81 Part 2






“Then let’s head to S City.” Su Yu finalized the travel plan. He couldn’t show off his love without finding his lover.


As for the disability, Su Yu was certain that his elixirs would be able to cure it in no time. Even if he couldn’t stand right now, he was still confident that things would get better.


Hm, did something feel wrong?


Making up his mind, Su Yu examined his bags. Aside from the soul shard in first place, everything else was an elixir brought over from the previous world.


Glancing at the soul shard, Su Yu thought for a moment. “Weird, why does it seem like the soul shard isn’t any brighter than it was in the past world?”


Normally when completing a main mission and entering the next world, the soul shard would become brighter, but this time he could tell no difference.


The ball came closer to inspect it as well. Probably because it had never really observed the soul shard in the first place, it didn’t make any meaningful observations. “Really? Probably it was bright enough beforehand so it didn’t’ change much.”


It was just a bit of difference in shine, so Su Yu wasn’t going to return to the previous world just to compare. Shrugging, he turned his gaze toward the hundreds of types of elixirs: rejuvenation, tissue-cleansing, energy reservation, physical alteration, aura erasing…he’d created so many of each in the previous world that he couldn’t even count them all.


As for what use they’d be, it would have to depend on the specific situation at hand. Right now he was a completely normal person, and it was impossible to think he’d find the protagonist.


But if he used the elixir to help him erase his aura so even zombies couldn’t sense him, wouldn’t it be a lot safer?


Before putting them into use, however, Su Yu had to experiment with their effectiveness first, since they were coming from a different world and had to obey this world’s rules.


For the three days after that, Su Yu basically experimented with every single elixir that was harmless to his person and easy to see results. When he confirmed their effects, he set out to look for his man.


With the aura erasing elixir, he easily passed through every area with zombies and found a retrofitted off-road car and had the ball make him a key.


Seven days after the apocalypse started, he set out with the ball guiding his way. Encountering many zombies and other cars, it was six days later when he finally reached S City.


Right now Song Yiming’s base was just beginning construction. The initial building was already surrounded by heavy troops and free travel was prohibited. In the end of the world, no one would be stupid enough to depart from the inside, but plenty of people wanted to get in.


Su Yu glanced at a car parked outside of the base, walking out of his vehicle and stopping at the entrance. “I’m looking for Song Yiming, can you contact him and let him know to pick me up?”


If Su Yu just asked to be let in, he’d be escorted away quickly by the guards. But mentioning a name that almost no one in the base should know forced the guards to look at him more carefully.


After glancing at his companion, one of them asked, “What is your relation with Mr. Song?”


“I’m his lover, coming from a previous life to recall our past flame,” Su Yu said with a smile.


“…” The four guards all stiffened. Felt like this guy was crazy.


Su Yu blinked, continuing after that, “Just kidding. I’m actually a doctor. I heard about Mr. Song’s condition and was interested to see him.”


This was far more normal, although still a little offbeat. “Sorry, right now we’re in extreme circumstances, you probably won’t be able to see him with a reason like that.”


“Are you sure?” Su Yu raised his eyebrow calmly. “I know everyone has their own responsibility, but please at least reach out to him and explain. In the end of the world, having a nice pair of legs would be quite a boon. Plus, I promise you I’m not a scammer.”


The four of them stared at each other. Although he seemed like a scammer, his attitude was also too natural.


“It’s quite important, so please decide carefully.” Su Yu suggested calmly.


The four of them discussed, finally deciding to contact Mr. Song to explain the situation. Using their internal communications devices, they got him on the line. “Mr. Song, hello. Someone here right now claims…oh, you want him to get on the line? All right.”


Accepting the device, Su Yu smiled slowly. “My dear, I’m coming to find you.”


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