78 Part 2

The demonic energy leaked out of him like a pierced balloon. In a few seconds, there was nothing left.


Full of hatred, Luo Shang’s eyes had turned red. “Demon Elder, how dare you!”


But right now he was completely at the mercy of others. Even if he were to rage, it would be nothing more than words that would do nothing to change his sad state.


“You still have the strength to speak? Seems like the punishment still isn’t enough.” Su Yu smiled, but there was no warmth in his eyes. “What should the next punishment be? Your life, or destroying your nerves?”


The moment he said this, Luo Shang’s demeanor transformed completely, his gaze dropping and his lips trembling. “No! Please don’t, you’ve already destroyed my demonic roots. Don’t destroy my energy core (dan tian) too!”


As a combination between cultivators and demonic cultivators, Luo Shang carried within him both a regular energy core and also demonic roots. If his demonic roots were destroyed he would suffer, but if even his energy core were gone, he’d be no better than dead.


“I’m sorry, I can’t say yes to that request.” Su Yu raised his hand slowly. He was about to act when a bolt of energy shot at him, interrupting him.


Turning his head, Su Yu saw the vice sect leader glaring at him. He was the person who had acted.


“Do you have anything to say?” Su Yu put his hands down, standing with special flair.


The vice sect leader stepped up, pointing his finger at him. “You’ve already uprooted his demonic roots. Why do you have to completely ruin him? What cruel methods!”


He hadn’t finished his sentence when he drew his hand back suddenly. “Demon Elder, you dare wound me?”


“I just don’t like being instructed,” Su Yu withdrew his hand as well. “At the same time, I don’t like it when people doubt my decisions. If you don’t want to turn out like your son, please shut up.”


“You, you!” The vice sect leader’s hand was hurting, and his expression contorted. “How could you be so cruel?”


“I just am. What do you plan to do about it?” Raising his chin, Su Yu looked down at him.


Surprised by Su Yu’s straightforwardness and fearful of his strength, the vice sect leader turned toward Ling Tian. “Shouldn’t you be convincing the Demon Elder not to take things too far?”


Ling Tian had just been watching his lover play it cool. Even when he heard the man’s words, he still didn’t want to tear his eyes away from Su Yu. “The Demon Elder is extracting justice on my behalf, and I can’t interfere with that even if I wished to. As a matter of fact, it makes me quite happy.”


Ling Tian was overjoyed by how cool his lover was, to the point he wanted to drag him off for more double cultivation.


Choked by Ling Tian’s words, the vice sect leader’s whole face looked dark. “Both of you…have no shame!”


After sharing a gentle gaze, the lovers looked at him, their eyes turning icy. “I don’t want to listen to nonsense from unrelated parties. But if you’ve opened your mouth, I’ll give you a chance. If you want to help your son, be brave and step up in his place. Then I’ll let him be. If you want to keep running off your mouth, I’m not against the idea of both of you suffering.”


“Father, save me!” Luo Shang didn’t want to give up this final chance.


Clearly the vice sect leader was going to disappoint him. His face turned blue, then white, struggling for a long time. Finally he didn’t come up with any words, only flicking his sleeves angrily to walk outside, trying to preserve his final bit of dignity.


But he’d barely taken a step when Su Yu spoke coldly. “Before this is resolved, no one is allowed to leave, or something unpredictable may happen.”


The vice sect leader felt like smoke was about to start issuing from the top of his head. But considering what Su Yu had just said, he didn’t dare open his mouth. The only thing he could do in that moment was cast a pleading gaze in Bo Yunzi’s direction. Bo Yunzi, however, had assumed the guise of meditating, clearly not intending to interfere. The vice sect leader was so angry he was about to pass out, but he could only suffer through it.


Finally, without further interference Su Yu destroyed Luo Shang’s energy core, disrupting the flow of his veins. In Luo Shang’s limp cries, this whole thing concluded.


“We’ve finished here. Everyone, at ease please.” Su Yu’s tone was so calm it sounded like he had just taken a water break.


Everyone present wore a faceful of confusion. They were terrified out of their minds.


Without even looking around him, Ling Tian walked straight up to Su Yu, embracing him by the waist. “Yu, you’ve done so much for me. How should I pay you back?”


“I didn’t plan to ask you for anything.” Su Yu was in a good mood now.


The corners of Ling Tian’s lips curved upwards, his eyes glowing. “How could that be? How about…I serve as your present?”

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