Chapter 82


Silence for a few moments on the device before a low, magnetic voice rang out. “I don’t think anyone up to this point has the right to call me that.”


“Well, then there’s one now, isn’t there?” Su Yu couldn’t help but laugh. His expression was so joyous it was impossible to tell that he’d been on the road for six days, or that he was in the midst of an apocalypse.


Another silence. Two emotionless words, “Not necessarily”


Leaning against the metal gates, Su Yu posed like he was ready to chat for ten minutes. “So what’s your ideal lover? 1.75 meters tall, short, sort hair, clean-cut and pale, perhaps a little nerdy. Skinny but not weak. Something like that?”


The four guards and the ball were all staring at him. If none of us are blind, it was clear to see he was describing himself! What a shameless man!


But Song Yiming didn’t seem to have the interest to chitchat with someone he’d never met before.


Su Yu’s face turned expressionless. Sometimes even when his flirting was incredible, he’d still bump up against a hard barrier. “Mr. Song, I can cure your legs.”


“You can?” Song Yiming’s voice was steady. He’d heard those words countless times, but each time the result was the same: disappointment.


“Yes. Perhaps I should say I can, I must, I have to?” Su Yu promised with a serious expression. “You can trust me. I never lie.”


Song Yiming skewered him ruthlessly: “Seems like your first line was a lie.”


Su Yu wiped his face, thinking that he wasn’t really lying at all. “Never will happen again, I swear.”


This time the silence on the other end of the device was even longer, but finally he spoke again. “Come in to see me.”


“All right, dear.” Su Yu immediately smiled.


Hearing this, the four guards searched Su Yu’s person efficiently and delivered him to Song Yiming’s dwellings.


Standing in front of a mansion, Su Yu admired his future dwelling. Raising his head, he saw a man dressed in black sitting on the balcony of the second floor, studying him with eyes sharp as a hawk.


When Song Yiming saw the clean-cut youth who had come to visit him, his heart beat intensely. There was no reasoning behind it, yet it was uncontrollable.


“Hello, my name is Jiang Shuo. It’s very nice to meet you. Please, in the future…” Su Yu hadn’t finished his sentence when the man emotionlessly turned his wheelchair to go inside.


Seemed like he had a cold lover this time. Su Yu put his hand down, his lips curving in a meaningful smile before he headed inside.


The mansion looked quite normal, but it actually had several defensive layers. Su Yu didn’t encounter any, but the ball wouldn’t stop rambling about them to show off its knowledge.


When Su Yu reached the first floor living room, Song Yiming was already on the couch. His hands rested on his knees and his back was straight. “Jiang Shuo?”


“Yes, Mr. Song.” Su Yu said with a smile, sitting down opposite him.


Song Yiming, who always hated other people touching his things, frowned but said nothing.


It seemed like there was a weight on him that was stopping him from opening his mouth and saying what he’d usually say.


“Mr. Song, I can really make your legs better. Please believe me.” Su Yu wore a sincere look. Since the original character he was playing had a pretty bookish face, his expression was even more convincing.


Song Yiming’s gaze swept over Su Yu. He confirm or deny whether or not he believed him, only saying noncommittally, “You’ll stay on the first floor for now. Without my permission you’re not allowed to be on the second floor.”


“All right, everything according to what Mr. song wants.” Su Yu acted obedient, but was thinking to himself: in a few days his darling would be begging for him to come to the second floor.


After making this clear, Song Yiming was about to wheel himself back to the second floor. Su Yu stood up too, about to suggest that he escort him out when the doorbell rang.


Song Yiming opened the little screen on his wheelchair. Looking over, Su Yu saw a young woman’s face there.


Su Yu frowned while the ball explained. “This is this world’s protagonist’s fiance, Luo Zhenzhen.”


“What is it?” Song Yiming didn’t open the mansion door immediately to let her in, instead inquiring in a cold voice. This smoothed over the crease in Su Yu’s brows.


Luo Zhenzhen patted down her hair, saying in a soft voice, “I’ve fixed up everything on Jin’s side, so I’m here to check on you.”


The “Jin” she was referring to was Song Yiming’s own brother, Song Yijin.


“No need.” Song Yiming was still acting cold. Su Yu was barely frowning anymore.


Now it was Luo Zhenzhen’s turn to furrow her brow, her cherry red lips pouting. “Ming, I know you’ve been distant because of your body, but I’ve never thought less of you because of this. Can’t you let me take care of you?”


She was speaking like she had suffered a lot of trouble. If she had been telling the truth here, perhaps that would be excusable. But as a matter of fact, she was already involved with Song Yijin quite a while ago.


Plus, this whole conversation was basically calling out the issues with his body. Instead of comforting him, it was more like she was unveiling his scars.


Su Yu was a petty person, especially when it came to people wronging his loved ones. Without caring about whether or not it was appropriate or not, he immediately spoke up. “Miss, I don’t know what your relationship is with Mr. Song, but if you really care you shouldn’t keep mentioning his physical issues. This will only make him feel worse.”


Luo Zhenzhen clearly didn’t expect there to be anyone else in the room. Since she couldn’t actually see the situation in the room, she could only set her face straight. “I don’t know who you are, but no matter the answer, it should be up to Ming and I how we deal with our affairs. I’m sure Ming isn’t willing to listen to other people comment on this matter either.”


She’d only just finished speaking when Song Yiming spoke up again. “I actually agree with him. What you’re saying is affecting me negatively.”


Despite saying this, Song Yiming’s face was still basically the same. Su Yu almost wanted to laugh just looking at him.


To demonstrate his good mood, he took the opportunity to introduce himself. “Sorry, forgot to introduce myself. I’m Jiang Shuo, a new personal doctor hired by Mr. Song. Looking forward to working together in the future.”


Luo Zhenzhen at first was enraged, then stared. “Personal doctor?”


How did she now know that Song Yiming hired someone like this?


“Yes, starting from today Jiang Shuo will serve as my personal doctor.” Song Yiming glanced at Su Yu meaningfully, “I won’t need you to look after me anymore. You can go back now.”


Luo Zhenzhen was both enraged at being scolded by a stranger and also curious about his identity, so she had no intentions to linger. After muttering a few more words, she left.


Su Yu walked before Song Yiming with a smile, leaning over to look at him in the eye. “Mr. Song, starting from today I’ll be your doctor. Looking forward to our relationship.”


He extended his right hand.


After gazing at his hand for a moment, Song Yiming spun his wheelchair around and exited mercilessly, leaving Su Yu alone to stare at his own hand. Was it an ugly hand, or was he just worse at flirting than he thought?


Whatever it was, Su Yu had still managed to successfully secure his spot in this mansion. There was still plenty of time and no reason to panic.


“Master, you’re capable of curing his legs immediately. Why don’t you just do it?” Seeing the protagonist leaving, the ball couldn’t help but ask the question on its mind.


Su Yu sat on the couch, which was spotless even in the apocalypse, his brow rising. “Although he’s definitely mine, he seems not to have his memories from a previous life as well as some immunity toward my charms. If I reveal my strongest hand right here then I’m afraid he will scheme against me.”


The ball thought this was quite wise. It was about to praise its master for being insightful when he continued, “More importantly, he took too much advantage of me last life. This time I’ll make him suffer without me for a while.”


Although this version of his lover didn’t seem quite as easily touched, it wasn’t a guarantee that he wouldn’t be suddenly overcome by lust for him and pounce on him.


“…” Not wanting to say anything more, the ball fled to the corner to mind its own business.


Although Su Yu stayed by Song Yiming as a doctor, the next few days neither of them mentioned the matter of his legs. Until one day Luo Zhenzhen arrived again with someone else in tow.


Looking at the young man standing by her side, Su Yu’s lips curved. Was it already time to start punishing a schmuck?

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