Chapter 142

There was a burst of huge pain above the head, and there was no part of the body that he did not feel unbearable pain. Su Yu secretly gritted his teeth, and after a while, he barely opened his eyes that seemed to weigh thousands of pounds, yet what he saw was only darkness.


It was like something was burning behind him, and every inch of him was suffering endlessly. Su Yu struggled for a while before barely getting up from the ground, but his legs were weak for a while. Su Yu rubbed his eyebrows and looked around, and frowned even more tightly.


He remembered that he’d chosen the game world, right?


So, what about the scene in front of him now?


At this time, Su Yu was stepping on the hot and soft sandy beach. What he saw in front of him was the endless sea, and there were bushes of different heights behind him.


It didn’t look like a normal world, nor was it like a weird game world…it’s more like a deserted island…

Su Yu closed his eyes hard and opened them again, but he still saw the exact same scene.


“Ball?” Su Yu tried to call for Ball, but the response he got was just a sea breeze mixed with salty taste.


Su Yu let out a long sigh of relief, and sat back on the hot sand with his weak body. For a while, he was so exhausted and only felt an unbearable pain under his buttocks.


The sunlight looked fine here, but the temperature was horrendous and the torment on the skin was palpable.


Su Yu licked his chapped lips, barely got up and staggered to the bushes, then lay directly under the bushes.


Su Yu’s body was weak now, and nowhere felt comfortable on his body. His feet were scalded and blistered. His legs were still shaking. Now, even the brain of the command center of the body was throbbing uncontrollably at this moment.


There must be something wrong, that’s why he’s here and facing this situation.

Su Yu rubbed his throbbing temple with his soft fingers, and he calmed down to analyze the current situation.


This was definitely not a game world, and Ball had just disappeared like last time. He hadn’t received any information related to the plot and he had no idea of the content of the mission world. He didn’t know who the lover in this mission world was either.


To sum up, Su Yu was extremely worried and he felt horrible. He even couldn’t bear the total darkness in front of him.


Su Yu immediately opened the package, and after confirming that the content of the package, including the fragments of his lover’s soul, were still there, he breathed a long sigh of relief.


It just felt so uncomfortable; Su Yu raised his head and looked at both sides. Seeing that the surroundings were desolate and there was no trace left by anyone, he simply took out a pulp-washing pill from the package and swallowed it.


Due to the influence and restrictions of the current world rules, the efficacy of the pill was greatly reduced. After nearly half an hour, Su Yu only felt that the pain all over his body disappeared, and he’d regained some strength.


The pill’s effect had become so ordinary in this world.

It could be roughly determined that humans in this background should not have any abilities, which relieved Su Yu a little.


After taking off another pill, Su Yu got up from the ground. After thinking for a while, he took out a space button brought from the previous mission world.


The space button that Su Yu took out was to store the spaceship, but due to the rules of the mission world, when he took out the contents, the tall spaceship had become an ordinary off-road vehicle.


Su Yu suddenly didn’t know what to feel anymore. He checked the remaining space buttons and found that except for food and water sources, other items were more or less deteriorated.


The energy source had become gasoline, the therapeutic device had become an ordinary inspection device, and the corresponding functions of the drug had not changed, but its effect has been greatly reduced.


But in the space button where the mecha was stored, nothing had changed.

Su Yu’s eyes flashed slightly, and when he thought about the space button used to store these items, nothing changed. He seemed to have grasped some laws vaguely.


The rules of each world could only constrain the items in this world, and when items from other worlds entered this world, the world rules would compare and modify the effects based on similar items already present in this world.


But what if there was nothing like the corresponding item in this world at all?


The Pulp Washing Pill could be turned into a health care product for physical fitness, the spaceship could be turned into an off-road vehicle, and the energy source could be turned into gasoline, but there wasn’t even a reference item for the mecha and the space button at all.


Both of these were the products of high-tech development. In the current ordinary world background, there might not be even the most basic concepts, let alone finding similar items.


In other words, when an item was beyond the jurisdiction of the world context, it would no longer be affected by the rules of the world.

It was definitely a surprise for Su Yu. In the ordinary world background, such things as mechas were extremely rare.


After Su Yu put the space button back in the package delightfully, he got on an off-road vehicle and started to travel to the depths of the isolated island.


Without Ball and his lover by his side, Su Yu became truly alone. If it was him in the past, he might not feel anything special, but now that he’d been used to being accompanied and he felt a bit lonely.


Su Yu took a deep breath while driving an off-road vehicle through the forest that’s getting deeper, he took a deep breath and wondered where Ball and his lover were.


After going around for a long time, Su Yu didn’t see anyone at all. Although the forest looked luxurious, there wasn’t even any shadow of an animal. Even birds were rare there and that made Su Yu feel a little strange.


There were no one and no animals. What the hell could that be?

In the evening, the surrounding temperature suddenly dropped, as if the season had changed from a hot summer to a cold winter. Although Su Yu ate the downgraded version of pill and his body became much stronger, he couldn’t withstand such severe cold.


Su Yu stood beside the off-road vehicle and stomped his feet. In the end, he could only move a mecha out of the space button and climb in.


Although it was a bit exaggerated, after climbing into the mecha, Su Yu did feel much warmer, and the severe cold outside didn’t seem to exist anymore.


After a night like this, Su Yu continued to explore the desert island the next day. Anyway, he had enough food now, and he had a mecha to keep out the cold and heat, so there was nothing to worry about.


After another two days, Su Yu had almost turned the entire deserted island. Just as he was thinking about whether to drive the mecha out of there or temporarily turn into a mermaid and go to the nearby sea, he finally saw someone coming.


These people floated over from the sea. When Su Yu found them, these people were lying on the beach in a coma.


Their clothes all looked so ordinary and there’s no way to tell their identity. From their appearance, some had blonde hair and fair skin, some with black hair and yellow skin and some looked really dark.


The sun was rising. If Su Yu just let those people be, they would wake up equally horribly later.


Although Su Yu wasn’t an empathetic person, after thinking that those people might be related to his plot and it might include his lover, he immediately kindly dragged those people into the bushes.


After moving the people, Su Yu watched them carefully one by one. Since they were all in a coma and had been soaking in water for a long time, their faces all looked strange. Su Yu couldn’t tell which one was his lover after looking for a long while.


Su Yu simply went to the neighborhood to pick up dry wood first. Although he had never used such a thing before, it wasn’t easy to take out food from his package with some outsiders. He also couldn’t get into the mecha at night, so firewood had become an essential heating item.


After picking up some dry wood, Su Yu walked back. His gaze swept across the several people lying on the side, and Su Yu’s footsteps suddenly stopped. Although he didn’t remember it deliberately, he clearly realized that there was one person less.


Just when he was puzzled by this and felt vigilant, there was a sudden heavy breathing behind him. He looked back and saw a man with black hair and dark eyes, standing not far behind him, holding a sharp dagger in his hand.


Su Yu pursed his lips. Obviously, this person just planned to attack him from behind, but he suddenly made a noise for some unknown reason, catching Su Yu’s attention in advance.


The man looked at Su Yu vigilantly, his eyes were deep and cold, and Su Yu was also looking at this man but he remained very calm.


Although the man’s gaze was cold and stern, it seemed to be covered with a layer of mist. His lips were pale, but there was a clear blush on his cheeks. In addition to his heavy breathing, it was obvious that he was not feeling well. He must be having a high fever.


There was no need for Su Yu to be afraid of such a stern yet weak fellow.


He casually bent down and put down the dry wood in his arms, then turned to look at the man and asked casually, “are you awake? I’m about to light the dry wood and burn some hot water, you want to come over here and help?”

The man was still holding the dagger and he’s staring at Su Yu’s every move. After a while, he said in an unusually low voice, “you were here before.”


The implication was that – you and we are not on the same road, I can’t believe you.


Su Yu couldn’t help showing a harmless smile when he heard it, “indeed, I have been here before, but if I really want to harm you, do you think you could still wake up? Look at them.”


After saying so, Su Yu looked at the man with his innocent-looking eyes.


The man also looked at Su Yu carefully. After a while, he put away the dagger and walked over step by step. However, as soon as he walked in front of Su Yu, he tilted his body and threw himself directly on Su Yu’s body.

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