Chapter 140

When the post was first published, no one in it thought it was true, and no one really responded as required. Everyone was engaged in various speculations and discussions.


1l: Ball is madly occupying the sofa! ~\()/~


6l: The first floor is poisonous, what the hell is Ball actually? How could someone give themselves such a low nickname?


But this post itself is poisonous, is this someone deliberately playing a prank?


16l: From a human to a mermaid, I feel like no one would want to do that now, right? Who would want to reproduce?


66l: Am I the only one who felt cold on my back after seeing this post?


116l: You are not alone, the words [Mermaid’s Revenge] are floating back and forth in my mind.


166l: This post must be a phishing post. Who would make such a post so stupidly? In any case, I won’t believe it.

188l: I also didn’t believe it at first, but I once saw my colleague turn into a mermaid, and it felt so exciting you wouldn’t believe it!


Since then, I knew that I had to believe it…


366l: Believe it or not, I don’t think anyone would really reply like that, right? It’s an irreversible decision. Only fools would do that, right?


666l: [I want to become a mermaid]


888l: …there’s actually someone…who replied like this, it’s 666!


999l: So how is the owner on the 666th floor? If you really become a mermaid, remember to tell us!


1001l: I’m on the 666th floor. I will report the situation in real time. I have indeed become a mermaid now, and the color of the fish tail is my favorite gay purple!


But I’m afraid that I can’t say more now. After my husband knew that I had turned myself into a mermaid without authorization, he will spank me, and now he is touching my fish tail and carrying me to bed, I…&#¥@ %!


1111l: Wait…666th floor, you just needed to report to us, there’s no need to show affection publicly…even single people are entitled to human rights, okay?


1166l: Someone actually turned into a mermaid. I am suddenly out of breath. What’s going on?


1218l: Perhaps the 666th floor is the owner of this thread? Anyway, I still don’t believe that this is true, is there anyone who can check the identity? Make sure that the 666th floor and the host of the post aren’t the same person.


1666l: 【I want to become a mermaid】


1888l: ! ! ! Someone else applied to become a mermaid! ! ! There are people who actually want to become mermaids, I can’t believe it!


2110l: I can confirm that the 666th floor, the 1666th floor and the host of the thread are not the same person, so… the content of this post may indeed be true.


2222l: I, I, I… I’m on the 1666th floor, and I’ve also successfully become a mermaid! Ahhh! I’m really so excited! It turns out that my dream has come true!

Thank you, host, for giving me this opportunity! Thank you so much!


Hey! Calm down and I’ll share my current situation with you.


My fish tail is in aqua blue, and my eyes and hair color have also become aqua blue. It looks very beautiful. I am soaking in the bathtub at home now, and I feel really very comfortable! ~\()/~


2274l: Is there a problem in the brain with the 2222nd floor? Why are you so happy to be a mermaid?


2333l: There have been two cases and now it seems that this is true. In fact, it’s not a bad situation. Why don’t humans want to become mermaids? They should be equal actually.


2520l: 2274th floor! If you don’t understand, don’t talk nonsense! Don’t bully my pursuer!


And then… may I ask if 2222 is still single? I want to take you home so that I can pamper you. Can you give me a chance? (*/w\*)

2666l: I am on the 1666th floor and also on the 2222nd floor. You may think I am strange, but I have really wanted to become a mermaid since I was small.


I am very envious that mermaids can have colorful fish tails, as well as different colors of hair and eyes. They can swim freely in the water, just like elves in the sea.


However, since I know that humans have always looked down on mermaids, and they even continued to oppress mermaids, I have been scared to express my thoughts.


I thought that I would bury this wish in my heart for the rest of my life, yet  I didn’t expect that I could welcome this opportunity!


Phew…I’m a little overly excited again. Actually, I just want to say that becoming a mermaid is indeed my wish. No matter how you think of my behavior, I will not regret it, and my family supports me.


Also, I’m still single, but my dad and mermaid dad both told me not to fall in love too early, so I’m sorry! But thanks for your care anyway. **


2888l: I am floor 2520, and I support you, you are so damn right!

Cute little mermaid, you are so cute, I won’t force you, but can we befriend each other first? I really admire your attitude and it doesn’t hurt to be friends.


2999l: I want to be friends with you too. Although I have never met you, I think you are my destined soulmate! We must be tied by destiny!


3113l: Floor 2999 go away! I was the first one! You’re not allowed to flirt with my little mermaid! (□′) ┴–┴


As the post became more and more popular, several humans applied to become mermaids in the post, and they all had their wish fulfilled.


Now, when most people mentioned equality, they would instantly think of mermaids being oppressed by humans and being treated very unfairly.


In fact, inequality also existed among human beings.


Although the vast majority of humans thoughts that humans are superior to mermaids, there were still very few humans being very envious of mermaids.


They were eager to be friends with mermaids, and they even desired to become a mermaid. However, with the bigger environment, they dared not show it even though they had such a wish.


This situation was actually an inequality.


And this post by Su Yu was to make up for this inequality. Although such situations were very rare, they did exist.


In the first few thousand floors of the post, there were only two people who applied to become mermaids. After all, many people were not sure about the authenticity of the post, and they were all observing only.


As there were more and more replies of the post, more and more people successfully became mermaids, and more of them responded to the application in the post. After three days, more than 200 people responded to the application.


Su Yu was not in a hurry at all. The post was kept there, and whenever someone applied, Ball could deal with the application directly. He was considering what background to choose for his next mission.

Now that the problems of this world had almost been solved, and his main quest was almost completed, the next step would be to live sweetly with his lover.


After thinking for a while, Su Yu called Ball over, “Ball, can you tell me how complete are the soul fragments in the package?”


After having been to so many worlds, the soul fragments in the package were becoming brighter and brighter, but other than that, nothing else has changed.


Ball shook its head and replied in embarrassment, “I don’t know much about soul fragments. If I didn’t have your results of analysis, I would have taken them as ordinary rewards.”


Su Yu tapped on the desktop, lowered his eyes and pondered for a moment. Then he said, “let’s choose a game background for the next mission world. I’m going to try something.”


Although he could constantly travel between different mission worlds, Su Yu needed to return to his real world one day. It’s not possible for him to leave his lover in this virtual world forever.


The game world was a virtual world built in the real world. He was going to use this background to make a first attempt to see if his speculation was true.

Only when such a speculation was implemented, could further operations be possible.


Ball had no opinion on the choice of his host. It nodded, “okay, then master host, do you want to select the corresponding personalities for the branch mission?”


“No need for now, just wait.” Su Yu looked up at Ball and shook his head lightly.


These days, Su Yu had actually been observing Ball. The previous incident where a mermaid suddenly turned into a human had not been fundamentally resolved, and Su Yu didn’t want to take it lightly.


Although Su Yu didn’t want to doubt Ball at all, Ball would be getting involved no matter what. All in all, there were only Su Yu and Ball who could manipulate the items inside the package.


Su Yu didn’t think that Ball would deliberately lie to him. Even if he didn’t consider the increasingly close relationship between him and Ball, he’d certainly know that Ball was lying by judging Ball’s IQ level.

Ball was a high-level intelligent system. Although it already had its own independent feelings, it was still running on data as a whole.


If someone can tamper with the internal data of Ball without anyone noticing, then its memory might get completely wrong, and it would be impossible for it to notice this error.


Thinking back to the situation that day, there was already a problem when Ball was ready to confess that day. It was simply like stopping Ball from finishing what it had to say, and it’s also the reason why Su Yu didn’t continue asking.


When thinking of this, Su Yu narrowed his eyes slightly. He already had his own speculation, which still couldn’t be proved. Therefore, he couldn’t say nor do anything yet.

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