80 Part 2

Su Yu hesitated, then turned to Zhao Guiqing, his voice low. “Mom, you…you don’t want me to come with you?”


Zhao Guiqing’s eyes flashed with tears, clearly unwilling to look at him. “I don’t want to do this either, but right now your sister’s the only one with special abilities. If we both go, she won’t be able to take care of us…”


She didn’t finish her sentence to leave herself some space, but Su Yu wouldn’t let her have her way. “So you’re just going to leave me here to die?”


Lowering her head, Zhao Guiqing fidgeted with the corner of her clothing, clearly conflicted.


“Jiang Shuo, how can you talk to Mom like that?” Jiang Tian’s nose pointed toward the sky. “I’m the only one who has special abilities at home. Do you want me to leave Mom behind instead and take you?”


“You’re right. If it were my choice, I wouldn’t leave Mom behind because we’re a family. Shouldn’t the family support each other through everything?” Su Yu smiled bitterly, his voice soft. “Do you really treat me as a family member? I’m sure you made up your minds to leave me behind before I even came out here.”


“Shuo, I didn’t…How could I abandon you?” Zhao Guiqing looked at him nervously, her eyes clearly filled with conflict and unwillingness. But more than that, there was shame and regret. Clearly she had made up her mind. “When we find your dad, we’ll come back for you. Like Tian Tian said, it’s too dangerous for us three out there. It’s better you wait for us at home so we can come pick you up later.”


Their home was about two thousand li from B Market, and this was the apocalypse. Su Yu would have to be crazy to believe her.


Honestly, Su Yu was quite clear on what the two of them were thinking anyways. If it weren’t to record them, he’d be too lazy to even talk to them. He was already impatient, but forced his face into a smile. “Mom, did you forget that I haven’t even eaten for the past three days? Or are you going to leave all the food behind for me? Even so, I won’t be able to last long before I just starve.”


“Why would we leave the food at home for you? We have to eat on the road.” Under Su Yu’s guidance, Jiang Tian continued the conversation ruthlessly. “You’re a man trying to argue with his mom and sister for food. Do you have any shame?”


“So you want someone without special abilities who’s been starving for three days to go out and fight zombies?” Sighing, Su Yu’s voice was somewhere between crying and laughing. “Mom, Tian Tian, do you know how sad I am right now? If you let me choose now, I’d stay behind and not burden you with my presence. I would even offer myself up to jump into a pile of zombies. But I never thought you’d choose to abandon me. It’s different, you know? I’m willing to use my life to exchange your safety. But the fact that you’re leaving me for your own good, even if the end goal is the same, feels completely different to me.”


Su Yu lowered his head, cradling his face in his hands. It was such a cheesy scene, but he felt completely emotionless, almost like it was funny.


Looking at her brother, who was as weak and sentimental as always, Jiang Tian’s expression was full of disgust. “It’s already at this point, what’s the point of acting all this out? We’re leaving soon now, you can say what you want.”


Although Zhao Guiqing’s expression was even more pained, she still said nothing.


It was a long while before Su Yu lifted his head again, breathing heavily. His expression was calm. “Mom, sorry for saying so much to make you worry. It’s fine, just go ahead. I’ll wait for you to come pick me up. No need to worry about me, really.”


“Shuo…” Zhao Guiqing’s eyes were red, but she didn’t say anything else.


“We’ve said all that needs to be said. Mom, let’s go.” Jiang Tian’s expression was just as flat as Su Yu’s. She glanced at him, pulling her mother behind her as they lifted their bags to leave.


Touched by Su Yu’s words, Zhao Guiqing looked at the bags in Jiang Tian’s hands. “Tian Tian, should we leave something for your brother?”


“He’s useless now, it’s a waste anyways.” Jiang Tian pressed her lips together, pulling the bag closer.


Zhao Guiqing didn’t say anything else. Sighing once more, she left the house with her daughter.


Su Yu watched the two go sadly. When the door was slammed behind them, his expression changed. To be rid of such a lovely pair of family members so easily felt quite incredible.


The ball was prepared to comfort him, but hadn’t even opened its mouth when he sank into the couch, beckoning with his fingers. “Bring me the plotline for the mission.”

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