79 Part 1



Chapter 79


By the time Su Yu was pulled into doing a heap of “main missions” and finally clambered up from the bed, it was already several days later. After a few days, it was quite nice to see the light of day again.


At this point the true Devilish Elder was pretty much handled by Su Yu. Luo Shang’s substitute was still quietly training in the demon palace. Even if he wanted to stir something up, he wouldn’t be able to find a good enough cause.


The demon cultivation world and the beast demon cultivation world were quite similar in terms of rules. For Luo Shang, who’d already become completely useless, no demonic cultivator would be willing to take vengeance on his behalf, especially if the person who’d done it was a Demon Elder at a heavenly level.


As such, the whole thing was over. Whether or not there would be more chaos within the three worlds, it wouldn’t be an issue until someone else reached a heavenly level of cultivation as well.


After finishing up the plotline and resolving potential issues, right now the only thing left for Su Yu to do was to continue with the slow main mission. But after being “trained” by Ling Tian for several days and nights, he didn’t have much motivation to continue working on it right away.


So instead he went back to the beast demon cultivation world on his own.


Su Yu’s plans were going quite swimmingly. Ling Tian was the Qi Tian sect’s main disciple. Now he’d recovered his memories, he couldn’t just chase after him recklessly. Even if it wasn’t a long-term plan, it was still enough to buy him a break.


But who knew that after three days, when he was turning to wake up, he immediately looked into those deep, loving eyes.


“Yu, you’re awake?” Ling Tian’s fingers stroked against his cheek slowly, his voice gentle. “Well then, as a master you should have enough energy for double cultivation training?”


Once again, Ling Tian jumped on him again. Double cultivation was an arduous matter, clearly unachievable in under ten days.


When Su Yu succeeded in leaving the bed, putting his robes on, he swore he would never come to a world with this kind of setup again. Although double cultivation wasn’t uncomfortable (it was actually enduring and stimulating), but no one could handle so many days of it in a row!


Years after that, Su Yu still couldn’t escape Ling Tian. It had been too long to remember when the main mission finally crawled to 100% completion.


“Congratulations, Master. You’ve finally finished this world’s main mission and have obtained 1000 points of IQ as a reward. At the same time,” Seeing Su Yu awake, the ball spoke quickly, “I have big news for you!”


Su Yu turned around in bed, his body still carrying the scent of double cultivation. “What is it?”


“Because you’ve completed four task worlds’ main missions, the system has issued a very humane special reward. Starting from this world, you’ll be able to choose any item from your current world and put it into storage to carry to the next world.” The ball introduced the reward with even more enthusiasm than Su Yu. “You’ll be able to use it in any next world. Isn’t that great?”


Su Yu’s eyes flashed. It did sound quite nice. “There’s no limit at all?”


“Well…every world has different rules, so every item’s effects will adjust accordingly. It’s quite customized.” Noticing Su Yu’s displeased gaze, the ball swayed as it explained, “Master, don’t be angry. This is only to prevent a big shift in the task world so it won’t affect the task too much.”


In other words, although you can carry something from one world into another, its existence still needed to follow the rules of the current realm. If you carried pills with magical properties from cultivators into the modern world, it might become a regular health-enhancing medicine, making it far less useful.


Su Yu rubbed his forehead. He knew the ball was too unreliable to bring some kind of dependable reward.


“Well…honestly it’s a pretty good reward. Who knows, maybe it’ll be able to be really helpful someday!” The ball kept saying, his voice uncertain. At the end of the sentence, he was barely audible.


Su Yu wasn’t going to say more on the topic. Even if it wasn’t very useful, it was better than nothing and cost him no IQ. It couldn’t be bad.


Plus, some things required scheming. Like for this reward: if you brought pills from the cultivators’ world into the modern society it wouldn’t be useful. But what about a beast world, western fantasy world, or even an apocalypse scenario?


Even if you had to obey the current world’s rules, those magical elixirs could be of use.


“Starting from this world, I’ll be able to use this reward?” Su Yu’s gaze shifted, asking calmly.


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