Chapter 144


Su Yu’s pupils contracted suddenly. His palms clenched tightly, but there’s still a light smile on his face, “it does sound like a nice name. How did you think of it?”


“I don’t know.” The man shook his head, as if he’s also a little confused, “I suddenly thought of it after you told me your name…did I already have this name before?”


Su Yu’s heart trembled for a while. He took a deep breath and suppressed his heart from throbbing, “it’s possible. It sounds nice, right? Ling Tian?”


Ling Tian didn’t speak any more. He just continued staring at Su Yu seriously.


Su Yu was still feeling a little uneasy in his heart, and he didn’t dare to look at Ling Tian. After thinking about it, he simply stood up and walked to another fire not far away.


When he approached, the eight people looked at him vigilantly, and someone asked sharply in English, “What do you want to do?”

Su Yu pretended not to understand. He just pointed to the fruit in their hands, then to his mouth. Although he didn’t speak, his meaning was very clear.


I’m hungry. Can you please give me some food?


Seeing Su Yu’s action, the eight people became more vigilant. They all shook their heads, stared angrily at Su Yu, wanting to drive him away.


Su Yu simply found it ridiculous, but he pretended to look pitiful on the surface. He rubbed his stomach, looked at the fruit in their hands bluntly, then raised a finger.


I’m really hungry. It’d be great if you could at least give me one.


Not only did he fail to make these people pity him, but it made them even angrier instead. Some of them even stood up and shouted at Su Yu, “please leave right now. We don’t welcome you here! We have no obligations to pity you under these circumstances!”


Su Yu still didn’t leave, and he continued to stand there pitifully. The man actually strode over and pushed Su Yu with his hand. However, before his hand touched Su Yu’s body, someone pulled him away. There was a miserable cry afterwards.

Su Yu tilted his head slightly, only to realize that Ling Tian was standing behind him at some point. After seeing him walking over, Ling Tian said very seriously, “if you want these fruits, I can help you grab them.”


“……” I was just feeling bored so I just wanted to find someone to abuse me. However, Su Yu couldn’t answer like that. He patted Ling Tian’s arm and comforted him, “I’m fine. Let’s go back to the fire, it’s really too cold standing here like that.”


Ling Tian let go of his hand and pushed the man to the ground. The man cried and cursed a few times, but none of his companions took the initiative to help him up or do anything for him.


After going back to the fire, Su Yu smiled and chatted with Ling Tian for a long time before Zhao Shun and Zhao Li came back. They only had a few wild fruits in their hands and no other gains.


Zhao Shun handed the wild fruit in his hand to Su Yu and apologized, “it’s too cold outside. That’s why we didn’t go far. That’s all we’ve got, please eat them first.”


Zhao Li also put his hands in front of Ling Tian. They obviously planned to give all the food to Su Yu and Ling Tian and stop them from starving first.


Su Yu blinked and asked with a smile, “aren’t you going to eat?”

“Let’s rest for a while, then we’ll go out for a walk. We should be able to find more food.” Zhao Li explained.


Zhao Shun was worried that Su Yu would feel embarrassed and he explained, “it’s you who lit the fire, we should be the ones finding you something to eat.”


“What about him?” Su Yu raised his finger and pointed at Ling Tian, ​​but Ling Tian woke up later than them, and he didn’t do anything after that.


Zhao Shun replied without hesitation, “didn’t he lose his memory? He also had a fever just now. We aren’t going to let him find food on his own, right?”


Su Yu raised his eyebrows. In fact, no matter what the plot of this mission world was like, he planned to only care about his lover and forget about the others, but now he changed his mind a little.


Su Yu took the fruit and took two bites. Seeing that Zhao Shun and Zhao Li looked over from time to time while swallowing their saliva, he had no other negative emotions at all. He was more certain with some changes of his thoughts.


He waved at the two of them, and after seeing them approaching, he lowered his voice and said, “Actually, I was luckier than you when I floated here, and there was still some food, but I hid it in another place. Let me get it now, then we can have something nice to eat.”

After hearing so, Zhao Shun and Zhao Li’s eyes suddenly flashed. Then, they glanced at the eight people next door and said with hesitation, “hmm, maybe just let it be. You can just return after eating something. Don’t bother to get anything here, as there’re still so many people.”


“It’s alright.” Su Yu just patted Zhao Shun on the shoulder, then pulled Ling Tian directly away from the fire.


The two didn’t go far, and after making sure that they were out of everyone’s sight, Su Yu topped, then took out a bag of food from his package.


Ling Tian just silently watched from the side, a faint light flashed in his dark eyes, staring at Su Yu tightly.


After taking out the food, Su Yu didn’t delay any longer. He immediately took Ling Tian back, as it was simply too cold.


Zhao Shun and Zhao Li didn’t expect them to come back so soon and they even carried a large bag in their hands, and their eyes lit up with excitement.


The eight people surrounding by the fire saw it and they all looked weird. Some of them were puzzled, some were contemplative, and some of them directly and blatantly showed a look of greed.

Su Yu walked back to the fire and sat down as usual, then opened the bag in his hand generously. There were many convenience foods in it, including bread, ham, milk, fresh fruits of all kinds, and there were even well-packaged sandwiches and pancake fruit.


“This… these things… how come…” Zhao Shun and Zhao Li widened their eyes, their faces filled with shock and surprise.


Su Yu just smiled slightly, and while distributing food to the two brothers, he smiled and said, “you see, I’m still very lucky.”


He felt extremely lucky to be able to eat such rich and delicious food in this environment, and when they received the food, the brothers were very excited. They thanked Su Yu repeatedly, yet they felt a little embarrassed, “we almost did nothing.”


“You will have a chance to pay me back.” Su Yu just smiled and gave food to his lover.


Ling Tian stared at Su Yu’s slender and fair fingers for a while and whispered “thank you”. He was about to take over the food that Su Yu gave him, while he saw two people near the fire walking over.


They were Lina and Brooke.


The two walked to Su Yu. They first smiled politely, then asked in English, “may I ask where did you food come from? Can you tell us?”

Su Yu glanced at Lina and Brook. He looked innocent, as if he’s saying, “what are you talking about? I don’t understand you at all.”


On the other hand, Zhao Shun and Zhao Li started cautiously guarding their food, putting on a vigilant look.


In desperation, the two could only try to express their meaning with expressions and gestures.


Now Su Yu finally understood what they meant, but he only shook his head again and again and glared at the Zhao brothers.


This kind of expression made the Zhao brothers suddenly recall when they were trying to drive away the boy with black hair, and they were suddenly a little embarrassed.


Even though they felt embarrassed, they didn’t leave directly. Instead, they looked even friendlier and expressed what they meant through action, “we are not asking for your food, we’re just asking for the source of it.”


Su Yu pointed at the food, then at himself. His meaning was crystal clear, “this food. Is. Mine.”


After some physical communication, they could not reach an agreement at all. Lina and Brook tried to communicate with the other three people, but they all failed. Although they felt unwilling, they could only stomp their feet and return to their fire.

Hanks immediately asked, “so? What did they say?”


Lina shook her head helplessly and angrily, “they didn’t understand us at all, and they don’t want to tell us where the food comes from.”


“They’re so mean!” Hanks snapped, seeming to have completely forgotten how he drove the other person away, “since everyone is in the same situation now, we should really share food among ourselves!”


Brooke also looked annoyed, “but there’s nothing we can do if they don’t want to.”


Another tall and black guy, York, said deeply, “if they don’t want to, then we’ll just snatch it!”


The others looked at each other and none of them dared to refute.


However, no one did so in the end. Although they already felt very uncomfortable after getting to this deserted island, they couldn’t abandon their concept of righteousness to do such an uncivilized act, especially it was only their first day.


The situation changed a little after they tried to hold it for one whole night. The next morning, they woke up with a very nice smell of food.

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