Chapter 141


Seeing Su Yu frowning slightly, Ball couldn’t help but ask worriedly, “master, are you encountering any difficulties now? Is there anything I can help?”


Su Yu came back to his senses and looked at Ball gently, “I’m wondering what I should bring in this world to the next.”


“Ah, this question is indeed a bit difficult.” Ball swayed and began to seriously think about this issue.


The background of this mission would be mermaids in the future. The development of technology was indeed quite advanced, but it wouldn’t be appropriate to take it away. Also, considering from the point of view of mermaids, there seemed to be nothing to take away at all.


Su Yu thought about this question and his eyes finally flashed, “please prepare ten space buttons with a large storage capacity, two space buttons to store mechas, one for twenty spaceships, and one for storage. Also, prepare some food and nutritional supplements, one for water, one for energy, one for therapeutic equipment and various medicines, one for clothing, bedding, shoes and socks, one for daily tools, and you can leave empty for the rest.”


“…” Ball became completely speechless and it said weakly, “master host, it seems that there’s more than one item, right?”

Su Yu raised his eyes and looked at Ball half-jokingly, “why are you still discussing useless stuff with me now?”


After hearing this, Ball stopped looking speechless and said weakly, “I…I’ve got it.”


“In addition,” Su Yu looked at Ball seriously and said slowly, “from now on, you have to cut any ties between you and the package, that’s to say, there mustn’t be anyone or system manipulating it besides me.”


Ball got stunned for a moment after hearing this. It looked at Su Yu and only said pathetically after a while, “master host…is it because…I’ve done something wrong?”


Su Yu couldn’t explain too much at all and he could only look for an unconvincing excuse, “it’s not because of you, I just don’t want you to suffer so much and let you rest for a while. When the next mission world ends, I’m going to give you access again.”

“But I don’t feel hard, I don’t feel hard at all.” Ball looked at Su Yu with its wide eyes and it’s almost crying.


Su Yu also didn’t want to treat Ball so harshly, since it’d always looked so stupid and cute. It wasn’t its entire fault that this happened.


But just in case, Su Yu had to insist, “but aren’t you always complaining in private that I’m treating you badly? Now that I’m giving you a chance and let you rest. You still don’t want it?”


Before waiting for Ball to respond, Su Yu directly led to another question, “also, you have to store your core data well. In case there is any error, there will be serious consequences for you. Do you understand?”


Although Ball still felt a little sad, it nodded obediently, “I…I’ve got it.”


Su Yu knew how pure Ball’s mind was, but he couldn’t say anything more at this time. He could only try to ease his attitude and chatted with it a lot, lifting it up a little bit.


Ball was really stupid and cute at the same time. Although it felt upset as to how its master host behaved, it wasn’t really doubting him. After this incident, it just went on as it usually was, which in turn made Su Yu blame himself more.

As a result of Su Yu’s guilt, Ah Heng failed to successfully abduct his little mermaid onto the bed for several days, and he also got negative emotions for this.


As a result of Ah Heng’s negative emotions, his subordinates in the military began having bad luck.


Ball, which caused all this, wasn’t aware at all. It was just murmuring to itself in front of a bunch of data.


“Although master host doesn’t let me manage his package for the time being, it’s completely fine. I still have many things to do. Right?” Ball was floating in mid-air and said slowly, while floating up and down without consciousness.


After stopping for a while, Ball continued murmuring, “also, this is just temporary. And I’m pretty sure master host will still let me manage his package. But I…I still feel a little sad, as he’s my favorite human being.”


After saying this, Ball was silent for a while. Then, it shook its body and started another topic. After looking at the bunch of data in front of it, it said somewhat sadly, “how come you still have no awakening consciousness? Clearly, this isn’t gonna work, right? However, it doesn’t matter. Although I really hope to have a system to accompany me, but I’m actually quite fine now too…”

Speaking of the end, Ball couldn’t help but sigh softly. In fact, it really envied the love and affection between its host and the male protagonist from generation to generation, but it was useless to envy. After all, it wasn’t meant for it.


As Ball had an advanced intelligent system, it wouldn’t have negative emotions towards the master host like jealousy. However, it’s still inevitable that it’d feel depressed.


After saying this, Ball fell silent. It got dumbfounded when looking at the bunch of data. Then, it sighed softly and turned away.


Ball hadn’t noticed that when it was turning away, the bunch of data behind it went flashing without being noticed.


Although most of the tasks were successfully completed, after all, transforming the relationship between two species was a very grand task. Even in the following decades, some small problems would still up from time to time. But it was quickly resolved by Su Yu.


By the time Su Yu really changed from a small fresh fish to an old salted fish, human beings and mermaids would have completely merged together, and it was considered that they have successfully achieved complete equality in a short period of time.

It’s just that the weakness of mermaids was clearly there, and a fish tail was a powerful drawback that limited their freedom. If this drawback couldn’t be eradicated, the status of humans and mermaids would gradually tilt over time.


Su Yu naturally also took this into account, so in the last few years of his life, he let Ball manually adjust the ratio of the mermaids raising up humans and mermaid offsprings to 1:1, then activated a new skill for the mermaid.


Once a mermaid learnt to love and hate, his voice would contain charm, and to a certain extent, he could then bewitch the people he loved or hated.


Speaking of which, the inspiration for this skill came from the lover in the previous fairy tale world, but in order to adjust the balance, he manually added restrictions to this skill.


After all, the skill of infatuation sounded too mysterious. If it could be used by everyone, the world might be in a mess, turning mermaids stronger than human beings.


Therefore, only when a mermaid fell in love with a human or got hurt, could he own this skill of infatuation.

Correspondingly, the effect of this skill was a bit redundant, it could only be used for self-protection, not for attacking the others.


The implication is that – if someone wanted to use this skill to make someone fall in love with him, that’s entirely impossible.


If a mermaid wanted to use the skill of infatuation to hurt someone who’d never hurt him, that’s also not possible.


However, this kind of redundant skill could be used as a temporary shield when a human being wanted to hurt the mermaid, stopping that from happening.


In other words, although the name sounded cool, it’s actually just a self-protection skill that’s a bit useless.


However, this skill was helpful for the mermaids. After possessing the skill of infatuation, the voice of the mermaids would become more pleasant, and they could consider developing their career in this direction.

The ability of self-protection, plus career development…only if mermaids truly possessed both, then they could truly achieve an equal status with humans.


Su Yu let Ball do part of it, while he dispatched the other half to Ah Heng.


After hearing what his lover said, Ah Heng got incredibly jealous, “we’re so old now, how come your attention is still not 100% on me?”


Su Yu replied lightly, “that’s because we still have a lot of time. Next life, and next next life, we’ll still be together.”


Although he sounded plain, it made Ah Heng feel really warm and happy. He hugged Su Yu and dispatched this with a smile.


At this time, the general had become the only marshal of the entire army, and no one could beat his status in the entire kingdom.


However, when facing his lovely mermaid, the Marshal was naturally willing to take off his cold outfit and turned into a possessive and loving person.

Even after so many years, this attribute of lord Marshal still hadn’t changed. It’s just that he was changed from being a little jealous to being super-duper jealous.


After a few more years, Su Yu finally could neither swim nor walk, and Ah Heng couldn’t hold his little mermaid either.


In the last time, Su Yu chose to exist in human form. He and Ah Heng laid together on the soft big bed at home, and the two rambled about what they had experienced before.


At the end, Su Yu suddenly sighed softly in a low and hoarse voice, “it’d be better if you don’t forget me.”


Although he never said it and would not be greatly affected by it, sometimes Su Yu would sometimes think that it’d be really nice if Ah Heng only remembered him.


Ah Heng smiled and squeezed Su Yu’s hand, “of course I won’t forget you.”


Su Yu didn’t say anything more, he just shrank back to Ah Heng’s arms and murmured, “then you have to wait for me in your next life too.”


“Sure.” Ah Heng responded earnestly and closed his eyes.


The times are quiet and nice, and that’s because I have you with me.

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