83 Part 1

Chapter 83


When Song Yijin and Luo Zhenzhen walked in, Su Yu was enjoying a fresh glass of orange juice. To be able to enjoy fresh fruit in the apocalypse in such a peaceful, comfortable environment was quite rare.


“Big Brother.” A moment of surprise flashed through Song Yijin’s eyes when he saw Su Yu, but he quickly disguised it. Luo Zhenzhen was far more obvious, staring at Su Yu enviously and in shock.


At first Su Yu just assumed he was too good-looking. Only when he noticed the two hadn’t sat down even after walking in, instead standing near the couch, did he realize what was wrong.


Seemed like the source of their surprise wasn’t his good looks, but the fact that he could sit on the couch while they could only stand to one side. Su Yu’s fingertips tapped against the glass as he smiled slowly. What a nice way to make enemies.


Song Yiming only nodded slightly. “What are you here for?”


Su Yu’s gaze spun between the three. This kind of straightforward attitude, the fact that they couldn’t sit. It really seemed like they weren’t brothers, but instead a superior and his subordinate.


Not quite what was described in the original plotline. Originally Song Yiming and Song Yijin weren’t close, but were at least on the level of regular brotherly respect. Song Yiming trusted his brother quite a bit, or he wouldn’t be so easily killed by him in the end.


Was he seeing wrong, or was this whole thing mistaken?


“I’m just here to see you. You’ve been so busy for the base yet I can’t help, so I always felt ashamed.” Song Yijin didn’t mention Su Yu at all, instead just sighing to act shameful. “If there’s anything I can help out with, please just tell me.”


Song Yiming didn’t play by the rules. Clearly he wasn’t touched, and even went so far as to ask, “What do you think you can do?”


Song Yijin almost choked on this, but his expression only became more apologetic. “I’m so useless, not able to awaken any supernatural abilities. Now I can only help you take care of small things throughout the base.”


Su Yu’s eyes flashed. In the original plot, hadn’t Song Yijing awakened fire-related abilities at the very beginning of the apocalypse?


His gaze sunk as he asked the ball. “Do you think the plot development is a little off?”


“Yes, but I don’t know what’s going on either. When you arrive in this world, Master, the plot should develop as normal.” The ball looked confused too. It felt like perhaps it was a fake system, or how could it be even more ignorant about missions than its own master?


Su Yu rolled his eyes. With such a useless system, if anything went wrong he’d have to find his own answers.


Seeing this expression, Song Yijin frowned. “Sir, do you have anything to say about what I just said?”


“Nothing, just that it’s interesting, little Mr. Song.” Su Yu smiled, playing innocent.


Song Yijin’s forehead crinkled. Little Mr. Song?


“You’re even more interesting,” Song Yijin smiled oddly, turning to Song Yiming. “I heard you hired a personal doctor suddenly. Is this him?”


Song Yiming nodded coldly again. “Yes. As for the matters on the base, no need for you to worry about that. If there’s nothing else you can go now.”


Song Yijin was clearly trying to ask about the “personal doctor”, while Song Yiming was unwilling to reveal anything. Of course he would be unhappy, but he wasn’t willing to lose his footing by saying something bitter, so he just glanced at Luo Zhenzhen.


Understanding his meaning, Luo Zhenzhen put on an air of concern. “Ming, where did this Mr. Jiang come from? Why have I never seen him before?”


“Do I need to explain myself to you?” Song Yiming glanced at Luo Zhenzhen coldly, his temper flaring up. “I don’t want to see you anymore. Leave!”


Both of them were shocked. Song Yijin’s expression was rather uncomfortable, but he understood his own brother’s temper and couldn’t say anything. “If you’re not happy, we’ll go back. Brother, if you…”


“Get out!” Song Yiming didn’t want to hear anything further from them.


Su Yu looked at Song Yiming, fluttering his lashes. So his lover was quite inconsistent, going from rational speech to a flaring temper. Was it weird to say he actually kind of liked it?


Clenching his jaw, Song Yijin could only depart the scene with Luo Zhenzhen in tow. His intentions in coming here went completely unfulfilled, to the point a stranger was watching him mess up.


Su Yu was actually not laughing at him at all. Right now he was only sad that his plan of punishment hadn’t gone through.


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