Chapter 143


For a moment, Su Yu wanted to dodge directly, but those cold and deep eyes suddenly appeared in his mind, so when he concentrated again, he noticed that he’d already been supporting the man’s body.


Su Yu put the man on the ground and reached out to touch his forehead. He felt that his palm was burning.


After thinking for a while, Su Yu first took out the prop [Eye of the Soul] that he had exchanged earlier from the package and put it on. He glanced at the unconscious man who was leaning on him, then silently took off the prop.


Su Yu originally only planned to give this man some antipyretics and anti-inflammatory drugs, but now he changed his mind. He took out a spine-cleaning pill from the package and let the man swallow it directly with water.


After doing this, Su Yu put the man’s head on his lap again, then sat beside him and his thoughts started wandering around.


Although this world had become very inexplicable and that Ball had disappeared out of no reasons, Su Yu at least was no longer alone. He’s with his lover.


While Su Yu was in a daze, he touched his lover’s forehead from time to time to make sure that the spine-cleaning pill was working. He could finally have peace of mind after reassuring that he’s not having a fever anymore.

When the sun was about to set, these people woke up one by one from the cold, and the ones the first to wake up were a couple with blonde hair and blue eyes.


Su Yu looked at them and was about to get some information from them. Then, he heard them communicating in English.


…In English?


After having so many times of transmigration, it was the first time for Su Yu to hear this language. Previously, when he was in the Star Mission, people were speaking in Mandarin.


Although Su Yu could understand English completely, he was not very happy to hear it. Then, he made a very mean decision.


Su Yu obtained the information he wanted from the conversation between the couple, and looked at the two from time to time while pretending to not understand it at all. After a few minutes, the couple finally noticed the existence of Su Yu. .


They looked at Su Yu together and they spoke another long paragraph of English.


Su Yu immediately looked confused. He thought, “what the hell are you both talking about? I don’t understand it at all!”


The two said something else to Su Yu again and again, but they gave up after seeing that Su Yu wasn’t responding at all.

The two looked around and immediately noticed the second target besides Su Yu and the pile of firewood. They didn’t care who got the firewood, they simply walked over and lit the firewood.


Su Yu stared at the man and took out an intact lighter from his pocket. He didn’t know what expression to put on his face. After floating in the sea for so long, this kind of thing turned out to be intact, which was quite magical after all.


After the fire was lit, the couple simply continued to talk around the fire, regardless of Su Yu, who was sitting not far away or other people lying on the ground. It seemed that they were the only people in the whole world.


There’s a hint of coldness in Su Yu’s eyes, and he simply moved his lover’s head away, walked to the other side, and lit another fire. He naturally went over to the couple to get the fire.


As the best boyfriend, Su Yu carried his lover near the fire and stopped caring about the others after figuring out the best posture.


After a while, those who were still lying on the cold sand surface woke up one after another. After these people figured out the situation at that time, some went to the couple to warm up and communicated with a lot of different facial expressions.


Others ran to Su Yu’s side cautiously, first asking for advice before sitting near the fire. Su Yu didn’t seem too happy and he dared not speak too much.

When everyone woke up, they were clearly divided into two groups. One of them included eight people with non-black hair, with the couple as the center.


The other group included four people with black hair, with Su Yu as the center.


Because of the difference in the number of people, the two sober friends who were close to Su Yu’s side looked a little uneasy, but Su Yu simply ignored them. He was listening to the people talking beside the fire.


The name of the woman who woke up first was Lina, and she was helplessly saying, “Hanks, it’s not the time to talk about who has the responsibilities, what we have to do is to leave this damn place!”


The man who woke up with her was called Brook and he nodded in agreement, “the environment here sucks. We have to ensure that we survive before anything. Otherwise, nothing else is meaningful.”


Hanks snorted heavily and didn’t continue to explain. Instead, he asked, “then tell me, what should we do now?”


“Of course we need to find food first to survive.” Brook gave an order directly, “go and find food, I’ll wait here with Lina.”

Some other people looked dissatisfied, “why does it have to be us? We might as well stay here and guard the fire.”


Lina raised her chin and said proudly, “it’s all because we found these piles of dried wood and we lit the fire. You would have been frozen to death without us.”


Su Yu, who was eavesdropping next to him, couldn’t help rolling his eyes. These two people must be assuming that he didn’t understand a word of English to give themselves credit so blatantly.


The rest didn’t know how to refute at all. Afterwards, they disputed for a while before deciding who’d find food and who’d stay.


Su Yu carefully checked this deserted island before and he knew that there weren’t any edible animals besides some wild fruits on the trees.


Therefore, when those three people were scolded after bringing back a basket of wild fruit, Su Yu didn’t feel surprised at all.

At this moment, his lover finally woke up after sleeping for long.


He looked a bit shocked that he’d been sleeping on someone’s lap, but other than that, he looked just like someone having one night’s sleep.


First, he sat up from the ground calmly and slowly, then glanced at the few people around the fire. He also checked out the eight people sitting on the other side of the fire, then finally fixed his gaze at Su Yu. He was sleeping on this person’s lap before.


Su Yu smiled at him generously and said, “hi, I am Su Yu, it’s me having got you to the shore. I also helped you with your fever. You were sleeping on my lap before.”


When saying so, Su Yu even showed a flirtatious smile, as if he’s saying, “I’m your savior; you should thank me with your body.”


The man just looked at Su Yu steadily, pursed his still slightly pale lips and remained silent.


Su Yu didn’t mind. He only said half-jokingly, “I’ve just been washed up to the shore as well. It’s only that I got here earlier than you all did, and I’ve been here for a day already.”

The man still didn’t say a word. He just sat beside the fire and saw the other two people speak first. After they thanked Su Yu a little embarrassedly, they introduced themselves briefly.


Those two were brothers, one was Zhao Shun and the other was called Zhao Li. They had previously organized a group to participate in a tourist project, but they inexplicably suffered a shipwreck and drifted to this isolated island.


After the two people had finished introducing themselves, together with Su Yu, they both looked at the one who wasn’t speaking.


After a while, the man finally opened his mouth, but he only said something that made Su Yu speechless, “I don’t remember anything.”


“…” Su Yu looked at his lover with a complicated expression and felt very hopeless. Although there were benefits about losing one’s memory as well, could this plot be any shittier?


Zhao Shun and Zhao Li both showed a look of concern. Zhao Shun said, “could it be that you were injured when the shipwreck happened? I was on the cruise ship before but I didn’t see you. When did you get there?”

As soon as Zhao Shun said so, Zhao Li patted his head, “are you stupid? Didn’t he just say that he’d lost his memory? How could he still remember when he got on the ship?”


Zhao Shun rubbed his head and smiled embarrassedly. He was about to say something, but his stomach made a noise very at this inappropriate time.


“No… I’m sorry.” Zhao Shun blushed.


Zhao Li glanced at his brother, stood up voluntarily and said, “you guys sit here for a while first. We will walk around and see if we could find anything to eat.”


Zhao Shun didn’t think much and stood up with his brother. Su Yu glanced at the two of them and nodded, “thank you then.”


The amnesiac lover sat beside Su Yu, with a dull look and no other expression.


After the two left, Su Yu approached her lover and asked, “do you still remember your name?”


The man lowered his eyes and shook his head. Even at this time, his whole body was still very tense, as if he was always on guard for something.


“Then shall I call you my dear?” Su Yu smiled slightly, and when he saw his lover looking at him in surprise, he blinked and said, “it seems that it’s not appropriate to call you like that in a public place. Why don’t you think of a temporary nickname for yourself then?”


The man stared at Su Yu for a while, then opened his lips and said in a low hoarse voice, “please call me Ling Tian.”

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