Chapter 139

Just when humans were arguing about the topic of “mermaid” on the Internet, they didn’t know that the mermaids that they were mentioning had already become their “companions”.

Although they have changed from mermaids to humans, they looked much better than ordinary human beings because of the differences in their genes.

Some of them were beautiful, some were delicate and lovely. No matter which type they were, people felt pleased just by looking at them.

In addition, their etiquette was taught by Su Yu, who specially looked for elite materials for this purpose. Not only were they polite and kind, but people also felt very comfortable dealing with them. The results were naturally gratifying, and they quickly integrated with the people around them.

However, this was just the beginning of the mermaid’s integration into the human world. After all, their journey ahead was still long.

At the same time, those humans who had bullied mermaids, or had a supportive attitude towards oppressing mermaids, were also mercilessly turned into grey mermaids by Su Yu, and were forced to perform their own duties as mermaids.

As time passed, although many people still joined the discussions on the Internet, there was already much less. Everyone had already accepted that mermaids had completely disappeared and that humans must be transformed into mermaids to reproduce.

As for why the mermaid suddenly disappeared, and why humans became mermaids…they had become two unsolvable myths.

Although the vast majority of people thought that it had to be revenge from the mermaids, the statement was too bizarre and had no scientific basis, and it gradually evolved into a satire against humans.

As for Su Yu, the initiator of all of this, his life suddenly became dull since he’d already done what he had to.

He was just growing flowers, planting grass every day, living his life very happily.

Because of this, he gradually found that Ball seemed to be getting busier and busier. It rarely appeared, and even if it did, it wasn’t as talkative and clingy as before.
After this abnormal situation reached a certain level, Su Yu finally couldn’t help calling Ball again and asked, “Ball, you really cannot tell me what you’ve been busy with?”

Ball shook with a pink light, and it was a little awkward to reply, “I, I, I… I am just messing around when I have nothing. If the host doesn’t want me to do it, I can stop now.”

“It’s not that I don’t want you to do your own thing, it’s just that your recent behavior is a little too abnormal,” Su Yu paused slightly and said patiently, “Ball, I now see you as my companion, So I’m really just caring about you by asking. Even if you don’t want to tell me, I’m not going to get mad at you. Do you understand?”

Ball was stunned for a moment but its data core felt sweet. It shook for a while happily and replied in embarrassment, “I…it’s not that I can’t tell master host what it is, it’s just that…I’m afraid that I’ll be taken as a joke.”

“Of course I…” Su Yu subconsciously wanted to guarantee, but he felt that with the stupidity of Ball, what it did might indeed be funny, so he could only change his reply, “I’ll try my best.”

The attitude of its master host made Ball feel like it had been hit by an arrow. It turned around for a few times, trying to point its butt at its host, but it couldn’t find an appropriate angle and could only give up, “then…I’m going to say it.”

“Well, tell me.” Su Yu nodded seriously, and he was ready to laugh out loud.

“I… I’ve been actually…” Ball was about to confess the stupid things he had done these days, but the system of data reception suddenly received an alarm message, “Ah! Wait! I just received some feedback from the monitoring system. It turns out that when a mermaid was working, he’d changed from the human form back to the mermaid form!”

Su Yu frowned and said solemnly, “is there anyone else around him?”

“Yes,” Ball was about to cry. How could this kind of accident happen? “His colleague has already found out and everyone is around him now.”

“Don’t touch him first, send him a message, and let him not be nervous, he will be fine.” Since this happened in public, other people must think that he had become a mermaid inexplicably like other humans, and they would definitely send him to the Mermaid Institute.

Su Yu didn’t eliminate the existence of the Mermaid Research Institute, it’s because he was still punishing some human beings. When the punishment was over, there would be no need for the Institute to exist.
Not long after, colleagues who had seen too many such incidents on the Internet really sent him directly to the Mermaid Research Institute, before Su Yu rescued the person again.

In the process, Su Yu had asked Ball to check the situation in detail, but the result surprised everyone and Ball. Ball did not know why the mermaid suddenly changed from a human state to a mermaid state.

“How is this possible? The results showed that there was no abnormality at the time, but if there was really no abnormality, how could he suddenly change from a human state back to a mermaid?” Ball muttered frantically.

Su Yu also looked serious. In order to make these mermaids integrate into the human world faster, Su Yu kept Ball observing the situation of these mermaids. If there was any abnormality, it would immediately report back.

So this incident obviously happened under the eyes of Ball, but it couldn’t detect any abnormality.

Su Yu sat there in a relaxed state, and was actually constantly analyzing the possible situations in his mind.

Since he brought the potion from the last quest, after arriving in this world, the effect of the potion would be adjusted according to the rules of the current world, and there should be no problems in this process.

There were many mermaids who took the potion, and there were no issues at all. However, it’s just an individual incident and it didn’t mean that the potion was out of effect.

And there didn’t seem to be issues with the mermaid either. It’s because before this incident, Ball had undergone thorough physical examination to each of them and found no abnormalities.

So, where did the problem come from?

Su Yu nodded on the table and asked, “how many bottles of potion do we still have in the bag?”

Ball immediately went to check it and replied, “there are still 666,666 bottles left.”

“Is the number the same before this happened?” Su Yu asked again, since he completely trusted Ball, it was allowed to use what’s inside the bag.

Ball replied immediately, “it’s the same. Also, I never used the potion inside the bag.”

Su Yu thought of a possibility, but he quickly suppressed it. Since he didn’t want to suspect Ball, he stopped asking further, “let’s forget about it now. What you need to do next is to observe that mermaid and the others.”

“I understand. I promise you that I’ll finish the task!” Ball answered positively.

After saying this, Su Yu stopped asking what’d happened at the beginning.

In the following period of time, there were no other problems with the mermaids and Su Yu soon forgot about it.

After he finished dealing with the humans, Su Yu turned the remaining staff at the institute into mermaids in one go.

Since then, once other people entered the institute to work, they were all turned into mermaids brutally.

Several groups of people changed in the research institute, but no one was spared. Therefore, no one dared to go to work in the Mermaid Research Institute hoping that they would be the exception. The institute soon lost its reputation and became a place cursed by the mermaids.

Without the Mermaid Research Institute, there would be no place to gather all the mermaids. Adopters would become useless as well. Su Yu’s method worked effectively. Although there was heated discussion on the Internet, no one could change the fate of the institute disappearing.

After a whole year, when everyone slowly accepted the status quo, Su Yu began to plan the next step.

Su Yu directly asked Ball to publish a post on the Internet that must be answered with real name. The content of the post was very simple –

#Want to become a beautiful mermaid? We can help you. #

If you already have a lover and want to have your own child;

If you want to have a gorgeous fish tail, become a beautiful mermaid and experience a different life;

If you are done being human and want to become a mermaid, so that you can be taken care of;

We can help you make your wish come true.

We can open the path of becoming a mermaid for you, but there is only one chance and you cannot change your choice. If you’ve considered thoroughly, please reply under this post by mentioning “I want to become a mermaid”.

Let me emphasize – this change is irreversible, and once you become a merman, you will never be able to turn back into a human, so please think carefully.

In addition, there are limited opportunities and it’s on a first-come-first-served basis. Please cherish this opportunity.


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