Chapter 84


Although Song Yijin swore to get rid of his brother, he wasn’t a brash person. Plus, he was used to being cautious. The awakening of his special abilities was quite convenient and furthered his ambition even more. But since Song Yiming constructed this base singlehandedly, he couldn’t be easy to deal with. If he wasn’t careful in dealing with his brother, it wouldn’t be a clear-cut victory for him.


Thinking back and forth, he finally put his mind on Su Yu.


How was it possible for Song Yiming not to suspect a random stranger who suddenly popped up by his side?


Coming from Jiang Shuo’s perspective, he’d never had any prior interactions with Song Yiming, yet knew to come straight to him in the apocalypse and became his personal doctor so easily. No one would believe something so convenient. There had to be something more to it.


Either way, Song Yijin didn’t trust Su Yu. He had Su Yu followed, and created a “coincidental encounter” the next day.


“What a coincidence, encountering you here. Are you here for a walk too?” Song Yijin said, at first with a surprised look, then a polite attitude.


Su Yu was quite cooperative too, waving his hand at him. “I’m just here to work out a little bit. Although I’m just a normal person, it’s still important to stay strong at the end of the world.”


“What a good mindset. I’m just here because I’m bored.” Song Yijin made a sad face, clearly signaling for Su Yu to ask him what was wrong.


If he didn’t have a plan to execute, Su Yu would be far too lazy to even pay attention to his little ploy.


“Aren’t you usually busy, Little Mr. Song? You get bored?” Su Yu asked, making a face of disbelief.


Song Yijing sighed. “I feel like under these circumstances I shouldn’t be bored either. It’s just…”


He cast a dubious glance at Su Yu, like he was hesitating whether or not to continue.


“Seems like you’re not willing to finish whatever you’re about to say, Little Mr. Song,” Su Yu said with a smile. “If you weren’t decided on whether or not you wanted to share something, perhaps you should save yourself the trouble of opening your mouth. This kind of false attitude could be seen as irritating.”


Song Yijin choked back his words, his expression turning ugly. Taking a deep breath, he forced a smile. “Mr. Jiang, you misunderstood me. I wasn’t doing this on purpose, I just worried that what I said would trouble you.”


“Isn’t it the same principle? If you’re going to open your mouth to say something, you should think your options through beforehand. There’s no point in changing the topic halfway through.” Su Yu said with a frown. “It’s best that Little Mr. Song think about what you’re going to say before you discuss with me.”


Su Yu was about to turn away and leave. Song Yijin clenched his jaw. “Mr. Jiang, please wait.”


“Do you have anything else to say?” Su Yu glanced at him.


Song Yijin’s expression was still ugly, but his tone was much firmer. “I just wanted to remind you to be cautious, my brother is a little bit…difficult to deal with.”


“Oh? What do you mean by that?” Su Yu said, raising his brows.


Song Yijin sighed with a thoughtful expression. “I’m sure you’re here because you understand my brother, right? He is truly impressive. I respect him from the bottom of my heart. But…his personality is the source of a lot of headache on my part. No matter how close someone is to him, he won’t trust them, even me. He doesn’t seem to have the ability to trust others. It’s quite worrying.”


“Is that so?” Su Yu continued to work on extending his arms, his gaze wandering to a shrubbery in the distance.


“You’ve probably noticed beforehand. When I visit him, I can only speak to him while standing. Normally when I go over there he bars me outside. He does the same to his subordinates.” After talking dirt on his brother like this, Song Yijin was quick to throw away the blame. “I don’t mean anything by telling you this. I just wanted to remind you to watch out. I would love if you could be a confidant by his side, sharing his troubles. It’s just so difficult with his personality.”


“So you’re insulting him before me just to caution me?” Su Yu chuckled, glancing him up and down. “Seems like you’re not just fake, but also quite wicked to try and use this kind of method to undermine our relationship. What an effort!”


Song Yijin immediately stared at him. He’d never met someone so unpredictable. The man’s attitude earlier indicated that he was interested to hear more, yet the moment he finished talking he immediately flipped on him.


“I really didn’t mean to…I don’t have that intention…” Song Yijin shook his head, trying to explain himself. But Su Yu wasn’t about to give him the chance.


“You keep saying you care about your brother, yet you characterize him as a heartless, cold man. What an interesting way of caring.” Su Yu’s expression was completely filled with protection toward his lover, to the point he was using any sort of logic he could find. “Mr. Song is a kind, wonderful man. The fact that you can’t convince him otherwise must be your issue. How dare you blame him when it’s your fault!”


The ball was almost unable to keep watching the situation. Master, does your man know you’re being so unreasonable?


As a matter of fact, he did. Song Yiming was sitting behind that shrubbery in his wheelchair. Hearing what Su Yu said, his eyes lit up, heart starting to pound uncontrollably.


Looking at Song Yijin: he was really about to break out into crying laughter at how unreasonable this guy was!


“I really didn’t…” Song Yijin rolled his eyes, trying to open his mouth, but was interrupted ruthlessly again.


“No need to explain. No matter what you say, I’ll never believe you.” Su Yu said coldly. “Mr. Song is the most perfect person in the world to me. Before the apocalypse, I was watching him from a distance too. I knew I was just a normal person who couldn’t hope to come into contact with him, but I still admired him.”


The ball was about to faint from this gross dialogue. Why was its master so shameless?


The person hiding in the shrubbery couldn’t help but grasp his wheelchair, his eyes glimmering as he gazed at Su Yu. His heart was thumping even harder, almost leaping from his chest.


Su Yu seemed like he never realized what kind of dizzying words he was speaking, still continuing on. “So when the apocalypse came around, I found out he was building this base in S City. I immediately headed over so I could see him. For the chance to stay by his side, I’m willing to die!”


Song Yijin, who was going to explain himself, had a complicated look on his face after hearing this. Did he somehow travel into a stupid romance? Why is it that the person saying these words was a man?


Now he had no intentions of actually explaining himself. He just needed some peace and quiet.


After finishing up these stupid lines, Su Yu turned toward another subject with a satisfied look on his face, speaking with a strong, accusatory tone, “Even someone like me who hasn’t had the chance to meet him beforehand am willing to trust him and follow him. But as his brother, you’re ruining his reputation before a complete stranger. Doesn’t your conscience hurt?”


“Heh.” Compared to his conscience, Song Yijin was feeling more pain in his eyes and ears from listening to this.


“Plus, what you said just now is problematic. You said when you visit with Mr. Song, you can only stand on the side.” Su Yu smiled in the middle of his tirade, “But didn’t you forget? I was sitting on the couch then.”


The ball, who’d just recovered from its earlier fit of nausea, heard this and immediately had the urge to vomit. This couldn’t be its owner, this had to be some demon from a brain-dead soap opera!


He’d said so much, but everything really relied on that final line of showing off. What a transparent guy. For the first time, the ball thought that it was pretty smart too.


“If you really don’t like your brother, please don’t rely on his protection to keep living. Aren’t there already some rules for living on this base? You should try following them and living off your own strength for a change. Relying on Mr. Song to obtain a more comfortable life all while insulting him behind his back is quite unreliable.” Su Yu finished it off with a taunt.


Bombarded continuously like that, Song Yijin was almost ready to use his special abilities. But his last strand of rationality was enough to hold him back.


“If there’s nothing else you want to say to me then I’ll be taking off.” Su Yu walked ahead. Just when he was about to brush past Song Yijin, he paused and added another sentence, “No need to worry. From now on, I’ll stay by Mr. Song’s side and take good care of him.”

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