, ready to remove his cultivation. “Without your cultivation, you definitely won’t have any further ill thoughts about Ling Tian.”


Luo Shang didn’t even have time to say more before the sudden pain spiking throughout this body made him shout. A thin layer of cold sweat broke out on his pale face. “S-stop! Ahh…”


The Qi Tian sect’s disciples felt a chill down their spines just watching this scene unfold.


Su Yu’s expression was still calm. Even his movements were slow and deliberate, like he wasn’t even listening to Luo Shang’s screams.


When Luo Shang’s cultivation was finally gone, he finally said, “How does it feel to have your cultivation laid to waste?”


“Demon Elder, damn you to hell!” After intense pain, Luo Shang gradually recovered, glaring at Su Yu with murderous intent.


“Seems like this punishment is still too light for you,” Su Yu’s eyebrows rose slightly. After a pause, he opened his mouth. “I recall you swearing you’d broken off your demonic roots and come to the good side. In that case, I can help you with your cause.”


Luo Shang’s eyes went wide, his voice fearful. “You can’t do this!”


If his cultivation was taken away, he could always train once more to regain his powers. But if his demonic roots were severed, he would never be able to become the Devilish Elder again!


In his flustered state, he was ready to abandon his pride for a chance at mercy. Su Yu didn’t even give him the chance. A string of energy shot through his body, flowing through his veins and entering his stomach, uprooting the demonic energy in his body without a trace.


He cried out, his whole body convulsing uncontrollably. Su Yu had really done it!


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