83 Part 2




After they left the mansion, Luo Zhenzhen fumed to Song Yijin. “Jin, how long are we going to have to keep living like this? You know your brother’s personality and you still want me to placate him. I’ve had enough!”


Song Yijin’s face was clouded by dark emotions too. It was a while before he could speak up with a gentle tone, “It won’t be much longer. His good days are ending soon.”


“Really?” Bright light flashed through her eyes. “But he doesn’t trust us, and all those people will only listen to him. Are you telling me you have some other type of plan?”


“It sounds difficult, but what if he died?” A twisted smile came across Song Yijin’s face. If Song Yiming disappeared from this world, wouldn’t everything be wonderful?


Luo Zhenzhen hesitated, her expression nervous but also excited. “You could really…oh yes, you’ve awakened your fire abilities, and your brother is nothing but useless…”


“Shh…” Song Yijin put a finger to his lips. “We can keep this between us, why say it out loud?”


Luo Zhenzhen looked at him, her eyes bright. “Don’t worry, no one else is here to hear. When are you planning to do it? I can’t stand him much longer in this mood!”


“The closer we get to this important point, the more we need to be cautious. Don’t worry.” Song Yijin breathed deeply, his expression already back to normal. “Keep doing what you’re doing these days, no matter what he does to you. Understood?”


She nodded reluctantly. “I know. But of course you know that no matter what I do he’ll never show me a kind face.”


“Don’t worry, it will all be over soon.” Song Yijin patted Luo Zhenzhen’s shoulder reassuringly.


But of course it was impossible to keep things between them, because this world had the high intelligence system known as the ball.


After discovering this huge secret, the ball wanted to share it with its owner immediately. Unfortunately, Su Yu was too busy flirting with Song Yiming.


“Mr. Song, you don’t like others sitting on your couch?” Su Yu said with a grin.


Song Yiming’s expression was ambiguous. “I just don’t like when other people touch my things.”


“But I’m here. You haven’t made me leave yet.” Su Yu’s hand smoothed over the soft couch, his smile growing.


Song Yiming was silent. He himself didn’t understand how he could tolerate this man so much. It didn’t fit his personality at all.


“If you want to leave, you’re free to go.” After thinking for a long time, this was all he could say.


Su Yu shook his head seriously. “Staying by your side is wonderful. I don’t want to leave.”


Song Yiming pressed his lips together. He didn’t want to admit that when he heard this, his heart began to pound. “I’m going upstairs.”


“Hold on, I have another question.” Waving his hand, Su Yu waited for Song Yiming to stop before asking tentatively, “Was that pretty lady your fiance?”


“Fiance?” Song Yiming’s brows twitched, his sharp gaze fixing on Su Yu, “I don’t have anyone like that by my side. You think she’s pretty?”


Su Yu was surprised and also wanted to laugh at his lover for fixating on the wrong thing. On the surface, he just chuckled. “Sorry, I just wanted to make sure I still had a chance here. Now that I’ve heard you say this I’m reassured.”


For some reason Song Yiming was tempted to ask if he meant what he thought he meant by “chance”. After some hesitation, he just turned and left.


The ball finally jumped out, unable to hold back any longer. “Master, I just heard Song Yijin and Luo Zhenzhen scheming about killing the protagonist, what a scary circumstance!”


“Why do you sound so excited then?” Rolling his eyes at the ball, Su Yu couldn’t help but analyze the situation.


Right now the plotline was quite off. Although the apocalypse was here as scheduled and he did manage to get from B City to S City, and the base was forming, there were too many things that didn’t make sense.


Song Yiming and Song Yjin’s relationship was much worse, and Luo Zhenzhen wasn’t even Song Yiming’s fiance any longer. Even the protagonist’s personality was far different from how it was described originally. This couldn’t be a butterfly effect from his own traveling.


So what had gone wrong?


“I’m not…that excited?” The ball shuddered, sounding a little uncertain. “I’m just excited for the opportunity for you to play a hero.”


“Is that so?” Su Yu responded noncommittally, his mind starting to wander. With plotholes like that popping up, was it that the world itself was glitching out or because of a specific character? Or had another outer factor appeared in this world?


No matter what the reason was, at least the result was a net positive. His lover had lost an annoying fiance, wasn’t that wonderful?


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