Chapter 145


The bonfire not far away was still burning, but there was an unknown metal pot on it. It had steaming heat and a strong, nice smell.


The people who were forced to wake up couldn’t help taking a deep breath before they could open their eyes. It smelled of meat, fresh bamboo shoots, thick sauce and some sense of sweetness.


At this moment, four young men with black hair and darks eyes were sitting around the metal pot. Two of them seemed to have their eyes stuck to the metal pot, staring at it desperately.


The other young man was fiddling with something in his hands, with a leisurely smile on his lips, while the other one turned his attention to the young man beside him. He didn’t seem to be busy with anything and he was just staring at the other person’s face without blinking.


A few minutes later, the young man threw the things in his hand into the pot. There was instantly another nice smell and everyone swallowed their saliva.

Just when everyone was looking at the metal pot, Su Yu picked up a spoon and stirred the pot, then began to pour the soup generously.


He served himself four bowls of soup altogether, cleaning the pot totally without anything left.


Ling Tian next to him obediently took down the metal pot from the fire, then took the big bowl that Su Yu gave him.


This bowl of delicious soup was initially for making one warmer. Although the four of them spent the night in front of the fire, it was really too cold at night. They couldn’t stand the cold after one night with the low temperature.


Zhao Shun and Zhao Li held the steaming bowls and looked at Su Yu gratefully, not knowing how to express their excitement.


Su Yu looked indifferent. He didn’t seem to see the excited looks on their faces, nor did he notice the wolf-like eyes of those around him, “drink it while it’s still hot. We’ll still have some other stuff to do during the day.”

Judging from the current situation, it would be impossible for everyone to leave the deserted island in the near future. When he was alone, he could still hide in the mecha, but now that there were so many people, he had to find a safe place for himself.

The four of them were drinking soup contentedly, and several people by the fire were slowly surrounding them. They swallowed their saliva while looking at the bowl in Su Yu’s hand and asked, “what is this?”


Su Yu turned around and glanced at the man, again with an ignorant look. He deliberately took a sip of soup in front of him. Then, there was a gurgling sound in the man’s throat and he looked embarrassed.


Su Yu smiled slightly, turned his back to the man and hid the bowl in his hand very firmly. The Zhao brothers followed what he was doing subconsciously.


Although Ling Tian was still holding his bowl, no one dared to ask him for it since he looked so cold.


“…” Brook’s face instantly turned from red to green, and his expression froze.


When York saw this, he got really pissed off, “they are really too rude. Why are we still putting up with it?”


With that said, Brooke’s hand already started moving. He brutally took away Su Yu’s bowl, but then there was a loud cry which followed immediately.

Holding the bowl, Su Yu smacked his lips, smiled and looked at the face that was nearly distorted in front of him. For the first time, he spoke in standard English, “it’s not appropriate for you to grab someone’s stuff like that.”


York’s expression was really distorted; he gritted his teeth and said, “so you speak English! Then what did you…”


“I do speak and understand English, but I didn’t want to speak it.” Su Yu glanced at the eight people and said playfully, “and this will be the last sentence that I’ll speak in English. If you want to communicate with me in the future, you’d better learn Chinese first.”


Afterwards, Su Yu drank a sip with a smile. He sounded so proud but he had the qualifications to be proud. The others had no methods at all.


Su Yu was thinking, “if you don’t want to speak in Chinese, then there’s no food from me. I don’t care about it anyway.”


The eight people felt chills behind their back after looking at Su Yu. They thought that they were more numerous, so they should have more advantages. For Su Yu’s side, the three people looked weak expect the one who just wanted to beat someone up. They looked at each other and had a daring idea.

As long as these few people didn’t exist anymore, then all the food would belong to them, right?


They wouldn’t have such a daring thought before, but after floating on the sea for God-knows-how-long and spending a night in the shitty environment, they found that the decision seemed easier to make.


The eight people communicated with each other with their gazes and slowly surrounded the four people drinking hot soup around the fire.


Although they already had evil thoughts in their mind, they still wanted to pretend a bit. Brooke said stiffly, “we just want a bit of food and we don’t want to hurt you. Give us your food if you want to live, or we won’t be so polite anymore.”


Su Yu rolled his eyes, put down his bowl and said with a smile, “come on then!”


Although the effect of his spine-cleaning pill was seriously suppressed in this world, Su Yu still looked much stronger than other people.

But the Zhao brothers hadn’t realized it yet. After seeing that both sides were about to fight, they immediately put down their bowls and stood up nervously. They wanted to keep Su Yu, who seemed thinner, behind them.


However, before they could touch Su Yu, Ling Tian already pulled him behind and said aggressively, “I’m going to protect him.”


…Wait, although I’m so touched that you all want to protect me, but do I really look that weak?


Su Yu thought so, while feeling a little depressed. His enemy gave him a very clear answer. Once they started with their action, it was immediately towards Su Yu.


…Okay, maybe I indeed look weak. Su Yu sighed in his heart sadly.


At the moment when the enemy side moved, Ling Tian immediately attacked back. He almost knocked down one person with just one action, looking unbelievably cool.


Su Yu just wanted to admire how handsome his lover was, but he became sad again after realizing that Ball had disappeared again.


A one-on-eight fight had already come to an end before it officially started. Su Yu looked at the enemies lying on the ground and said with some displeasure, “hurry up and leave or I’ll have to do it.”

He was speaking Chinese and the other party didn’t understand him at all. However, even though they didn’t, they knew that it wasn’t a friendly communication. The eight people either rolled or got back to their fire with their unbearable pain.


On the other side, aside from the Zhao brothers who were a bit shocked by what’d just happened, the other two looked completely fine. They slowly got back to their fire and continued drinking their warm soup.


Su Yu had never been a generous person. How would he let go of someone like that after just one fight? He acted so kind and it’s only because he wanted to torture them better and in longer term.


After being taught a lesson, the eight people were still unwilling to leave. However, no matter how jealous they were, they dared not move again.


Therefore, when Su Yu finished drinking the soup and brought back a bag full of food, these people had no other thoughts except feeling extremely hungry and jealous.


Zhao Shun and Zhao Li felt curious, as they had no idea how Su Yu brought back these fresh fruit and food. Nonetheless, they already felt very surprised and grateful since Su Yu was willing to share those with them. They were smart enough to stop asking what they shouldn’t be.

After breakfast, the surrounding temperature slowly raised. After they took care of their appearance, Su Yu allocated some tasks to each person.


Judging from the current situation, no one had an idea when the plot would start. Therefore, Su Yu was going to build a small house so that the four could have a shelter at least.


Building a house sounds a difficult job, but it’s actually not. They had to first pick a location for it, confirm the size and start chopping wood.


Chopping wood became the most difficult part. Fortunately, Su Yu had already cut some wood and piled it aside, saving them a lot of trouble.


After that, they buried eight sturdy logs in the planned pits and fixed them. Then, they placed other logs on top of the eight logs, as well as a kind of thick leaves unique to this desert island.

Of course, those deep pits were dug by Su Yu with a machine in advance, including those thick leaves, which were all dried.


After a busy morning, Zhao Shun and Zhao Li were a little surprised to find that building a house on a deserted island with no foundation turned out to be such a simple thing.


They didn’t cut down trees desperately, nor did they laboriously dig holes. They didn’t even need to think about how to shelter the house from the wind and rain, and it was all done already?


It felt just like a dream!

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