79 Part 2

The ball nodded. “Of course. What do you want to bring to the next world?”


“Elixirs.” Su Yu said slowly.


The ball hesitated, finally saying with a blank expression. “Master, that’s not an item, it’s a category of items.”


It was still a high intelligence system! Even if it wasn’t educated, it still had plenty of intel in its database? Master can’t bully it like this!


“From my point of view, alchemic medicines are an item.” Su Yu said seriously, beginning his trend of bullying the ball again.


Probably from experience of being bullied by its master, the ball struggled for a while and admitted defeat even though it didn’t agree. “All right, Master. Whatever you say.”


How could it argue against such a strong-willed host? It was on the verge of a breakdown!


“How about the apocalypse for the next world.” Su Yu said.


Still hemming and hawing, the ball searched for an apocalypse world. Just when it was about to prompt Su Yu to select a quest, he spoke quickly first, “Let’s not do quests, I think they’re a little against me right now.”


From household manager of the inner palace to fox spirit, he was so exhausted by this path. Why was his luck always so terrible?


“Master, do you not plan to continue with quests?” The ball asked a little sadly. Although system currency wasn’t as valuable as IQ points, they could still exchange tools.


Su Yu twitched his finger. “Select a quest at random.”


If his luck was still terrible in a random choice circumstance, then clearly it wasn’t just a simple matter of luck anymore.


“Okay.” The ball quickly selected the next world and Su Yu’s role. But before it could explain, Ling Tian walked in. It could only disappear, so it wouldn’t accidentally see anything rated R. It was so young and innocent after all.


“Yu, you’re awake?” Ling Tian walked to the bedside, his expression gentle.


Su Yu yawned, speaking lazily. “Ling Tian, if one day I were gone, what would you do?”


It sounded like a serious question, but Su Yu was really only curious. If just like the worlds from beforehand a life was only a hundred years, he was willing to wait it out.


But this was the world of cultivators, so even a thousand year lifespan was not unheard of. Thinking about having to double cultivate for thousands of years made him a little uncomfortable.


Hearing this, Ling Tian frowned, speaking almost angrily. “Why would you ask me this, Yu? Your demon essence is with me, so if you’re gone I’ll be gone too.”


Of course. Su Yu sighed. Seemed like his mission from now on was changing from working hard at double cultivation to escaping double cultivation. What a tragedy.


“Nothing, just asking.” Su Yu threw his hands up, smiling in exasperation.


Ling Tian took it seriously, grabbing Su Yu’s wrists. “Yu, is there anything you’re hiding from me? If you’ve asked this, I have to say it. Even if it weren’t for that, I would still stay by your side.”


Su Yu felt warmth in his heart, smiling. “I was really just saying it offhandedly, no need to be startled.”


Seeing Ling Tian’s expression was still serious, Su Yu thought about it and then his smile turned seductive. “Beforehand you mentioned you wanted to touch my tail. Do you still want to?”


Hearing this, Ling Tian felt his hands aching to touch that tail, but he still maintained a demeanor of seriousness. “Yu, no matter what happens, don’t hide it from me. Okay?”


When did his lover become so focused? Su Yu blinked, extending a big tail out from behind him, curling around Ling Tian’s arm.


Ling Tian could no longer resist. Grabbing Su Yu’s fluffy tail, he jumped on him.


In the tens and thousands of years after, Su Yu tried his hardest to create elixirs, while avoiding his tragic double cultivation life. Even so, Ling Tian kept catching him while forcing him into it for what felt like years.


It was perhaps ten thousand years later when even Su Yu’s demonic essence could no longer maintain Ling Tian’s life. He embraced him in his arms, disappointed and relieved at the same time. “I’ve been taken advantage of you for this whole life, so you’ll have to be living a lustless life next time.”


Ling Tian grinned, looking at him without even blinking. “As long as I can stay with you, I’m willing.”


“You…” Su Yu grasped his hand, not really knowing what to say in the moment. In that moment of murmuring, Ling Tian closed his eyes slowly.


The worlds transform, time flies. But some things only become deeper, through each and every life.

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