81 Part 1


Chapter 81


When the ball presented the plotline of this world before Su Yu, he grabbed his jar of Bigu pills, swallowing one.


With those, three meals a day was no problem. It was simple and straightforward, basically a must-have for the end of the world.


The protagonist (lover boy) of this world was Song Yiming. He was an impressive guy: decisive, cutthroat, accomplished, basically a recognized success story.


The only flaw in his story was when he was twenty five, the lower half of his body lost sensory feeling. Since he became immobile, his life changed too.


Because he was still capable, his career actually went fine. But his fiance and his own brother Song Yijin got together secretly. It was another case of a man who hadn’t even touched the skirts of a female character before being cuckolded by her.


When he read to this point, Su Yu had to raise a hand to wipe away the sweat of exasperation on his head. Although it was wrong for him to think, each time he saw a male main character being used, abused, betrayed, and abandoned by a female character, he had the feeling he was picking up old shoes after those poor saps.


It just so happened that to him, those “old shoes” were a great treasure that no person or object could compare to. What else could he do? Even if he felt quite overwhelmed, he could only pick up after other people.


The main character hadn’t even been able to realize he was being cheated on before the apocalypse descended. Relying on his capabilities and resources, he quickly constructed the first base in the end of the world.


Under his hard work, the base quickly rose to the challenge, becoming a place where many survivors hid out. But it was just then when he was killed by his brother, who’d discovered he had fire-based special abilities.


The male main character died, plot over. Happy endings.


Putting down the plot description, Su Yu sighed. “It’s a little sad.”


The ball responded, “+1. But we do this every time, so maybe we should be used to it.”


Su Yu glanced coldly at the ball. It’s not your lover or your family, so of course you aren’t going to be sad, he thought. But, “Although it’s kind of a sad world, this time the male protagonist seems to have some actual intelligence?”


Unlike previous worlds where the male protagonist was brain-numbingly loyal despite the female character’s coldness, this setting’s protagonist was cold toward the female main character from the beginning to end.


“Seems like that’s the case.” The ball said.


A vein throbbed in Su Yu’s forehead. “So you don’t plan on explaining how exactly this male protagonist’s lack of intelligence is going to show?”


Stunned by the question, the ball hesitated. “Oh, right, we’re here to scatter IQ. How come this protagonist looks pretty normal in his stats? Oh, I remember!”


“And?” Su Yu rubbed his forehead.


“It must be his legs. Perhaps his lack of IQ is shown in his disability.” The ball blurted out, seemingly proud of itself.


Su Yu wanted to slap it out of the window to join the zombies. “You can shut up now.”


The ball swayed sadly. It thought its logic made a lot of sense. How could someone suddenly become disabled in the middle of their life with no explanation at all?


Su Yu’s mind kept spinning as he focused back on the main plotline again.


Main mission: Headshot 100 zombies attempting to eat the male protagonist in front of him. For each headshot, it would recover 1% of the protagonist’s intelligence.


“…” Su Yu didn’t want to say anything. He could be an elegant, beautiful man of silence, but the system kept forcing him to expose his true nature. Was this really appropriate?


The ball was a little stunned too. Why did it feel like this world was just making stuff up after running out of ideas?


Even though it thought this, it knew the mission had come through itself. “Well…that’s a simple mission…and it’s exciting too, huh…”


“I think you need more excitement in your life,” Su Yu said, shaking his sleeves threatening at the ball like he was going to hit it.


Scared into backing off, the ball said in a whiny voice, “I’m really innocent here, Master.”


Su Yu glared at him, putting his arms down slowly. “Where is Song Yiming right now?”


The ball looked up the plot. “The end of the world just started, so the protagonist is still at B City. But soon he’ll leave there because it’s getting overcrowded and head to S City to construct his base.”

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