85 Part 1


Chapter 85


Song Yiming, who had been hiding behind the shrubbery, watched Su Yu depart with a thoughtful gaze. It wasn’t until he disappeared that he lifted his fingertips, pale from exertion, from the arm of his wheelchair, summoning his most accomplished subordinate Zhu Cheng.


“From this moment onwards, Song Yijin and Luo Zhenzhen have nothing to do with me. If they want to say on the base, they’ll need to obey our rules. If not, they’ll have to leave.” He issued his orders coldly.


Zhu Cheng’s eyes glimmered. Confused as he might have been by this sudden order, he roughly understood his boss’s personality enough to respond immediately. “Understood. I’ll announce it right away.”


Song Yiming’s fingertips tapped against the wheelchair. “And if anyone dares speak ill of Jiang Shuo, send them packing. No exceptions.”


No exceptions. No matter what their identity was, their reasoning, there was no reason to pay it heed.


This was even more surprising than the other order. Zhu Cheng had never seen his boss so protective of someone before, especially an ordinary person of unclear origins.


Zhu Cheng quietly noted this down, but his face didn’t betray any of this. “I understand.”


After that, Song Yiming was quiet for a while before speaking up again. “What I asked you to investigate before, there’s no need to keep looking.”


“Yes sir.” Zhu Cheng once again found more fear for this Jiang Shuo person. His boss had wanted him to look into this man’s affair.


Before the apocalypse, it would be only a few minutes to look up anyone ordinary. But right now the flow of information was basically paralyzed, to the point where an ordinary target was even more difficult to look up.


When he issued the order beforehand, Zhu Cheng sent people to look into it. They almost had results. Now because of what the boss was telling him he’d have to destroy this information instead.


Since Boss valued this guy so much, his information couldn’t come into anyone else’s hands. Zhu Cheng understood exactly what the underlying meaning beneath Song Yiming’s words were. Although occasionally his senses failed him, he was usually right on target.


After issuing these orders, Song Yiming left him to go back to the mansion alone. Zhu Cheng of course wanted to help him get back, but Boss didn’t allow this kind of contact. If he did so, he’d end up far worse for it.


Perhaps this young man named Jiang Shuo could be the one to make his boss disrupt this extreme rule?


When Song Yiming returned to the mansion, he saw that Su Yu was sitting on the couch sipping juice. Seeing him come in, Su Yu raised his brow quizzically. “I didn’t know Mr. Song went out. What a surprise.”


If anyone else had said something like that Song Yiming would probably have them dealt with. But coming from Su Yu, he found himself not at all displeased. Actually, he had a warm feeling inside, like someone was waiting for him to come home this whole time.


It was an unfamiliar feeling. Song Yiming frowned, trying to figure it out. What was happening with this person? He was affecting him far too much in more and more complex ways.


“If Mr. Song doesn’t want to speak with me then I’ll just go back to my own room.” After witnessing his crazy confession from the dark, his lover must be going through a lot. Su Yu prepared to leave him plenty of space to think through the most important things in life.


“Hold on.” Surprisingly, Song Yiming stopped him.


Raising his brow, Su Yu glanced at Song Yiming with a smile. “Mr. Song, do you need anything?”


Glancing back at him, Song Yiming looked away quickly. Perhaps because of what he’d just heard, even though this dialogue was incredibly mundane he felt like he could hear something unusual about it. He really was changing in unpredictable ways because of this person.


If Su Yu knew what Song Yiming was thinking right now, he would probably launch into a didactic lecture about “fantasizing”. Thankfully he didn’t, because he would be certain to also take the opportunity to practice his flirting in the meantime.


Song Yiming coughed drily, his voice low. “When are you prepared to start working on my legs?”


Hearing this, Su Yu acted surprised on the surface, while inside he was positively squealing with joy. Seemed like his fantastic performance had borne fruit after all, his lover deciding to trust him completely. “Whenever you’re ready, Mr. Song. I’m prepared to start whenever you are.”


“Then let’s start as soon as possible.” Song Yiming said decisively.


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