80 Part 1

Chapter 80 Scattering IQ in the Apocalypse


The moment Su Yu opened his eyes, there was a heart-rending scream. Frowning, he glanced to the side toward the sinking red sun. The harsh red color showed that the apocalypse was descending upon every corner of the world.


“Master, how do you feel? Are you okay?” The ball swayed on the side, concerned.


Shaking his head, Su Yu sat up from the bed slowly. His head was dizzy, like he’d been sleeping too long or been starved. He rubbed his forehead, and was about to ask the ball about this world’s plotline, when the wooden door suddenly slammed open.


“Jiang Shuo, are you dead or not? I’ve called you so many times, how come you…” The girl’s accusatory voice encountered Su Yu’s calm gaze. She went quiet for a moment, then said, “Ma has something to say to you. If you’re not dead, get out here right now!”


Glaring at him, she slammed the door behind her again.


Su Yu still gazed calmly at the door. After a moment, he turned to the ball. “Give me my original memories and knowledge of the plot.”


“Okay!” The ball’s attitude was quite perky.


After a moment, Su Yu absorbed this body’s memories, looking into the quest’s contents.


His original name was Jiang Shuo. In the original plotline, he was completely useless and without special abilities. So at the beginning of the apocalypse he was abandoned by his family and left in a home with little to no food.


Because he was so hungry, he was forced to leave home to look for food, and ended up surrounded by two zombies in a hallway. He died right then and there without much recourse.


With such a simple character description, it was clear the main character was a side character among side characters.


With such a simple plot, Su Yu’s quest was simple. He just needed to avoid dying and try to live his life in as exciting a way as possible.


Sighing, he was about to look into this world’s plot and quest when he heard a shout from the other room. “Jiang Shuo, come out!”


The person speaking was the one who had pushed his door open, the main character’s sister Jiang Tian.


Su Yu smiled without any warmth, issuing his first command to the ball since he arrived in this new world. “Record our conversation as a backup.”


“All right!” After opening up a new world, the ball was full of liveliness.


Walking out of the room without much strength in his body, Su Yu saw two people in the small living room. One was the rude Jiang Tian, and the other was his mother, Zhao Guiqing.


The things these supposed family members did to him were quite more like what an enemy might do.


“You’re so delicate. Making Mom wait so long to talk about something important!” The moment Jiang Tian saw Su Yu, she turned her nose up.


Su Yu didn’t even look at her, sitting down on the couch. “I haven’t eaten for the past few days, so I’ve been moving more slowly. I hope you won’t blame me, Mom.”


The apocalypse started three days ago, and he’d been starving for all that time. It was honestly a miracle he could clamber out of bed in the first place.


As for why he was starving, it was because his adorable little sister cut him off with the excuse that they didn’t have enough resources at home.


In her own words, someone useless who hadn’t awakened with special abilities was nothing more than a waste of food.


Being starved and abandoned for those stupid reasons was honestly cheesy enough.


Zhao Guiqing gazed at Su Yu with concern, almost like she was worrying about him, but her words didn’t reflect that at all. “Shuo, it’s getting scary out there and it’s not safe for us to stay here. Tian Tian and I are preparing to go to the B market to look for your father. What do you think?”


What do I think? What else can I think? Are you expecting me to suggest that you abandon me? Su Yu thought rather drily. On the surface, he just smiled weakly. “That’s a good idea. Where he is should be safer.”


Saying this, Su Yu lowered his head and was quiet, allowing Zhao Guiqing and Jiang Tian’s gazes to collide against him without speaking.


“Jiang Shuo, you want to come with us?” Jiang Tian glared at him.


Su Yu looked up at Jiang Tian, confused. “Didn’t Mom just say we were looking for Dad? Aren’t we going together?”


“Jiang Shuo, do you have any self-awareness? In our current situation you’re nothing but a burden. Ma and I will die if you drag us down!” Even though she was about to abandon her brother, Jiang Tian was full of confidence and entitlement.


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